Chapter 4356: Humility (Teaser)

Chapter 4356: Humility

“How did you obtain these tokens?”

“We’re the disciples of the Lady of Dao Sea, so how do you think we obtained these tokens?” the female disciples replied impatiently.

In their view, since they had already flashed their tokens, the other party should be cowering in their presence.

Of course, since they had come with a request, they wouldn’t make things difficult for these disciples. Nevertheless, they were still feeling aggrieved from how they were humiliated a moment ago, and they would have to find a place to vent this emotion.


Contrary to their expectations, the disciples of the Soaring Flower Villa suddenly burst into laughter. Instead of displaying fearful faces, they were laughing derisively at the female disciple.

“A bunch of hideous freaks actually dares to claim that they are disciples of the Lady of Dao Sea? Who in the world doesn’t know that the disciples...

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