Chapter 4288 - Mysterious Man

Chapter 4288 - Mysterious Man

The oppressive might came from afar like an invisible tsunami. Everywhere it passed, the space itself shattered into nothingness.

If this place resembled an extremely terrifying cemetery before, the oppressive might coming from afar resembled hell itself.

That hell has transformed itself into an invisible beast and was devouring everything in its path.

This speed of the best was so fast that the cemetery was soon completely engulfed by it.

The space in the entire cemetery has been completely disintegrated and reduced into an endless pitch-black abyss.

Faced with this sort of change, even the giant face in the sky revealed a massive change in expression.

It was staring at the direction of the incoming oppressive might and suddenly smiled in relief.

“No wonder.”

“No wonder these three ants would possess the courage to dare enter this Exalted’s territory.”

“So they actually had a backing like you behind them.”

“Are you from that so-called Immortal Sea Fish Clan?”

“Since you’re from the same clan as them, why didn’t you show yourself directly? Why must you confine those three?”

“Could it be that you don’t want them to know that you’ve saved them?” asked the terrifying existence.

It was able to tell that Xianhai Shaoyu, Xianhai Xin’er and Xianhai Gusu were in an immobile state.

Under this sort of state, they would be completely unaware of what was going on around them.

But, it was not the person that immobilized them. Rather, it was the person that came to their rescue.

“I am not from the Immortal Sea Fish Clan.”

A man’s voice sounded from afar.

Although that person was located very far from this place, his voice arrived in an instant.

That voice was extremely tranquil. It does not resemble the voice of a terrifying existence. It was not a voice more ear-piercing than thunder, a voice that would shake the earth with every word.

That man’s voice resembled a person speaking very ordinarily. It was gentle and refined. But, there was no trace of humbleness either.

While that voice was not intimidating, it was very clear.

Even though it came from far away, one could hear that voice very clearly.

That… required great power!

“Then why are you helping them?” asked the terrifying existence.

“It’s because those three young ladies are related to a person I know,” That man’s voice sounded again from afar.

“You’ve mustered such a large force for such a trivial matter?” asked that terrifying existence.

“It is indeed a trivial matter. But, you were the one to muster a large force for something that trivial,” said the man from afar.

“What if I refuse to release these three?” asked the terrifying existence.

“You will not refuse,” said the man from afar.

Those words revealed his absolute confidence.

Even though the owner of this place was the everchanging terrifying face that covered the sky above, that man reacted as if he was able to rule everything here, including the terrifying existence from the Ancient Era.


Suddenly, the terrifying existence let out a furious shout.

Heaven and earth started trembling. The pitch-black space began to transform.

The disintegrated space began to recover. In a blink of an eye, everything returned to normal. The white bones that filled the ground and the strange sight of the sky covered in black clouds, they’ve all returned to how it was before.

“This Exalted will have you realize who is the ruler of this place!”

Once that terrifying existence said those words, the black clouds that covered the sky began to transform.

The black clouds grew even darker, completely pitch-black. Crimson light seeped out from the pitch-black clouds.

But, the sky was not the only place where the pitch-black clouds with crimson light were present.

They were also seeping out from the earth below.

But, those pitch-black clouds with crimson light were only forming behind the terrifying existence.

As they continued to gather, a devastating aura grew increasingly more intense.

It seemed as if the terrifying giant face was about to gather up its stored powers and unleash a devastating attack toward the mysterious man far in the distance.

“I do not wish for a fight.”

“Must you force my hand?”

That man’s voice sounded again.

There was a sound of helplessness in his voice.


At this moment, the terrifying existence burst into laughter.

Conceit, pride, arrogance and contempt filled its laughter. At the same time, there was anger that filled the surroundings.

“Arrogant individual the younger generation, this Exalted knew that you possess some capabilities.”

“But, your conceit had enraged this Exalted.”

“This Exalted will have you realize what true strength is!”


Right after it said those words, the gathered black clouds moved toward the direction of that mysterious man to attack him.

The black clouds filled the air and covered everything. Before the black clouds, it seemed like everything would perish. Even a world would not be able to withstand it.

But, the terrifying black clouds, those terrifying black gaseous flames with a crimson light, did not perish anything. They moved straight toward the direction of the mysterious man.

It seemed like the black clouds were unwilling to waste its power to destroy anything else.

It wanted to utilize all of its power to punish the man in the distance.


But, before the black clouds could reach the location where that man was, light suddenly emerged at the far away distance.

The dazzling light resembled the rising of the sun. But, it was many times brighter, many times more magnificent, than the sun.

Those were nine-colored lights. In a completely chaotic manner, the nine colored lights came from afar.

Accompanying the lights were ear-piercing roars.

Upon closer inspection, those were actually lightnings. Lightnings filled the sky and engulfed the world in the distance. Those lightnings were incomparably tyrannic and emitting a sacred aura.

With destructive powers, they were like sharp blades that ruled over the world itself as they struck down from afar.

“Heavenly Bloodline?!!!”

“This Exalted understands now. You are indeed not from that Immortal Sea Fish Clan. You’re with that kid.”

“Who would’ve imagined that kid actually had someone like you backing him,” said the terrifying giant face.

The man in the distance did not answer those words. Instead, he said, “It’s not too late to stop right now. I do not wish to injure you.”

“You don’t wish to injure me?”

“What arrogance.”

The giant face that covered the sky sneered.

“Unfortunately for you, that is not enough to defeat me.”


After it said those words, the black gaseous flames with a crimson light began to transform.

The crimson lights all transformed into crimson eyes. Turned out, there were countless monsters hidden within the black gaseous flames.

At this moment, the power of the black gaseous flames increased in a flash.

Turned out, the terrifying existence had deliberately concealed its true powers earlier.

It was only when the two of them began their battle that it unleashed its true powers.

The moment the true powers of the black gaseous flames were revealed, the flames collided with the nine-colored lightnings.


But, once they collided, anguished wailings began to sound from the black gaseous flames.

“That is?!”

Deep shock appeared in that terrifying existence’s giant eyes.

Turned out, the lightnings also transformed when they collided. The lightnings were squirming nonstop.

They seemed to have transformed into giant lightning beasts.

None of the nine giant lightning beasts revealed themselves completely. It seemed as if they were so large that this world was simply unable to sustain their full body.

The nine giant lightning beasts and the black gaseous flames were interwoven together.

Like sharp claws, the lightnings were tearing apart the black gaseous flames repeatedly.

The black gaseous flames that possess magnificent destructive powers were unable to retaliate against the lightnings at all!

If the beasts within those black gaseous flames were a group of fierce wolves, then the dazzling lightnings would be nine invincible beast kings.

The collision of the two instantly revealed the disparity in strength.

No matter how destructive the black gaseous flames were, they were incomparably weak before the nine-colored lightnings.

In a blink of an eye, the lightnings that filled the sky had reached the giant face. All the black gaseous flames have been crushed to titters.


Suddenly, a sound of pain sounded from the sky above.

Then, the giant face that covered the sky instantly grew much smaller.

The aura that seemed to rule over everything, that terrifying oppressive sensation, also weakened accordingly.

“Cough, cough, cough, cough---”

Intense coughing sounded from the sky. That series of coughs lasted a long while before gradually easing up.

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