Chapter 4338: Failure? (Teaser)

Chapter 4338: Failure?

“I understand.”

After saying these two words, the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief left the area. Long Duan left together with him too, leaving Long Mumu and her mother by themselves in the palace.

Long Mumu was absolutely certain that she had had her enemies cornered a moment ago, but after receiving a nonchalant response from her father, she started to panic.

“Lord Mother, why does it seem like father isn’t too concerned with this matter?” Long Mumu voiced her worries.

She was afraid that the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief still wouldn’t deal with Chu Feng and his master after all that had been said.

“You don’t have to worry. Your father has already made up his mind on what to do.”

In comparison, Long Mumu’s mother looked more confident.

A short moment later, Long Mumu’s mother brought Long Mumu back to the Dragon Vein Source once more.


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