Chapter 4326: Meeting Long Xiaoxiao Once More (Teaser)

Chapter 4326: Meeting Long Xiaoxiao Once More

After Chu Feng and Long Nanxun left, Elder Lingtao and the others, who were kneeling in midair all this while, quickly rose back to their feet.

All of their complexions didn’t look too good. Even though they were elders of the Dragon Clan, Exalted Martial-level experts, all of them had horrified looks on their faces right now.

It was almost as if they had seen a ghost.

Elder Lingtao was the first one to calm down from the shock, and a conflicted look surfaced in his eyes.

“Elder Lingtao, what should we do? How did Long Nanxun suddenly obtain Lord Clan Chief’s personal token? Did something happen while we weren’t looking?” an elder asked worriedly.

They were...

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