Chapter 4286 - Terrifying Giant Face

Chapter 4286 - Terrifying Giant Face

“Young master, perhaps we should go back.”

Lady Gusu said to Xianhai Shaoyu with a soft voice.

Even Lady Gusu was unwilling to stay at this place for too long.

Even someone like her felt uneasy being in a place like this.

“We’re already here. We couldn’t possibly leave just like this.”

“We must at least meet with the individual mentioned by the Galewind Hunting Clan,” said Xianhai Shaoyu.


Right at this moment, a roar capable of causing one’s blood run cold was heard.

Seeing this, Xianhai Shaoyu and others immediately used their special observational methods to look to the distance.

Although they were very far away, Xianhai Shaoyu, Xianhai Gusu and Xianhai Xin’er soon managed to determine the source of the roar through their special observational methods.

But, upon seeing the source of that roar, the expressions of the three people all had a varying degree of change.

Xianhai Xin’er’s complexion had turned deathly pale. It seemed like she was enormously terrified by something.

Turned out, what they saw was a humanoid creature.

But, its size was simply enormous. It reached over a thousand meters in height. Like a giant mountain, its size was simply unfathomable.

Furthermore, its entire body was covered in crimson hair. Those hair were extremely strange. They seemed to be dyed by blood. Seeing those hair, one would feel one’s hair stand on end.

The crimson-colored hair covers its entire body. One cannot see the face of that giant humanoid creature. Only a pair of giant yet completely empty eyes, so large that they resembled two suns, could be seen. Those eyes were filled with murderous desire.

That humanoid creature held an incomparably large sickle in its right hand. Bright-red bloodstains covered the sickle. A large amount of fresh blood was even dripping from the blade of the sickle.

On that giant humanoid’s left hand was a cage the size of a vast palace. The inside of that cage was filled with something. Looking closely at the cage, one would feel a chill running down one’s spine and cold sweat would begin to gather on one’s body. The reason for that was because the enormous cage was filled with heads. There were so many heads, they numbered in the tens of thousands.

That crimson-haired humanoid creature was not only glaring at Xianhai Shaoyu, Xianhai Gusu and Xianhai Xin’er with its killing intent-filles eyes, it was also walking toward them.

With every step it took, the ground in the distance will tremble violently. While its movements seemed slow, it was actually moving extremely fast and soon to reach where Xianhai Shaoyu and others stood.

“Is that the person the Galewind Hunting Clan mentioned?”

“That’s simply a monster.”

Xianhai Xin’er was completely restless and terrified. Her emotions were completely present in her voice.

“Xin’er, don’t be afraid. I’m here,” said Xianhai Shaoyu with a smile.

Compared to Xianhai Xin’er, Xianhai Shaoyu was much more calm.

“Young master, Xin’er is not afraid.”

“I will pledge my life to protect young master.”

Seemingly for the sake of proving that she was not afraid, Xianhai Xin’er actually took a step forward to shield Xianhai Shaoyu behind her.

Even though he knew that Xianhai Xin’er was trying to act brave, Xianhai Shaoyu did not doubt her loyalty and devotion in the slightest. While she was trying to put up a brave front, her desire to protect him with her life was real.

“Young master, are you able to determine the cultivation of that thing?”

Lady Gusu asked Xianhai Shaoyu. The reason why she asked that was because she was unable to determine the cultivation of that crimson-haired giant humanoid.

As the saying goes, know yourself, know your enemy and you shall emerge ever-victorious.

In a situation where one cannot determine the strength of one’s enemy, one’s enemy was undoubtedly going to be very dangerous.

This was especially true for martial cultivators. Opponents with strength that they cannot determine would generally be people of similar or superior strength to them. Majority of the time, the latter would hold true.

“No, I’m unable to.”

Xianhai Shaoyu’s response caused the frown on Lady Gusu’s face to crease up even more.

