Chapter 4348: Unfavorable Situation

Chapter 4348: Unfavorable Situation

Chu Feng had seen many beauties in his lifetime, be it the adorable Su Mei, the sexy Su Rou, the gorgeous Zi Ling, and not to forget, the nearly perfect Milady Queen, who was both adorable yet sexy.

But the woman that was binding Chu Feng on the spot with her oppressive pressure had her own unique disposition too.

Different people had different dispositions. There were those who were lofty, those who were domineering, and those who were cold.

That woman’s disposition felt transcendent, reminiscent of a goddess who was unfazed by the secular world.

The word to describe it would be pure. 

Chu Feng had never seen such a pure lady before, be it her clear eyes or her smooth and fair skin.

Her purity was like an unblemished jade that had formed naturally in the world, unprocessed through any hands. If there really was a goddess in this world, it would have to be her.

But of course, Chu Feng had absolutely no idea what kind of person she was, and what kind of personality she had.

All he had seen thus far was her appearance, and this was only the feeling that her appearance gave him.

As for whether she was truly as clean and pure as her appearance indicated, or whether she was a scheming and devious individual, that waited to be seen. But at the very least, her gaze made Chu Feng feel incredibly comfortable.

There was no bitterness or killing intent in her eyes at all, unlike most other women that he had met before. It was just that her gaze wasn’t gentle; she was currently suppressing Chu Feng with her oppressive might, after all.

However, her eyes still remained extremely calm. There was neither hostility nor kindness in her eyes.

Due to this, even though she was holding Chu Feng down, he still found it hard to bear ill will toward her.

This was likely to have something to do with her pure appearance. How could anyone direct their enmity toward such a seemingly harmless and pure lady?

This was probably one of the advantages of being blessed with good looks.

“Demon being, what are you looking at?”

A shout jolted Chu Feng awake.

The shout had come from the people standing around that woman.

It turned out that Chu Feng had been staring at the woman too intently, and that had incurred the wrath of the women around her.

“Demon being? I get it now. You must think that I was involved in the deaths of these people? You have misunderstood me. I’m not the culprit behind this,” Chu Feng explained.

“You need not explain yourself. Whether you are the culprit or not, I’ll assess it personally,” the pure lady replied.

As she spoke, she took out a copper mirror from her sleeve.

The copper mirror looked dull and unpolished, but as soon as she activated it, a ray of light immediately shone forth from its surface.

When this ray of light fell on Chu Feng’s body, he actually felt warm and comfortable.

Witnessing this sight, the gazes of the women around him also quickly changed, especially those who had their silver swords pointed at him. They quickly retracted their blades.

At the same time, Chu Feng could feel the oppressive might binding his body swiftly vanishing.

“Pardon our rudeness, young master. We have heard that the demonic being can morph into the form of a human, so we thought that you might be the culprit. We were concerned that we might let the demonic being escape if we were to hold back, and it was due to that that we were forceful with our actions. I ask for your understanding,” the pure lady said.

It seemed like she had verified that Chu Feng was not a demonic being through the copper mirror in her hand, so she immediately apologized for their actions.

“Junior, there’s no need to explain yourself to someone like him!”

In contrast, one of the women beside the pure lady didn’t show the slightest hint of remorse in her actions at all. Instead, she eyed Chu Feng warily, as if he were a pervert.

“Young master, this is our compensation for our earlier actions.”

Nevertheless, the pure woman didn’t pay any heed to those words. She took out a Cosmos Sack and tossed it over to Chu Feng.

“It’s nothing at all, there’s no need for you to compensate me. Since it’s a misunderstanding, I’ll take my leave then.”

Chu Feng didn’t accept the Cosmos Sack. Instead, he got up and left the area.


Chu Feng’s abrupt departure left surprised looks on the faces of the women who had displayed hostility toward him earlier.

“Why does that person seem so different?”

“Most men would be dying to get a few words in before our junior, but he left just like that.”

“He must be putting on an act. Didn’t you see how his eyes were glowing when he saw our junior earlier?”

“That man sure knows how to act. If he thinks that he can leave an impression on our junior just like that, he’s sorely mistaken. Our junior is someone who has no interest in that sort of thing. Men mean nothing at all to her!”

Those women started talking among themselves as they shot glances at the pure lady.

Meanwhile, the pure lady had already descended to the ground to take a closer look at the bodies of the deceased.

Chu Feng’s departure didn’t even seem to have affected her in the least.


Meanwhile, Chu Feng was actually quite curious about the matter concerning the demonic being.

Typically speaking, after the misunderstanding was dispelled, Chu Feng should have asked them about the matter concerning the demonic beast. However, he was well-aware that his purpose here was to retrieve the item needed to save his master, the Ox-nosed Old Daoist.

Given that his master’s life was at stake, Chu Feng knew that he had to hurry. So he decided to prioritize the acquisition of the item over anything else.

It was just that when Chu Feng arrived at the mountain range his master told him about, he immediately knew that things weren’t going to go smoothly.

The mountain range had been severely damaged, such that large swathes of ground had been flattened entirely. On top of that, most of the living beings residing in the mountain range had lost their lives.

There was hardly any life in the mountain range at all.

That being said, despite the tremendous destruction of the mountain range, through the detailed map that the Ox-nosed Old Daoist had provided for him, he still managed to find the location where the item should have been sealed.

The only problem was that that area had been destroyed too.

More importantly, Chu Feng could sense that the destruction had happened inside out. The source of the destruction all around was where the Ox-nosed Old Daoist had sealed off the item.

To put it in other words, it was not that someone had found the item and released it, but that the item had broken free on its own, and destroyed everything.

“Did I come too late?” 

There was a tight-knit frown on Chu Feng’s brows.

He had considered all kinds of problems he might stumble upon on his way here, and this was definitely the worst-case scenario.

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