Chapter 4358: A Look of Deep Intentions

Chapter 4358: A Look of Deep Intentions

This middle-aged woman was extremely beautiful. Time seemed to have only matured her beauty like fine wine. Despite having gone past her prime, she still had an appearance that could easily charm the masses.

In contrast, most younger women lacked the refined demeanor that she seemed to exude naturally.

It was truly rare to meet such a beautiful middle-aged woman, especially one as graceful as this.

In terms of disposition, she was vastly different from that of Wang Yuxian. 

Wang Yuxian seemed like a fairy who was untouched by the materialistic mortal world whereas the middle-aged woman had an overpowering presence, reminiscent of an empress..

If Wang Yuxian’s presence had a refreshing touch amidst the secular world, this middle-aged woman’s presence was one that would intimidate others through a lofty pressure. 

Chu Feng had sensed such a presence from other powerful experts before, but that was simply the presence forged through their cultivation. However, this woman’s presence seemed to have come from her disposition, but disposition was something that stemmed from one’s birth.

There were not many people who could change their disposition through cultivation.

Aside from her extraordinary disposition, this middle-aged woman possessed unfathomable cultivation too. At the very least, Chu Feng was unable to see through her at all.

His first reaction was that the middle-aged woman could be Wang Yuxian and the others’ master, the renowned Lady of Dao Sea.

“Elder, may I know who you are?”

But in the next moment, the words spoken by Wang Yuxian refuted his deduction. As it would appear, Wang Yuxian and her seniors weren’t acquainted with this middle-aged woman.

“I am a friend of your master. I happened to pass by this area today and noticed your auras, so I came over to take a look. I didn’t think that it would be really you,” the middle-aged woman replied.

“Elder, please save us!” 

As soon as Song Feifei and the others learned that this middle-aged woman was actually their master’s friend, they didn’t hesitate to ask her for help.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take all of you out of here safely.”

Even though the middle-aged woman wasn’t the Lady of Dao Sea, it was apparent that she was a person who possessed great capabilities.

Under her help, Chu Feng and the others managed to leave the Soaring Flower Gazebo successfully. 

However, she chose to save Chu Feng and the disciples of the Lady of Dao Sea first. It was after bringing them out did she return back to the Soaring Flower Gazebo to save those innocent human children and monstrous beasts.

As for Chu Feng, he chose to bid his farewell to the group once he was out of the Soaring Flower Gazebo. After all, he was still in a rush to capture the black streak to save the Ox-nosed Old Daoist.

But just as Chu Feng was about to take his leave, Song Feifei suddenly stopped him, saying, “Young master, please wait for a moment. If not for your help, we would have died in the hands of those demons. We’ll never forget what you have done for us. 

“May I ask young master which sect you are from? We would like to pay a visit to express our gratitude once we are freed from the effects of the poison in our body.”

Song Feifei’s attitude toward Chu Feng was extremely courteous, and her tone of voice had become extremely gentle too.

It was very different from how she was when they first met. 

Furthermore, Chu Feng could tell that she wasn’t putting on an act right now. She was earnestly grateful to him and wanted to repay this favor.

“There’s no need for that. I just did what another human being would do,” Chu Feng shook his head and replied.

He didn’t need them to repay him for anything.

“If young master is reluctant to tell us which sect you are from, we won’t insist on it either. However, may I request to know your name instead? It wouldn’t do for us not to know the name of our benefactor,” Song Feifei asked once more.

“Benefactor? Are you planning to betroth yourselves to me to repay this debt of gratitude?” Chu Feng asked with a teasing smile.


Those words caused the bodies of Song Feifei and the others to stiffen a little. Some of their faces even turned red.

In contrast, the only one who didn’t seem to be reacting much was Wang Yuxian.

“It was just a joke. I, Chu Feng, know that I don’t have the fortune to marry you fairies,” Chu Feng replied with a smile.

He had intended it as a joke anyway.

