Chapter 4357: Shrouded In An Aura of Divinity

Chapter 4357: Shrouded In An Aura of Divinity

While Chen Yan was only a disciple over here, he was the sectmaster’s personal disciple. Just that association itself meant that the elders of the sect had to treat him with utmost respect.

Even the elder in charge of the Pill Concoction Pavilion had personally came down to welcome Chen Yan.

From this, it could be seen that Chen Yan was a person with great influence here.

“These demons sure are brazen. How dare the impersonate the disciples of the Lady of Dao Sea? Not to mention, they even dared to pass off as Song Feifei. They deserve to be sternly punished! Chen Yan, you can rest easy. I’ll let them have a taste of what ‘living a life worse than hell’ means! You also know that I specialize in doing such stuff!”

The elder in charge of the Pill Concoction Pavilion appeared to be on really good terms with Chen Yan, such that his tone wasn’t formal when he addressed Chen Yan. They seemed more like friends instead.

After reassuring Chen Yan that he would get the matter done, the elder suddenly changed the topic and asked out of curiosity, “Chen Yan, I’ve been wanting to ask you for some time now, but why are you so devoted to Song Feifei? There’s no one who doesn’t know that the most beautiful disciple of the Lady of Dao Sea is Wang Yuxian. Could it be that you’re afraid of that first senior of yours, that’s why you don’t dare to eye Wang Yuxian?”

As the elder asked this question, his eyes narrowed a little.

“It’s true that my first senior is the disciple whom my master has the highest expectations for, but I, Chen Yan, don’t fear him. It’s only out of respect for my master that I treat him courteously!” Chen Yan replied disdainfully.

“Indeed, indeed. Zhao Xuanhe has only joined the sect earlier than you. In terms of talent, he comes nowhere close to matching you. It’s only a matter of time before you surpass him. You know that I have high expectations of you, right? That being said, since you don’t fear him, why don’t you set your eyes on Wang Yuxian instead? Is Wang Yuxian not your plate of food?” the elder asked.

“That lass, Wang Yuxian, is really like a fairy who has descended from the heavens. If you could see her in person, you would really wonder how could such a woman exist in the world! She’s like a fairy who has walked out of a painting, an ethereal being. There’s no man in the world who wouldn’t be interested in her!

“However, it won’t be easy to get that woman. Due to that, there’s no need for me to worry at all. There’s no way Zhao Xuanhe stands a chance at all. So, I’ll use her seniors to try my hands first. Song Feifei is nothing but one of my targets. If I could lay my hands on all of those women before finally getting to Wang Yuxian, wouldn’t it be perfect?

“I, Chen Yan, like to leave the best for the last, understand?”

Speaking up to this point, a vile smile surfaced on Chen Yan’s lips.

“Chen Yan, it looks like I haven’t judged you wrongly. You’re truly a person of great ambitions! Not bad, not bad!” the elder of the Pill Concoction Pavilion also laughed in response.

It was just that their words had reached the ears of Song Feifei and the other female disciples of the Lady of Dao Sea. They were so infuriated that they felt like their internal organs would explode from rage.

To think that they really believed that these disciples of the Soaring Flower Gazebo had been treating them well from the bottom of their hearts… Who could have thought they were actually harboring such vile thoughts in their minds?

The one who was the most shocked was no other than Song Feifei.

While she hadn’t gotten into any intimate acts with Chen Yan, it was a fact that he had moved her heart.

Just thinking about her heart had actually raced for such a beast, she really wanted to give herself a few tight slaps to wake herself up.

On the other hand, Chen Yan chatted with the elder for a little longer before finally leaving the area. 

After Chen Yan’s departure, the elder quickly moved on to prepare the formation that he would be using to torture Chu Feng and the others.

However, the elder didn’t get his job done right away. Instead, as soon as night fell, he left the Pill Concoction Pavilion to rest for the day.

As it turned out, the discipline of the Soaring Flower Gazebo wasn’t very high. Unlike other sects, they wouldn’t push themselves to work even if they had a job on hand. 

When it was time for a break, they would make sure to rest, and nighttime happened to be their resting hours. All of the formations within the Pill Concoction Pavilion were stopped, and the doors were locked up tight.

All that was left were just sobs and cries of agony within the venue.

Regardless of whether they were a monstrous beast or a human child, their cries resounded loudly within the enclosed room.

They were afraid, but they dared not to make any noise during the day. They could only vent their sorrow and fury in the night.

As a result, the Pill Concoction Pavilion was even scarier in the night. It was almost as if aggrieved ghosts had risen from hell to haunt this place.

Under such circumstances, even the lofty female disciples of the Lady of Dao Sea ended up bursting into tears.

Even though they had been bound by their gunny sack, which prevented them from making any noises, they were still able to hear the voices outside loud and clear.

Initially, they thought that they could have left the area as long as they could clarify the situation, but they ended up seeing the hideous side to the Soaring Flower Gazebo.

