Chapter 4304 - Who Is It? (Teaser)

Chapter 4304 - Who Is It?


Suddenly, Xianhai Shaoyu felt his head getting heavy. Then, he felt extremely sleepy.

“What’s going on? Could this be a side effect caused by fourth uncle stipping the power from my body?”

Xianhai Shaoyu doesn’t want to lose consciousness at a time like this.

He wanted to continue to watch the battle. He wanted to see exactly how powerful Chu Feng after undergoing bloodline berserk would become.

Xianhai Shaoyu tried his hardest to withstand the desire to sleep. He even took out medicines and took them.

While he was confined and unable to move freely, he was still capable of taking out items from his Cosmos Sack.

For the sake of overcoming his sleepiness, Xianhai Shaoyu took three successive medicinal pellets....

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