Chapter 4312 - The Ninth Galaxy (Teaser)

Chapter 4312 - The Ninth Galaxy

Possessing an extremely powerful world spiritist bloodline. Being able to breach the barrier of the spirit worlds to enter them as a martial cultivator.

All of these signs pointed to Chu Feng’s mother.

While Chu Feng had never met his mother before, he had always believed his mother to be an extremely powerful existence.

After all, it was his mother that bestowned him such a powerful world spiritist bloodline.

To be able to inherit such a bloodline from his mother, Chu Feng knew that she was most definitely not someone ordinary.

Of course, that was merely Chu Feng’s guess.

At first, he was unable to be certain of anything.

But, when Xianhai Shaoyu mentioned that Jie Ranqing suddenly entered closed-door training tens of years ago, Chu Feng was no longer able to remain calm.

Why would a peak genius suddenly enter closed-door...

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