Chapter 4339: The Fate of the Dragon Clan

Chapter 4339: The Fate of the Dragon Clan

“Little benefactor, how do I share this energy with the other clan members then? Do I bring it out of this place first and extract it later on using a formation?” Long Xiaoxiao asked.

“You can’t take it out anymore. You have to find a way to fully assimilate with this energy, or else you’ll lose your life,” Chu Feng said.

“But wouldn’t that mean that I’m swallowing the power of the Dragon Vein Source entirely on my own?” Long Xiaoxiao asked worriedly.

Perhaps it was because she didn’t want to be a selfish person or that she was afraid of facing the reproach from her clan members, but despite having received such a godsent opportunity, she still looked incredibly uneasy.

“Princess Xiaoxiao, do you still not understand what your current plight in the Dragon Clan is? Your father has already chosen to side with Long Mumu and her mother. If he chooses to kill you and your mother, do you think that there would be anyone in the Dragon Clan who will be able to help you?” Chu Feng asked.


Long Xiaoxiao fell silent.

“However, if you were to fuse with the Dragon Vein Source, you would become the future of the Dragon Clan. Soon enough, you’ll become the leader of the Dragon Clan, and everyone will have no choice but to heed your orders.

“In the past, your fate was in the hands of others, but from this day onward, you’ll be able to control your own fate. Remember this: if a person doesn’t have power, they won’t be able to protect anything at all. The best person to rely on is yourself, and given the current circumstances in the Dragon Clan, you have to rise up in order to turn the tides,” Chu Feng said.

“Little benefactor… could it be that you’ve done all of this intentionally? You were intending to help me all this time?” Long Xiaoxiao asked.

“It was my master who made this decision, but I agree with his actions. Otherwise, even if your father were to fulfill his promise and let you and your mother off for the time being, who knows what will happen in the future?

“However, the situation is different now. It was a risky move that we made, but as long as you can assimilate with the power of the Dragon Vein Source inside of you, everything will change. Not only will the standing of you and your mother be vastly different from before, but the same goes for your future too.

“I can tell you frankly that the power of the Dragon Vein Source comes from a true dragon,” Chu Feng said grimly.

“It comes from a true dragon? You mean, that legendary divine beast in the legends?” 

A complex look appeared on Long Xiaoxiao’s face. She was shocked by the revelation.

As someone who had the blood of the Dragon Clan flowing through her veins, she instinctively looked up to the power of the dragons and desired to attain it. However, all this while, it had been nothing but a thing of legends to her.

“Yes, my master wouldn’t lie to me,” Chu Feng replied.

“Little benefactor, how can I ever thank you?” Long Xiaoxiao said with reddened eyes.

She had only met Chu Feng a couple of times, but he had already saved her twice.

Furthermore, she had even attained a fortuitous encounter that would change the trajectory of her life this time around. Even if she were to serve him from this day onward, she would still never be able to repay this debt to him.

“You don’t have to thank me right now. It’s not too late for you to do so after you assimilate with the energy within your body,” Chu Feng replied.

“I’ll definitely make it happen,” Long Xiaoxiao replied determinedly.


But at this moment, a deafening rumble sounded all around the world they were in.

The land beneath their feet began to shake violently as cracks appeared all over the ground. The mountain started to crack, and even the air appeared to be shuddering.

This world was starting to fall apart.

“It’s time for us to leave.”

The two of them quickly headed back to the slit created by the Ox-nosed Old Daoist and left the world through it.

As soon as Long Xiaoxiao and Chu Feng got out, they were immediately surrounded by a crowd of people from the Dragon Clan.

“Xiaoxiao, how is it? Has the Dragon Vein Source opened yet?” the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief asked concernedly.

What he was worried about wasn’t his frail-looking daughter but the state of the Dragon Vein Source.


Long Xiaoxiao had no idea how she should respond to that question.

Bam bam bam!

It was also at this moment that the Dragon Vein Source behind them began to fall apart.

The foundation of the Dragon Clan was collapsing at this very moment!

“Grandmaster, what’s going on?” 

The Supreme Elders of the Dragon Clan turned their eyes to the Ox-nosed Old Daoist as they asked anxiously.

“Xiaoxiao, I’m asking you a question here! Is the Dragon Vein Source open? What did you go through in there?” 

On the other hand, the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief grabbed Long Xiaoxiao’s shoulders and began to interrogate her. His attitude was unimaginably cold.

“Lord Father, there’s no need to ask anymore. It’s obvious that they have failed to open the Dragon Vein Source. As if that wasn’t enough, they even destroyed it! The two of them deserve to die ten thousand times over!” Long Mumu exclaimed loudly.

“Grandmaster Ox, you have to give us an explanation for this!” 

Elder Long Duan also began to question the Ox-nosed Old Daoist with a ferocious look on his face, the previous respect he had shown vanishing without a trace.

“Grandmaster, didn’t you tell us earlier that you successfully opened the Dragon Vein Source? Why would things turn out like this?” 

The Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief turned his gaze to the Ox-nosed Old Daoist.

Even though he hadn’t flown into a rage yet, the eyes that he looked at the Ox-nosed Old Daoist with were so hostile that he looked as if he could eat a person whole. Even ferocious beasts weren’t as terrifying as this.

Under such an atmosphere, Long Xiaoxiao trembled uncontrollably in fear. She found that she couldn’t even stand properly anymore. If not for Chu Feng’s support, she might have already collapsed to the floor by now.

On the other hand, the Ox-nosed Old Daoist didn’t look nervous at all. In fact, the bright smile still remained firmly on his lips.

“I told you that I have already successfully opened the Dragon Vein Source. All that has collapsed is just a shell of what it was. The real power has already escaped from within, and it’ll bring revolutionary changes to the Dragon Clan in times to come,” the Ox-nosed Old Daoist said.

The attitude of the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief changed again. His tone became polite once again as he asked, “Where is it, Grandmaster? Where is the power?”

“Isn’t it right here?” the Ox-nosed Old Daoist said as he gestured toward Long Xiaoxiao.

“Xiaoxiao, is the power with you?” the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief asked.

“It’s within her body. The power of the Dragon Vein Source is all within your daughter’s body now,” the Ox-nosed Old Daoist answered.

“What, it’s all within Xiaoxiao’s body? Grandmaster, how do we extract the power then?” the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief asked.

“Extract it? Why would you extract it?” the Ox-nosed Old Daoist asked.

“This power belongs to our entire Dragon Clan, so it goes without saying that we have to extract it!” Long Mumu’s mother spoke up loudly.

Even she couldn’t retain her composure in the face of such a situation anymore.

“It’s impossible to extract it. The power of the Dragon Vein Source is already tied to Princess Xiaoxiao’s fate. If she lives, the power lives. If she dies, the power dissipates,” the Ox-nosed Old Daoist replied.

“Grandmaster, what do you mean by this?” a Supreme Elder asked nervously.

“Do you still not get it? This old man will make it even more explicit to you then. Right now, Princess Xiaoxiao is the Dragon Vein Source itself, and she controls the full power of it. Whether the Dragon Clan prospers or declines is all up to her now. Only she wields the power to change the fate of your Dragon Clan!” the Ox-nosed Old Daoist said.

Complicated expressions appeared on the faces of the clan members of the Dragon Clan upon hearing those words. It looked as if they had received the shock of their lives.

This was especially so for Long Mumu and her mother. The looks on their faces were so awful that it almost seemed like someone had forced crap down their throat.

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