Chapter 4285 - Ancient Era’s Cemetery

Chapter 4285 - Ancient Era’s Cemetery

‘Wipe out our entire clan?!’

Hearing those words, killing intent surged in the eyes of all the Galewind Hunting Clansmen.

Those words were simply too provocative. They were simply not placing their Galewind Hunting Clan in their eyes at all.

But, their opponent’s oppressive might was simply too terrifying.

Not even their Lord Clan Chief was a match for that person.

Judging from that oppressive might, their opponent does seem to possess the strength to wipe out their entire clan.

Thus, although they were surging with fury, they did not dare say anything.

How could they dare say anything when not even their Lord Clan Chief dared to say anything?

“Put away your oppressive might.”

“Do not scare my clansmen.”

“Regardless of what relationship your friend might have with our clan’s three highnesses, your friend was wrong to intrude into our clan repeatedly.”

“You should also know that I’ve deliberately waited till they intruded into our clan before attacking them.”

“If they haven’t intruded into our clan, I wouldn’t have done anything.”

“They’ve brought everything upon themselves. They were the ones who broke the rules first,” said the Galewind Hunting Clan’s Clan Chief.

Seeing that response, Xianhai Shaoyu removed his oppressive might.

That’s right, these three people enveloped by light were Xianhai Shaoyu, Xianhai Xin’er and Xiaohai Gusu.

“Your friend wishes to know about our three highnesses?” asked the Galewind Hunting Clan’s Clan Chief after Xianhai Shaoyu retrieved his oppressive might.

“We do not hold any malicious intentions. We merely wish for you all to speak of the truth,” said Xianhai Shaoyu.

“I do not know the identity of the three highnesses either.”

“We were tasked to look after them by someone.”

“If you want to know exactly who they are, it’s useless asking me,” said the Galewind Hunting Clan’s Clan Chief.

“They’re in your possession yet you’re saying that it’s useless to ask you about them?”

“Did you take us as fools?”

Xianhai Xin’er was slightly displeased. After all, the response that was given to them was simply too half-hearted and infuriating.

“What I said is the truth. If you all do not believe me, you can go and ask that person yourselves.”

“But, excuse me for speaking forthrightly, that person’s temper is not good at all. Furthermore, his strength is absolutely not something that you all could match against.”

“If you really think our Galewind Hunting Clan is as powerful as what you’re witnessing, you’ll be simply looking down upon our Galewind Hunting Clan too much.”

The Galewind Hunting Clan’s Clan Chief was speaking with a slightly threatening tone as he said those words.

Judging from his proud demeanor, those words do not seem to be a bluff.

“Very well. Allow me to witness that individual you spoke of.”

Xianhai Shaoyu showed no fear.

“Young master, it’s better to be careful,” warned Lady Gusu through voice transmission.

“I wish to help Chu Feng with some things before leaving.”

“Getting rid of obstacles for him will not help his growth. That is not a good thing.”

“But, since he wanted to know about what happened to his three friends, I’ve decided to help him with it.”

Xianhai Shaoyu said those words through voice transmission. Only Lady Gusu and Xianhai Xin’er heard him.

Seeing that Xianhai Shaoyu was determined, Lady Gusu said no more and followed after him.

“Lead the way,” said Xianhai Shaoyu.

“Please,” The Galewind Hunting Clan’s Clan Chief smiled and then turned around to guide them.

Under the guidance of the Galewind Hunting Clan’s Clan Chief, Xianhai Shaoyu and others arrived at a forbidden area within the Galewind Hunting Clan.

From the guards stationed here and the defensive barriers placed around this area, Xianhai Shaoyu was able to tell this place was extremely important to the Galewind Hunting Clan.

But, even after they reached the end of this forbidden area, they still saw no sign of the individual mentioned by the Galewind Hunting Clan’s Clan Chief. Instead, they saw a teleportation formation.

The teleportation formation emits a very intense Ancient Era’s aura. The location it was connected to was also very far away. It was not only away from the Galewind Hunting Clan, it was away from the entire Reincarnation Upper Realm.

When the Galewind Hunting Clan’s Clan Chief activated the teleportation formation, the eyes of Xianhai Shaoyu, Xianhai Gusu and Xianhai Xin’er all changed.

They were all able to tell how powerful that teleportation formation was. It was able to send one to a completely different world in a short period of time.

A teleportation formation this powerful was very rare in the entire martial cultivation world.

“Enter through the spirit formation and you’ll be able to meet the person I spoke of.”

“But, as I’ve mentioned before, that person is not someone that you all could deal with.”

“If you decide to turn around now, it’s still not too late.”

Galewind Hunting Clan’s Clan Chief was slightly raising his eyebrows and smiling as he said those words. He was giving off a ridiculing impression.

