Chapter 4372: Rank Four Utmost Exalted Level

Chapter 4372: Rank Four Utmost Exalted Level

Chu Feng frantically tried to activate the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk, and he tried to ask the divine deer for help too, but neither of them was responding to him at all.

Soon, Chu Feng’s body was broken down, and his soul was tarnished by the assimilation power too.

He tried his best to keep himself conscious, but all of this pain was intolerable to him. Soon, his consciousness began to fade.

“Maybe this really is the end for me…”

Chu Feng was reluctant to die just like that, but he had no regrets. This was the road he had chosen for himself, so what was there to regret?

It was just that he hated himself for not being powerful and rational enough.

If not for his carelessness, he wouldn’t have been put in such a position.

“Wait a minute, this sensation…”

But all of a sudden, Chu Feng’s eyebrows shot up. He could sense various changes occurring with his body.

His fading consciousness was returning to him, and even the excruciating pain that tortured him was lessening swiftly.

The power of assimilation that was desperately surging his way to break him down into mere energy had suddenly vanished all of a sudden.

At the same time, he realized that his body was slowly recovering.

It was a very bizarre turn of events, but Chu Feng soon realized the cause of it all.

It turned out that the power of assimilation that was breaking him down had come into contact with his world spiritist bloodline, and that resulted in changes occurring to the energy in the main formation.

But right after that, an even more baffling scene occurred.

As the power of assimilation faded, Chu Feng found that he could actually sense the power of the main formation once more. He was gaining back control over the main formation!

Even the recovery of his body was facilitated by the energy of the main formation.

It was just that this time, it wasn’t the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk that was siphoning power from the main formation. It was his world spiritist bloodline that was doing it all!

His world spiritist bloodline was actually stealing the energy from the formation for him!

Or to be more exact, it wasn’t stealing but conquering.

The energy of the main formation was submitting to Chu Feng’s world spiritist bloodline, and it was putting itself at for Chu Feng’s disposal.

“How could this be? Could it be that when I infused my bloodline into the main formation earlier, it somehow caused the formation to acknowledge me as its master? It looks like it’s my mother who saved me this time around…”

Chu Feng was delighted by this unexpected turn of events. 

The reason why he was saved this time around was not due to the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk nor the divine deer. Rather, it was the powerful world spiritist bloodline that his mother had given him that had saved him.

Due to the overwhelming power of his world spiritist bloodline, just by having his blood come into contact with the main formation, it had already chosen to submit to him.

It was an unbelievable situation, but it was really happening right before his eyes.

At this rate, it wouldn’t take long for Chu Feng to gain control over the main formation once more, and this time, the extent of his control would surpass that of the guest elder.

After being freed from the pain of assimilation, Chu Feng began to assess the interiors of the copper cauldron. 

There were also many treasures in here, but the first thing that came into Chu Feng’s line of sight was a stone shaped in the form of a lingzhi.

This stone had a clear and transparent quality to it, and with just a glance, Chu Feng could tell that it was no ordinary object. Without a doubt, it was the treasure that the Soaring Flower Gazebo had been trying to assimilate.

It was just that it had already lost its sentience. Those from the Soaring Flower Gazebo had already erased its sentience, turning it into nothing more than nourishment for cultivators.

But despite so, Chu Feng had to say that it was indeed a very formidable treasure. It would be no exaggeration to call it the supreme treasure for cultivation.

If he could assimilate it, his cultivation would grow by leaps and bounds.

“This is heaven’s will! If I could assimilate that little brat, my world spiritist bloodline will evolve! My mastery of world spiritist techniques will grow to an unprecedented level!” 

Chu Feng could vaguely hear the gleeful voice of the guest elder sounding outside.

Had it been just a moment ago, he would have surely felt deeply aggrieved to hear these words, but right now, he couldn’t help his lips from curling upward.

“This sure is heaven’s will…” Chu Feng remarked deeply.

He knew that this battle had come to a turning point.

He turned his gaze to the treasure once more, but this time, there was a hint of coldness in his eyes.


With a mere thought, a tremendous amount of spirit power immediately wrapped around the treasure. It was the same energy that had been trying to assimilate Chu Feng a moment ago.

Using the same power of assimilation, Chu Feng swiftly broke down the treasure into energy, which then flowed into his body and fused with his soul.

Soon, Chu Feng’s cultivation began growing too.

Rank two Utmost Exalted level!

Rank three Utmost Exalted level!

Rank four Utmost Exalted level!

Chu Feng’s cultivation grew swiftly before finally stopping at rank four Utmost Exalted level.

The treasure was stronger than he had initially expected.

He thought that the energy inside the treasure was only enough for him to make two consecutive breakthroughs to rank three Utmost Exalted level, but who could have thought that his cultivation would surge all the way to rank four Utmost Exalted level?

With such strength, he could already challenge the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect’s teleportation formation.

“Amazing! This is really exhilarating!” Chu Feng exclaimed in excitement.

He felt refreshed from inside out.

It had been a long time since he had such refreshing breakthroughs. He didn’t have to suffer the Divine Lightning Tribulation, and his cultivation simply grew easily as if he was just going through a growth spurt.

One must know that it was no easy feat to achieve three consecutive breakthroughs at Utmost Exalted level, and Chu Feng’s breakthrough had always been much harder than that of ordinary cultivators. This was more than enough to show just how formidable the treasure was.

Had it been anyone else who assimilated the treasure, the effects would have surely been more pronounced.

“Heaven’s will, hahaha, heaven’s will…”

The guest elder was still chanting excitedly outside the copper cauldron. It was apparent that he was extremely excited to have been able to capture Chu Feng.

A smile swiftly formed on Chu Feng’s lips when he heard the voice. Thanks to his world spiritist bloodline, their positions were going to be reversed from now onward.

Not only did he assimilate the treasure which the Soaring Flower Gazebo had gone to great lengths to prepare, but even the main formation they had built painstakingly had fallen under his control too.

The current him had absolute control over the main formation, making him the one and only overseer of the formation.

On top of that, the main formation was linked to the formations all over the mountain range, which meant that he was able to tap into the powers of the other formations too.

Through the formations, he was able to clearly perceive the movements of every single person of the Soaring Flower Gazebo and discern the strength of everyone within the mountain range.

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