Chapter 4352: Precarious Position

Chapter 4352: Precarious Position

It wasn’t just the plants and trees that were previously on this lush land that had been charred black, even the ground itself had died as well.

The item, whose form was that of a black flame, shouldn’t have been easy to discover lying in the midst of such land. Yet, it was in a very conspicuous position right now, making it impossible not to notice it.

It lay on a spot in the midst of this land. Even though it wasn’t moving at all, its flames were flickering about.

Chu Feng had no idea whether the black flame was the original form of the item or that its true form was hidden amidst the black flame, but that didn’t really matter to him.

At this moment, Chu Feng didn’t have the energy to be thinking about all that stuff. His attention was completely devoted to setting up the formation.

Time ticked by, and soon, twelve hours had passed.

During this period of time, the offensive formation which Chu Feng was building based on the instructions from the runic patterns was gradually being perfected.

What that had left Chu Feng feeling deeply relieved was that during this period of time, the black flame hadn’t moved in the least.

The inactivity of the black flame and the domineering power released by the formation slowly took the tension away from his heart.

The formation that he had built was no ordinary offensive formation. It was built around the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk, and it shared the same attributes as it as well. Naturally, the formation core powering it was no other than the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk too.

To put it in other words, the formation only played an auxiliary role here. The true star of the show was still the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk.


But all of a sudden, a loud explosion sounded.

Turning to where the sound had come from, Chu Feng saw a massive hole in the opening of the barrier. Someone had used their strength to blast the barrier open.

Taking a closer look, Chu Feng saw several white cloaks flying in through the opening.

“It’s them again?” Chu Feng was surprised to see these figures.

The ones who had arrived were no other than those white-robed women whom Chu Feng had met twice a few hours ago.

Even the person reputed to be the most prodigious talent of the Nine Souls Galaxy, Wang Yuxian, was amongst them too.

This made Chu Feng realize that their previous meetings weren’t just by coincidence.

These women seemed to possess something that allowed them to search for demonic beings, and it was due to that that they bumped into Chu Feng again and again.

Nevertheless, Chu Feng still couldn’t help but feel perplexed by the current situation. He could understand why they bumped into one another the previous two times, but this time around, he had to rely on the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk before he managed to find this place.

Otherwise, with his current capabilities, he wouldn’t have been able to track the black flame down to this place.

So, how did these women manage to find this place then?

Did they have some sort of treasure that was on par with the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk on them too?


But while Chu Feng was still deep in thought, a shrill and terrifying shout echoed across the air, and a terrifying pillar of black flame gushed into the air.

The black flame had been jolted awake by the arrival of Wang Yuxian and her group, and it had begun to launch their attacks toward them.

Despite the formidable offensive prowess of the black flame, Wang Yuxian showed no fear at all. With a wave of her arm, a silver sword appeared in her hand.

With a swing of her sword, countless sword rays pierced across the air and severed the incoming pillar of black flame into two.

It was just that her opponent was the formless black flame. Even when it was severed into two, it didn’t take much effort for it to fuse back together once more.

Wang Yuxian launched a relentless barrage of attacks against the black flame, but she was unable to destroy it. Nevertheless, her efforts still succeeded in suppressing it for the time being, preventing it from approaching her comrades.

It was also at this moment that Chu Feng was finally able to get a sensing of her cultivation through the aura she emanated.

Martial Exalted level. 

If Chu Feng wasn’t wrong, Wang Yuxian was actually a rank one Martial Exalted level expert!

“It’s no wonder her oppressive might carries such great pressure! Despite her young age, she has already ascended to the ranks of the Martial Exalted level experts!”

Seeing how Wang Yuxian was actually able to stand her ground against the black flames, Chu Feng was deeply impressed.

While he did realize that Wang Yuxian was exceptionally strong, he didn’t realize that her strength had actually reached such a level.


A faint white glow suddenly appeared in the center of Wang Yuxian’s forehead.

Following that, a bizarre surge of energy began flowing forth from Wang Yuxian and wrapping itself around her body, forming a layer of white radiance around her.

As all of this happened, Wang Yuxian’s aura began to grow stronger once again, and before long, her cultivation had already reached rank two Martial Exalted level!

By taking a closer look, Chu Feng could see a mark on Wang Yuxian’s forehead that was reminiscent of runes. It was just that this mark looked much more exquisite than most runes. It appeared to be a flower at first glance, but it was apparent that it was no ordinary flower.

Not only was the aura that it emanated exceptionally powerful, but there was also a divine vibe coming from it too.

“It could actually raise the cultivation of a Martial Exalted level cultivator?”

While Chu Feng didn’t have much of an understanding of Martial Exalted level, he was well aware of the fact that the higher one’s cultivation was, the more difficult it would be to raise one’s cultivation level, even if it was just for a short moment.

Raising one’s cultivation by even a rank in Martial Exalted level was definitely no ordinary feat.


However, even with the boost in her cultivation to rank two Martial Exalted level, Wang Yuxian was still unable to clinch any advantage in her fight against the black flame.

At this very instant, the black flame was releasing a frightening bellow, and Chu Feng could see that it was growing bigger and bigger in size with each passing moment.

It was only ten thousand meters in diameter earlier, but in just a few moments, it had grown to tens of thousands of meters wide,

Its massive body had grown so large that it was already piercing through the clouds, covering both the sky and the earth.

At the same time, the aura of the black flame began to morph as well. 

From the looks of it, it appeared that the black flame was also at rank two Martial Exalted level too.

“The situation doesn’t look very optimistic,” Chu Feng murmured to himself with a frown.

Even though Wang Yuxian had proved herself to be a formidable cultivator right from the start, the black flame still gave Chu Feng an unfathomable feeling, as if he was unable to fully grasp the extent of its strength.

He felt like there was far more to the black flame than what he was seeing on the surface.

The Ox-nosed Old Daoist was right. This black flame was a mystical product of nature, and it was an incredibly terrifying existence.

Even for someone as powerful as Wang Yuxian, she would be in a precarious position faced against the black flame.

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