Although he cannot see the appearances of Xianhai Shaoyu and others, he seemed to have sensed their hesitation too.

He was not at all surprised by this. Instead, this was what he expected.

He knew that those with greater strength will feel greater unease upon seeing this spirit formation.

Only those that were truly powerful would be able to really comprehend the power of that teleportation formation.

But, what Xianhai Shaoyu did afterwards surprised him.

Xiaohai Shaoyu leaped forth and entered the teleportation formation.

Following him, Lady Gusu and Xianhai Xin’er also entered the teleportation formation.

Their behavior was totally not what the Galewind Hunting Clan’s Clan Chief expected.

“Quite a spirit of brotherhood. He’d clearly sensed dangers yet, for the sake of his friend, decided to brave the danger.”

“It would appear that I’ve underestimated the cultivators of the present age,” sighed the Galewind Hunting Clan’s Clan Chief.

But, different from the Galewind Hunting Clan’s Clan Chief, the experts beside him all had nervous looks on their faces.

“Lord Clan Chief, we’ve sent outsiders to the place where Lord Ancestor is resting without Lord Ancestor’s permission.”

“If Lord Ancestor is to become enraged and ends up blaming it, what are we supposed to do?”

At this moment, an elder of relatively old age was unable to contain himself and voiced that question.

There was an unconcealable panic in his voice as he asked that question.

It wasn’t that this Galewind Hunting Clansman was cowardly. Rather, it was that they all knew how terrifying their Lord Ancestor was.

“Lord Ancestor will understand us. After all, Lord Ancestor wouldn’t wish for us to be completely wiped out either.”

Compared to the others, the Galewind Hunting Clan’s Clan Chief was not worried in the slightest.


Suddenly, the Galewind Hunting Clan’s Clan Chief’s expression changed enormously. A look of worry appeared on his face as he stared to the teleportation formation.

“Lord Clan Chief, what’s wrong?”

Seeing their Lord Clan Chief in such a manner, the other experts of the Galewind Hunting Clan all grew nervous.

“Earlier, I felt like someone had entered the teleportation formation.”

The Galewind Hunting Clansmen all revealed astonished looks on their faces after hearing those words.

Someone entered the teleportation formation?

But, they clearly didn’t see anyone doing that.

Furthermore, this place was under stringent guard and protective formation. Who could possibly enter this place?

As they were the people in control of the protective formation, if someone infiltrated this area, they would be able to discover them through the protective formation even if they failed to detect them themselves.

Yet, they detected nothing at all.

Because of that, their first reaction was the impression that their Lord Clan Chief might’ve had some sort of misperception.

It wasn’t that they didn’t trust their Lord Clan Chief. It’s just that they were truly confident in the protective formation.

“Forget about it. It’s most likely a misperception,” said the Galewind Hunting Clan’s Clan Chief.

Even he felt that he was having a misperception.


The power of the teleportation formation was extremely strong. Even though the two worlds it connected were enormously far, Xianhai Shaoyu, Xianhai Gusu and Xianhai Xin’er were transported over in an instant.

But, after walking out from the teleportation formation, Xianhai Shaoyu had a change in expression and Lady Gusu started frowning. As for Xianhai Xin’er, her eyes were wide open and her mouth was agape. Panic appeared on her nervous face.

“Young master, Lady Gusu, what… is this place?”

Xianhai Xin’er’s voice was actually slightly trembling.

Her reaction was understandable. This place they’ve landed in was simply too eerie and terrifying.

Thick white bones covered the earth. The bones were all over. It was truly an ocean of bones.

Some of the bones piled up to mountains.

Furthermore, those bones were all enormous. Some complete sets of bones were as large as a mountain by themselves. They were all over in the distance.

In an ocean of bones like this, Xianhai Shaoyu, Xianhai Gusu and Xianhai Xin’er’s human-sized bodies were as small as dust.

After sizing up those bones, they felt extremely uneasy.

Although those were the remains of beings that had died endless years ago and their auras were practically nonexistent on the bones, Xianhai Shaoyu and others were still able to sense how powerful those beings were when they were alive.

Those beings were powerful experts. Even though it has been countless years since they’ve died, even though their auras were no longer present on their remains, the threatening sensation was still present.

But, such terrifying beings were not only dead for a very long time, their numbers were also astonishingly high. There were so many bones here that it was simply impossible to assess the amount.

One cannot imagine what sort of bitter war caused the death of all these powerful beings at this place.

The eerie bones on the ground were already terrifying in their own right. But, compounded with the dusky black clouds above, this place appeared even more strifling.

This simply resembled an Ancient Era’s cemetery.

All those buried here were experts from the Ancient Era.

This place was where the experts of the Ancient Era were buried!!!

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