Chapter 4373: Trading Blows Once More

Chapter 4373: Trading Blows Once More

The disciples hadn’t lied to Chu Feng. 

The guest elder’s own cultivation was indeed not very strong. The only reason why he was able to defeat Chu Feng was due to the power of the main formation.

Just in terms of cultivation, the strongest one here was a Supreme Elder from the Soaring Flower Gazebo, and he was a rank two Martial Exalted level expert.

Fortunately, the Supreme Elder was also the only Martial Exalted level cultivator in here, making him the only enemy that he really needed to fear.

As Chu Feng was able to perceive the movement of every single person in the formation with great clarity, he would be able to avoid clashing blows with that Supreme Elder.

The first thing Chu Feng did after gaining control over the formation was to change its structure so as to conceal the truth.

He was going to hide the fact that the treasure had been assimilated, as well as to create the false impression that the treasure was nearing completion so that the Supreme Elder would devote all of his power into the formation and not take a single step away from the formation core he was in.

This way, Chu Feng would be able to act as he pleased here.

It was just that the changes to the formation were sensed by not only the Supreme Elder but the guest elder controlling the main formation too.

“It’s happening! The assimilation is going to be completed really soon!” the guest elder exclaimed excitedly.

He thought that his plan had worked out perfectly, and the treasure was going to be completed very soon. Little did he know that he was going to be surprised very soon.


All of a sudden, the lid of the copper cauldron blasted into the sky.

The guest elder was startled the abrupt movements, and he was also a little confused as to what was happening at the moment.

However, this was only the start of the show. There was still a lot more for him to be shocked about very soon.

“Pardon me, looks like I have startled you,” Chu Feng said as he leaped out from the inside of the copper cauldron.

Earlier, as Chu Feng’s body was swiftly broken down, his clothes ended up decomposing as well. However, after his body recovered back to normal, he quickly changed into a fresh set of clothes too.

His current presence felt more imposing than ever, and his aura felt several times stronger than before he entered the copper cauldron.

“Y-you… How… What happened?!”

Just as Chu Feng expected, the guest elder was scared out of his wits. Fright could be seen all over his ugly face, and he even started stuttering in the midst of his words.

From his perspective, it shouldn’t have been possible for Chu Feng to still be alive!

Looking at the utterly shocked guest elder, Chu Feng smiled wryly to himself before he began speaking, “Thanks to your help, I was able to thoroughly enjoy the meal the Soaring Flower Gazebo has prepared for me.”

Halfway through the words, he even licked his lips to show that he had thoroughly enjoyed the treat.

It was also at this point that the guest elder realized that things might have gone incredibly awry.

He anxiously flew over to the copper cauldron to take a look at the insides, and he swiftly realized that the treasure that should have been inside had vanished without a trace.

“What happened? What did you do?!” the guest elder began bellowing furiously.

He could still sense the presence of the treasure through the main formation, and based on the vibes, it should have been nearing completion.

Yet, why was the treasure nowhere to be seen inside the copper cauldron?

In truth, he already had an answer in his mind, but he was unwilling to believe that such a thing could be possible.

“Why ask an unnecessary question when you can already tell for yourself?” Chu Feng returned the words of the guest elder back to him.

“You bastard!!!” 

The guest elder cried out furiously as he began channeling the great power within the main formation to vanquish Chu Feng. A huge wave of energy rose up and gushed toward Chu Feng

Despite the amazing momentum behind the attack, the guest elder’s attack wasn’t lethal. He still couldn’t bear to bring himself to kill Chu Feng.

In his point of view, if Chu Feng had assimilated the treasure, the benefits he could get from assimilating Chu Feng’s powers would be far greater than before.

That being said, while the guest elder had held back a little, the amount of energy he was tapping into was more than enough to bind a hundred Chu Fengs.


But right before the wave of energy from the main formation was about to reach Chu Feng, it suddenly froze in place, not moving anymore.

It was only a few centimeters away from banning Chu Feng, but somehow, it just wouldn’t listen to the guest elder’s command and move any further than that.

This made the look on the guest elder’s face turn incredibly ugly.

“What’s wrong? Did you run out of strength, or is the main formation not listening to your commands anymore?” Chu Feng mocked.

“Don’t get gleeful!” 

The guest elder roared as he drew more power from the main formation to augment his attack.

But to his horror, it was to no avail. 

He was already using the formation that the Soaring Flower Gazebo’s sectmaster had inscribed on his chest to command the main formation, but it wasn’t reacting to his commands at all!

It was as if someone had overwritten his control over the main formation, and this bizarre situation had really scared the guest elder.

He immediately realized that the situation had turned against him, and he felt utterly helpless.


Watching as droplets of cold sweat dripped down the cheeks of the guest elder, Chu Feng’s lips curled into a sinister smile.


With a mere thought from Chu Feng, the incredible wave of energy that had frozen in front of Chu Feng began morphing into a massive dragon. With a ferocious bellow, it soared into the air and coiled itself around Chu Feng.

In this instant, the world trembled, and a furious gale raged in the surroundings.

It was a dragon formed out of spirit power, but it seemed to command the same imposing air as a real dragon.

“How can this be? This shouldn’t be possible!”

Seeing how the main formation was morphing under the commands of not him but another man, the guest elder staggered back with a look of disbelief in his eyes. His body began to shudder involuntarily.

In his mind, he was desperately trying to wrestle back control over the main formation, doing everything he could to dissipate the dragon that was coiling around Chu Feng.

But nothing was working at all. His efforts were falling flat.

He had completely lost control over the main formation.


It was at this moment that Chu Feng raised his hand and pointed his forefinger at the guest elder.

Everything seemed to have stilled for a moment.

After that, the massive dragon opened its massive mouth and charged straight toward the guest elder.

At the start, the guest elder was still attempting to use the power of the main formation to stop the charge of the dragon, but it was simply wasted effort.

Knowing that his life would be in danger at this rate, he decisively chose to use his own cultivation and turned tails to flee.

Unfortunately for him, how could he possibly outrun a formation that possessed the strength comparable to a pinnacle Utmost Exalted level cultivator?


In the blink of an eye, his entire body was devoured by the main formation.

His small body looked nothing more than a mosquito in the face of the massive dragon.

By the time the dragon passed through him, the guest elder was already lying on the floor, coughing out large mouthfuls of blood.

It didn’t look like he had suffered much damage on the surface, but his soul had already been inflicted with lethal damage, and his life was hanging on the hinge.

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