Chapter 4359: A Coincidental Meeting (Teaser)

Chapter 4359: A Coincidental Meeting

Not too long after Chu Feng parted with Wang Yuxian and the others, he came to a stop.

He noticed that there were some problems occurring with the spirit compass, which had already locked onto the aura of the black streak.

When Chu Feng first activated the spirit compass, the needle had been swerving a little uncertainly, as if it couldn’t pinpoint the direction of where the target was. Nevertheless, through following the general direction, he was still able to track down the target.

But at this very moment, the compass wasn’t reacting anymore. This sight left Chu Feng a little panicked.

If the compass were to really break down at this point, he wouldn’t be able to track the black streak anymore.

So, he quickly examined the compass and checked if the tracking formation embedded within was still working...

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