Chapter 4341: Dragon Horns!

Chapter 4341: Dragon Horns!

“Lord Father, please stop! I’m begging you, Chu Feng and Grandmaster Ox didn’t lie to you. The Dragon Vein Source is really within my body! I don’t know why it can’t be detected right now, but it’s definitely in there. I can sense its presence!

“Lord Father, I promise you that I’ll do my best to assimilate this energy so as to not let you down, but Chu Feng and his master aren’t liars! They are benefactors of the Dragon Clan! Lord Father, you mustn’t make things difficult for them!”

Long Xiaoxiao desperately pushed herself off the ground and kneeled on the floor, begging her father desperately.

She knew that this was not a lie. The energy was definitely within her body. Even if others couldn’t sense it, she was able to feel its presence.

“Long Xiaoxiao, shut your mouth! You aren’t worthy of being a member of the Dragon Clan. I shall teach you a lesson on Lord Father’s behalf right now!”

Long Mumu walked up to Long Xiaoxiao to make a move on her.

Chu Feng wanted to stop Long Mumu, but he found that his body wouldn’t listen to his command at all. 

It was the oppressive might from the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief. The latter had directed it only toward him and his master, sealing off their movements.

So Chu Feng could only watch helplessly as Long Mumu marched up to Long Xiaoxiao and beat her up.

Using the same means as her mother, Long Mumu struck Long Xiaoxiao’s face with her hand relentlessly.

In this instant, her seemingly fair and slender hand had become the most vicious and vile weapon in the world, raining down blows on Long Xiaoxiao’s face.




Such clear sounds exploded loudly in the air, and even the powerful shockwaves that rose as a result of it couldn’t conceal the sounds.

Soon, Long Xiaoxiao was beaten to the point where her face had become a mishmash of blood and flesh. It was impossible to see through her original appearance anymore.

Long Mumu’s attacks weren’t fatal, but they were aimed to disfigure Long Xiaoxiao and maximize her suffering. It was indeed an extremely vicious move.

Yet, no one stepped forward to stop Long Mumu at all.

Everyone had implicitly given her their consent to punish Long Xiaoxiao.

This made Chu Feng extremely angry.


All of a sudden, a peal of hearty laughter sounded in the air. It was coming from the Ox-nosed Old Daoist.

“Clan Chief of the Dragon Clan, I have already told you that Princess Xiaoxiao is the future of your Dragon Clan, but you still chose to treat her in such a manner. I hope that you don’t regret your decision in the future,” the Ox-nosed Old Daoist spoke with a light voice.

“I don’t know whether I’ll regret it in the future, but I know for sure that you’ll definitely regret daring to make a fool out of our Dragon Clan!”

Right after saying those words, the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief opened his hand, and countless sharp blades could be seen twirling above his palm.

While these sharp blades were miniature at the moment, they would morph into the size of a real sword once the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief released them.

This was a fact that everyone knew.

Long Mumu pummeling Long Xiaoxiao was just the starter.

The Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief was going to make a move, and the ones who would suffer as a result of that were definitely Chu Feng and the Ox-nosed Old Daoist.

All of a sudden, one of the Supreme Elders shouted out in astonishment. “Lord Clan Chief, look at Princess Xiaoxiao. Hurry!”

Upon hearing those words, the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief turned his gaze over, and he saw that Long Xiaoxiao was currently undergoing a transformation.

Despite being struck to the point of disfigurement by Long Mumu, there was not even the slightest sound coming out of Long Xiaoxiao. In fact, she didn’t dodge Long Mumu’s attacks at all, allowing the latter to strike her again and again.

Long Xiaoxiao was knocked down by Long Mumu after each and every strike, but she would still rise up right away. It was as if there was a dogged will within her that didn’t allow her to bow down and admit defeat. 

But at this moment, she was lying on the floor, moaning in pain.

Her cries sounded so heart-wrenching that it was impossible to imagine just how much pain she was in.

“Kepp faking! Mere physical pain, and you act as if you’re dying. Long Xiaoxiao, I never knew that you had such acting talent in you!”

Long Mumu wasn’t moved to see Long Xiaoxiao’s state at all. Instead, she mocked her mercilessly, using vile words to put her down.

“Long Xiaoxiao, don’t try to garner sympathy! Do you think that the Dragon Clan will let you go just like that?”

After Long Mumu said those words, she turned to the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief with a smug look on her face.

“Lord Father, please do not sympathize with this traitor. She has colluded with outsiders to destroy the foundations of our Dragon Clan. She deserves to be executed!”

“Shut up!”

Who would have thought Long Mumu’s words would be faced with a furious bellow from the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief?

That wasn’t all. The Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief even pushed Long Mumu aside before carefully helping Long Xiaoxiao back to her feet. Then, he placed a hand on Long Xiaoxiao’s head and fondled it gently.

“Xiaoxiao, how are you feeling right now? Grandmaster, what’s wrong with Xiaoxiao? Save her! Young friend Chu Feng, Xiaoxiao is your friend, right? Help her!” the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief suddenly cried out.

At the same time, he also reined in that terrifying oppressive might of his.

He had turned a blind eye to Long Xiaoxiao’s miserable plight before, but all of a sudden, he was showing so much concern for her.

This left Long Mumu and her mother in a state of bewilderment. However, when they took a closer look at Long Xiaoxiao, they froze in place.

They immediately understood what was going on.

There were some changes that were happening to Long Xiaoxiao’s body. Her howl of agony was not because of Long Mumu striking her, but the changes she was undergoing.

One just had to pay closer attention in order to sense the mystical aura that was arising in Long Xiaoxiao’s body. It was an energy very similar to that of the Dragon Clan’s bloodline, but it was many times stronger than that.

However, what stood out the most were the two things rising out of Long Xiaoxiao’s head—horns.

This pair of horns was actually connected to her soul, and the powerful aura was coming from these horns.

Furthermore, the horns were still growing. Soon, they started to branch out like a tree. 

Even though they still weren’t too big yet, it was clear that they were growing more and more in resemblance to something.

Dragon horns!

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