Chapter 4319 - Milord (Teaser)

Chapter 4319 - Milord

There were several people standing not far away.

Among those people was a young man that Chu Feng recognized. His name was Long Nanxun.

This Long Nanxun could be said to be Long Xiaoxiao’s subordinate. Chu Feng met him when Long Xiaoxiao requested for his help.

At the beginning, Long Nanxun was filled with hostility toward Chu Feng. But, after Long Nanxun, Long Xiaoxiao and others were nearly killed by the All-seeing Heavenly Master and were rescued by Chu Feng, he eased his hostility toward Chu Feng.

Chu Feng never imagined that he would meet him again today and in such a situation on top of that.

When Chu Feng saw Long Nanxun, Long Nanxun nodded his head at Chu Feng. Chu Feng smiled in response.

From that simple exchange, Chu Feng knew that Long Nanxun was most likely standing on his side today.

Thinking bad about how Long Nanxun created all sorts of troubles for him during...

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