Chapter 4285 - Ancient Era’s Cemetery (Teaser)

Chapter 4285 - Ancient Era’s Cemetery

‘Wipe out our entire clan?!’

Hearing those words, killing intent surged in the eyes of all the Galewind Hunting Clansmen.

Those words were simply too provocative. They were simply not placing their Galewind Hunting Clan in their eyes at all.

But, their opponent’s oppressive might was simply too terrifying.

Not even their Lord Clan Chief was a match for that person.

Judging from that oppressive might, their opponent does seem to possess the strength to wipe out their entire clan.

Thus, although they were surging with fury, they did not dare say anything.

How could they dare say anything when not even their Lord Clan Chief dared to say anything?

“Put away your oppressive might.”

“Do not scare my clansmen.”

“Regardless of what relationship your friend might have with our clan’s three highnesses, your friend was wrong to intrude into our clan repeatedly.”

“You should also know that I’ve deliberately waited till they intruded into our clan before attacking them.”

“If they haven’t intruded into our...

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