Xianhai Shaoyu possessed strength superior to her. When even he cannot see through that giant humanoid creature’s strength, it meant that their current situation was truly bad.








Right at this moment, the earth started to tremble and roars sounded repeatedly.

Those terrifying roars sounded from all around without stop.

Looking carefully, the crimson-haired giant was appearing from all around them. The numbers were simply too many to count.

From a rough estimation, there were over a million of them!

“Lord young master, we should leave at once.”

Even Lady Gusu started to panic. She pulled Xianhai Shaoyu and intended to leave.

That crimson-haired giant was simply too powerful. Its might was simply beyond measures.

A single one would be extremely difficult for them to handle already.

Yet, at this moment, there were this many crimson-haired giants. Faced with that amount, they simply had no odds of victory at all.

Even Xianhai Shaoyu who was acting stubborn earlier had the desire to retreat and was planning to leave.

“Step down!”

Suddenly, an incomparably resounding voice exploded in the sky.

That voice was so ear-piercing it not only shook the ground, it seemed to pierce through even the horizon itself.


Once that resounding voice was heard, the crimson-haired giants all started roaring at once.

No, those were no roars. They were howls in grief.

It was like how dogs would howl when they were caught by their master in acting bad.

After howling in grief, those crimson-haired giants all turned around and withdrew into the distance.

This scene completely terrified Lady Gusu.

Turned out, the crimson-haired giants that they were unable to handle were simply not the person mentioned by the Galewind Hunting Clan.

The person mentioned by the Galewind Hunting Clan was clearly even stronger.

“Are those merely lackeys?”

“I’ve truly underestimated this place.”

Seeing the crimson-haired giants that were retreating from this place, Xianhai Shaoyu frowned and sighed.

Even though he had realized that this place wasn’t going to be simple before entering the teleportation formation, the current situation was much more terrible than he anticipated.


Right at this moment, the weather changed.

The strange black clouds in the sky began to surge violently. As they surged, the sky transformed. In the end, a giant face that covered the sky appeared.

That giant face looked very strange. It was ever-changing and no distinct form. A face like that should be very terrifying. Yet, Xianhai Shaoyu, Xianhai Gusu and Xianhai Xin’er were not feeling that way. They instead felt the giant face to be very sacred. It was as if they were witnessing a god.

The oppression they felt from the face far surpassed that of those crimson-haired monsters.

At this moment, the giant eyes of that face were fixed onto the three of them.

“It’s such an existence?!”

Seeing the ever-changing and omnipresent face in the sky, Lady Gusu’s eyes were flickering nonstop.

She had thought the black dragon in the Nine Dragons Abnormal Sign Mound to be a terrifying monster hidden in the Holy Light Galaxy.

But, that black dragon simply cannot compare with the giant face in the sky at all.

Not to mention them, it would likely be difficult for even the top experts of their Immortal Sea Fish Clan to take on that giant face.

“Senior, are you that lord mentioned by the Galewind Hunting Clan?” asked Xianhai Shaoyu with a stern voice.

Even though he already knew that giant face possessed power far surpassing his own, Xianhai Shaoyu did not show any sign of panic.

“You came from the Galewind Hunting Clan?”

The incomparably deep and resounding voice that caused the heaven and earth to tremble sounded again.

The sight resembled a god speaking to mortals.

“That’s correct,” said Xianhai Shaoyu.

“Why did you come here?” asked the giant terrifying face.

“I wish to ask senior what happened to those three ladies,” answered Xianhai Shaoyu.

“So that’s what it is.”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk…”

Suddenly, the giant terrifying face laughed.

That laughter was so very strange. It was even more eerie and terrifying than the roars from the crimson-haired giants.

“Senior, why are you laughing?” asked Xianhai Shaoyu.

“To throw away your lives here for something like that, it is truly silly.”

“But, I will satisfy you.”

Once that voice sounded from the sky, Xianhai Xin’er and Lady Gusu’s expression changed enormously.

Could it be that giant face was going to kill them?

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