But for some reason, after he said those words, some of their faces actually turned even redder. Even Song Feifei’s cheek seemed to have a tinge of blush on it.

The only one who remained calm throughout it all was Wang Yuxian. Her eyes were on Chu Feng, but she wasn’t reacting much in response to him.

Of course, given that Chu Feng was just joking around to clear up the overly formal and awkward atmosphere, he didn’t really want them to have any reaction either.

To be honest, their current appearances weren’t too pleasant to look at, so Chu Feng felt a little weird seeing their reddened faces.

“Young master Chu Feng, please accept this. If you were to pass by our Dao Sea in the future, please do drop by so that we can thank you properly.”

As Song Feifei spoke, she passed an Invitation Token of the Dao Sea over to Chu Feng.

“If your token didn’t work when you flashed it earlier, would it really be useful for me?” Chu Feng asked.


Chu Feng’s words made Song Feifei and the others lower their faces in shame.

There was some sense to what that was just being said. They, as disciples of the Dao Sea, had flashed their personal tokens earlier, but it wasn’t recognized by the Soaring Flower Gazebo.

Given so, it was only natural that Chu Feng would doubt them.

“Alright, I’ll stop teasing you. It seems like you fairies aren’t really good with jokes, If an opportunity comes in the future, I’ll surely make sure to drop by the Dao Sea. I only hope that you won’t pretend not to know me when the time comes,” Chu Feng said.

In the end, he still accepted the Invitation Token.

He didn’t have any intention of visiting the Dao Sea, but he chose to accept it so that Song Feifei and the others could feel a little better about themselves.

“That young friend over there, are you leaving now?”

It was at this moment that the middle-aged woman who had saved them returned once more.

Saving those children and monstrous beasts was a walk in the park given her strength, so Chu Feng and the others didn’t worry about her at all. Nevertheless, they were still surprised by just how fast she managed to get the matter done.

“Elder, I still have urgent matters to attend to, so I’ll be taking my leave. Thank you for your help earlier on,” Chu Feng said with a slight bow.

“Farewell,” the middle-aged woman said.

After that, Chu Feng turned around and left the area.

Song Feifei and the others looked at his departing figure, and for a very long time, they were unwilling to retract their gazes.

Even Wang Yuxian did the same too.

“It can’t be that you lasses have really fallen for that young man, can it?” the middle-aged women asked.

“O-of course not…”

Song Feifei and the others hurriedly shook their heads, but their reddened faces betrayed them.

Once again, the only one who didn’t have any reaction was Wang Yuxian.

“That young master Chu Feng might be lacking in his cultivation at the moment, but his mastery of world spiritist techniques is formidable. It’s rare for a person to have such accomplishments at such a young age. Furthermore, he appears to have quite a few rare treasures on him. From the looks of it, he appears to have quite an incredible background. It was just curious whose disciple he is, and where he has come from,” Wang Yuxian replied.

Wang Yuxian’s response induced a light chuckle from the middle-aged man woman. She appeared to be very pleased with that answer.

“Elder, since you’re a friend of our master, can you avenge us and teach those demons of the Soaring Flower Gazebo a lesson?”

“Indeed, elder. Please help us redress our grievances!”

Song Feifei and the others spoke up.

Having nearly lost their lives in the hands of the Soaring Flower Gazebo, they didn’t plan on letting matters rest just like that. If possible, they would love to get revenge right away.

“I won’t be interfering in the conflicts between you and other powers. I can save you and escort you back to the Dao Sea, but I won’t be exacting vengeance for you. It would be best for you to ask that of your master instead,” the middle-aged woman said.

Hearing those words, Song Feifei and the others held their tongue.

While the middle-aged woman claimed to be their master’s friend, in truth, they weren’t close to the other party at all. They were already grateful that the other party was willing to save them, so they dared not ask anything more from her.

However, what Song Feifei and the others didn’t notice was that right before the middle-aged woman took her leave, she also directed a look in the direction where Chu Feng had departed to.

It was a look that carried deep intentions.

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