Chapter 436 - The Killing God Arrives

MGA: Chapter 436 - The Killing God Arrives

“Pah!” Just at that time, a middle-aged man suddenly shattered the wine cup in his hand. He stood up and loudly yelled, “Chu Feng is only a young brat yet he has made all of you describe him in such an awesome way. He even so foolishly wants to turn the Hidden White Sect upside down? He is truly dreaming.”

“From what I see, all the rumours about Chu Feng are nonsense. Anyway, I don’t believe them.”

“A brat only sixteen-years-old and a girl only fifteen-years-old was able to turn the famous Fire God School upside down? And the Fire God School’s ancestral tombs were even dug? That’s purely nonsense born from nothing. All of it is nonsense.” That middle-aged man seemed to have drank too much, causing him to go drunk and crazy.

“That’s right. Erniu, you’re correct. That Chu Feng is a brat....

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