Chapter 4363: The Same Galaxy

Chapter 4363: The Same Galaxy

Most likely, the five people from the Soaring Flower Gazebo were attracted by the treasure opened by Lian Xi and the others.

As soon as they arrived on the spot, they immediately encircled Lian Xi and his two companions from the air so as to ensure that they wouldn’t be able to get away.

On the other hand, upon realizing that there were outsiders present in the area, Lian Xi immediately reached out to grab the treasure, intending to keep it.


But before he could touch the treasure, it had already flown into the air and into the grasp of the man leading the group of five.

This man had a scholarly vibe to him, making him appear like a refined gentleman. Yet, he had a triumphant smile on his face at the moment as he assessed the treasure in his grasp curiously.

Lian Xi was at least a rank five Utmost Exalted level cultivator, but the fact that this man was able to steal the treasure right before Lian Xi’s eyes meant that his strength surpassed that of Lian Xi’s.

Furthermore, from the looks of it, it would seem that he was just a junior of the Soaring Flower Gazebo. The Soaring Flower Gazebo was truly as not as simple as it seemed.

“Return it to me!” Lian Xi bellowed loudly.

“Return it to you? It’s a treasure that I picked up, so why should I give it to you?” the man holding onto the treasure sneered coldly.

“You scoundrel!”

Without any hesitation, Lian Xi whipped out his weapon and charged at the man holding onto the treasure, intending to snatch it back.


But barely after he made his move, a powerful oppressive might pushed him down to the ground.

It was the oppressive might of a rank six Utmost Exalted level cultivator!

The man from the Soaring Flower Gazebo had made a move, using a similar method as what Chu Feng did earlier.

It was just that Chu Feng had only made Lian Xi fall into the depths of the earth. While it placed the latter in an unkempt state, it wouldn’t hurt the latter at all.

On the other hand, the move made by the man of the Soaring Flower Gazebo wasn’t as simple as that.

Not only were the clothes of Lian Xi and his companions ripped, but it also caused their flesh to rupture, resulting in blood spurting out from their bodies. In a single move, Lian Xi and the others had already sustained severe injuries.

“Mere ants actually dare to pull such trickery before me? Show your true forms!” the man holding onto the treasure uttered with a disdainful curl on his lips.

“How dare you steal the possession of the Cloudsky Immortal Sect? You are courting death!” Lian Xi bellowed furiously.

“What kind of rundown slum is the Cloudsky Immortal Sect? I have never heard of such a place before! Speak, what is this item and what can it be used for? If you don’t talk, I’ll take your life!”

The man from the Soaring Flower Gazebo was not joking when he said those words. A cold killing intent was being emanated along with his oppressive might, which indicated that he wouldn’t hesitate to kill Lian Xi and the others if they were to make him displeased.

“I won’t tell you even if you were to kill me!” Lian Xi bellowed furiously.

“You think that I dare not kill you? Very well, I’ll start with you first!”

The man from the Soaring Flower Gazebo smirked as a frosty look surfaced on his face. The oppressive might he released immediately grew far stronger, crushing down on Lian Xi with lethal force.

He was really intending on killing Lian Xi. The killing intent he emanated was so intense that Lian Xi and the others could sense it clearly.

Knowing that he was doomed, Lian Xi closed his eyes as he waited for his doom. It was just that the expression on his face was still one of indignance.

He wasn’t willing to die to a bunch of random strangers that he didn’t know of just like that.

But there was nothing he could do. The vast difference in their strength meant that there was no way he could turn the tables around.


All of a sudden, a loud explosion sounded. Following that, a powerful hurricane whipped up on the surface of the earth and gushed toward the sky.

Not only were the five people from the Soaring Flower Gazebo swept away by the force of the hurricane, but even the oppressive might they were releasing had dissipated as well.

Astonished by the abrupt turn of events, both the five people from the Soaring Flower Gazebo and Lian Xi and his two companions immediately took a closer look at the situation, and what they saw made them freeze in place.

This was especially so for Lian Xi and his two companions. They were utterly shocked by what had happened.

A person had arrived at the scene, and he was standing right in front of Lian Xi and his two companions. It was this person who had saved Lian Xi earlier, and he was no other than Chu Feng.

Upon realizing the identity of the person who had saved his life, Lian Xi couldn’t help but feel deeply conflicted on the inside.

“Yet another person who wishes to end his miserable life?”

The man from the Soaring Flower Gazebo didn’t appear to be afraid of Chu Feng at all. With a flick of his wrist, he took out an Incomplete Immortal Armament.

With an Incomplete Immortal Armament in hand, the fighting prowess of the man immediately rose significantly.

“As expected of the demonic sect Soaring Flower Gazebo! You sure are well-versed in the art of stealing the possessions of others!” Chu Feng remarked with a cold sneer.

