Chapter 4382: Unexpected Gain (Teaser)

Chapter 4382: Unexpected Gain

Death Dominion was a formation that was set up by Grandmaster Sagacious himself.

As long as a person was able to pass through this formation, he would be able to gain the rights to challenge the final victor of the tournament.

Of course, this formation, just as its name suggested, was incredibly dangerous. Those who were lacking in strength could find themselves meeting their end.

Grandmaster Sagacious had once constructed the Death Dominion elsewhere, and initially, there were many arrogant individuals who tried to challenge the formation. However, as it turned out, hardly anyone was able to walk out of it alive, let alone clearing it.

It was then that the reputation of the Death Dominion began spreading far and wide.

Unless one really had absolute confidence in their capabilities, or else no one would dare to challenge this formation.

However, given the current situation, the Death Dominion was the only...

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