Given the current situation, they knew that unless someone were to save them, it was impossible for them to get away anymore. Even if the Soaring Flower Gazebo were to learn that they were indeed the disciples of the Lady of Dao Sea, they would still have them killed for the sake of silencing them.

But who in the world would save them here?

No matter how they thought about it, they couldn’t find a way out of the situation they were in.

Shoosh shoosh shoosh!

But all of a sudden, the gunny sacks that had bound Wang Yuxian and the others were suddenly released.

In the face of this abrupt situation, Wang Yuxian and the others were bewildered. To their surprise, when they quickly scanned their surroundings to figure out what was going on, they realized that the one who had freed them was no other than Chu Feng.

Chu Feng’s face was still ghastly pale, and his aura felt extremely feeble. Nevertheless, he was in a better condition than he was in the day.

At the very least, he was faring better than them at the moment.

“What are you crying for? Aren’t you all disciples of the Lady of Dao Sea? Show some guts!” Chu Feng berated Song Feifei and the other female disciples.

As it turned out, Chu Feng had already regained consciousness before he even arrived at the Soaring Flower Gazebo. He realized that the bloodline power he had inherited from his mother was repairing the internal trauma he had sustained from overexerting himself.

In order to hasten the healing process, he focused his attention on complementing the healing process. Due to that, he didn’t say a word at all, and his eyes remained closed throughout the entire duration.

However, that didn’t mean that he wasn’t conscious of what was going on. He had been keeping a lookout on the happenings around him too.

Even though these disciples of the Lady of Dao Sea had treated him harshly before, in this very moment, Chu Feng couldn’t help but feel sorry in their stead.

They might have been too well protected by the Lady of Dao Sea, such that they didn’t understand the vileness that could be hidden in the depths of the human heart. If not for their naivety, they would have never landed themselves in such a state.

“As seniors, shouldn’t you be a good role model to your juniors?” Chu Feng eyed Wang Yuxian as he spoke.

Song Feifei was crying out of sorrow, and the others were sobbing out of fear of the tragic plight that awaited them. However, as all of this was happening, Wang Yuxian retained a calm expression on her face. Despite knowing that they were in a bad position, she showed no signs of fear at all.

Her composure made her seem like the big senior here instead of the little junior.

“Young master, it looks like you’re doing fine now?”

Wang Yuxian looked at Chu Feng with a hint of surprise in her clear eyes. She realized that she had still been underestimating Chu Feng’s capability.

Even though Chu Feng’s cultivation was beneath hers, he seemed to be hiding far more secrets than she did.

Not only was he able to control that frighteningly powerful formation earlier on, but the speed at which he recuperated from his injuries was also frightening fast.

It was exceptionally surprising to her because she knew just how close Chu Feng had come to death earlier. Given his earlier condition, it was unimaginable to her how he could recover so quickly. This only went to show that he was a person with many exceptional means.

“It wasn’t a big deal in the first place. There was no need for you to bring me here at all. Look, you ended up putting yourself in harm’s way too,” Chu Feng remarked.

“Young master, on top of having you treated, we came here to seek help from them as well. However, it looks like we didn’t think things through properly. 

“That being said, I don’t think that it was all that bad. If not for this incident, we and our master might have never seen through the true colors of the Soaring Flower Gazebo. Their reprehensible actions are no different from that of the demonic cults!” Wang Yuxian said as she gazed at the suffering monstrous beasts and human children around her.

In the depths of her clear eyes, Chu Feng could see overflowing rage.

“Sects that put on the front of righteousness but commit atrocities in the shadows are truly reprehensible. Even though demonic sects commit vile actions, they do not try to conceal under a layer of hypocrisy,” Chu Feng replied.

He was also disgusted by how some of the seemingly righteous sects could commit all sorts of heinous deeds while talking about justice and whatnot.

“Young master, we’re sorry. We have wrongly accused you of colluding with the demonic beings.”

Song Feifei and the other female cultivators said amidst sobs.

Having gone through so much within just a single day, they were really on the verge of a mental breakdown.

Under such circumstances, they couldn’t help but think about how Chu Feng had saved them time and time again despite their initial horrible attitudes. Unable to hold back their emotions, they burst into tears once more, just that this time, it was out of guilt.

“Don’t cry anymore, you’re really embarrassing your master’s name over here! Besides, crying won’t solve a thing here. What we have to do now is to get out of here!”

Even though these were the words spoken by Chu Feng, after he took a look around the surroundings, his face scrunched into a frown.

There was a formation sealing off this area, and it was no ordinary formation. It was a formation constructed by the rank six Dragon Transformation Sensation world spiritist, or in the other words, a world spiritist that was even more formidable than the Ox-nosed Old Daoist.

It was nigh impossible for Chu Feng to breach such a formation unless the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk were to work its wonders. Otherwise, he would have to find some other solution out of this crisis.


But at this very moment, the formation suddenly began rippling, opening up an opening through it. Following that, a person stepped through the formation and appeared before Chu Feng’s sight.

Upon seeing the newly-arrived person, Chu Feng and the others inside the room were stunned.

It was a middle-aged woman who was shrouded in heavenly air.

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