When Chu Feng spoke of their identities, the five people of the Soaring Flower Gazebo were a little taken aback. After all, the trio from the Cloudsky Immortal Sect didn’t appear to know them.

Yet, all of a sudden, another person who knew them arrived on the scene. This left them a little confused as to what was going on.

“Don’t think that we’ll let you off just because you know who we are!”

As the man from the Soaring Flower Gazebo spoke, his killing intent began to seep outward once more. This time around, it was directed toward Chu Feng too.


But in the next moment, the man from the Soaring Flower Gazebo suddenly froze on the spot.

It wasn’t just him. His comrades, as well as Lian Xi and the others on the ground, also found their bodies stiffening too.

Before anyone could react, Chu Feng had suddenly materialized right behind the man from the Soaring Flower Gazebo, and there was a sword made out of spirit power in his hands.

And the sword made out of spirit power had already pierced through the dantian of the man from the Soaring Flower Gazebo.

This sight made the other four men from the Soaring Flower Gazebo realize that they were outclassed, so they immediately turned tail and ran.

As for the man who had been impaled by the Chu Feng’s sword, it was already too late for him to run. His entire body trembled in fright as his haughty face turned into a pleading one.

“Milord, please spare my life! Spare my life!”

It was just a moment ago that he was threatening to kill Chu Feng, but in the blink of an eye, the situation had reversed.

“You want me to spare you? Your Soaring Flower Gazebo has put on the exterior of a righteous sect, but beneath everyone’s eyes, you commit all sorts of vile actions. You even stoop so low as to use human children to concoct pills for your disciples. Scoundrels like you don’t deserve to exist on the face of this world!” Chu Feng sneered.

“Milord, I have nothing to do with all of those. It’s all the orders of the sectmaster, we’re just following orders! That has nothing to do with us at all!” 

The man’s eyes were brimming with tears as he tried to push away blame from whatever Chu Feng was talking about.

It was just that his explanation revealed the fact that he was aware of the vile deeds the Soaring Flower Gazebo had been committing, and this was more than enough to sentence him to death!


Chu Feng raised his hand, and in the next moment, blood splattered all over the place. He had been killed by Chu Feng.

After killing the man, Chu Feng took in his source energies and took his possessions. Naturally, the treasure that belonged to the Cloudsky Immortal Sect also fell into his hands too. 

Holding the treasure in his hands, he couldn’t help but take a closer look at it.

Its exterior was reminiscent of a token, but it wasn’t exactly a token. It was made out of some sort of copperish material, and it carried an air of history around it.

Even though Chu Feng was still unable to see through it, he could tell that it would be no ordinary item if it could be perfected.


Chu Feng threw the treasure back to Lian Xi and said, “You should hurry up and leave this area. Those people won’t let this matter rest just like that.”

After saying those words, Chu Feng prepared to leave the area.

In truth, he could have gone on a massacre and killed all five of them, and he would have done that if not for a consideration he had in mind.

In his view, those who could bring themselves to serve a vile organization that concocted human children into pills deserved to die.

However, Chu Feng still allowed them to escape was because he noticed that they had come over from the south, the direction where the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk indicated the emerging treasure would be.

Chu Feng’s instincts were telling him that the treasure could have something to do with the people from the Soaring Flower Gazebo. So, he was hoping to have the four of them lead the way for him.

“Wait a moment!”

But just as Chu Feng was about to leave, Lian Xi suddenly stopped him and asked, “Why did you help us?”

Lian Xi was truly unable to understand Chu Feng’s actions at all. Given how he had treated Chu Feng back at the Red-dress Holy Land, he thought that it was already a miracle that Chu Feng was willing to let him off, let alone stepping in to save them.

“Perhaps it’s the camaraderie of cultivators from the same galaxy at work. I couldn’t bear to see you getting oppressed by the people of Nine Souls Galaxy. Who knows?” Chu Feng replied with a light chuckle before leaving the area.

He used the Nine Dragons Saint Cloak to conceal his silhouette and followed the remaining four people from the Soaring Flower Gazebo to find out what they were up to.

But meanwhile, Lian Xi and his two companions stood frozen on the spot.

This was especially so for Lian Xi. A completely bewildered expression could be seen on his face. It was an expression that he never had before.

“Camaraderie of cultivators from the same galaxy?” Lian Xi muttered to himself as he suddenly came to an epiphany.

All along, he had thought that only those from the Cloudsky Immortal Sect were his comrade, and that they stood against the world together.

But Chu Feng’s words made him think about something that he had never thought about before.

Was he being too narrow-minded to view everyone who wasn’t from the Cloudsky Immortal Sect as an enemy? Wasn’t it possible to have camaraderie with those outside of his sect too?

After all, there was someone who was able to put down a grudge with him to save his life.

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