Chapter 4277 - Divine Beast?

Chapter 4277 - Divine Beast?

Utilizing both his martial cultivation and world spirit techniques, Chu Feng managed to reach the depths of the Nine Dragons Abnormal Sign Mound again.

He arrived at the area where that mysterious existence was.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk…”

“I truly never expected for you to reach Utmost Exalted realm this quickly. You’re much faster than this Exalted thought.”

“It would appear that the Nine Dragons Sage did not deceive this Exalted.”

Right after Chu Feng stepped into the region, before he even encountered those powerful evil spirits guarding this place, the mysterious existence’s voice was suddenly heard.

Accompanying that sudden voice were two bright moon-like crimson-colored gazes that appeared from the pitch-darkness below.

Even though Chu Feng’s cultivation had increased a lot, the terrifying oppressive sensation remained the same.

But, seeing how that mysterious existence appeared so quickly, Chu Feng realized that the mysterious existence was also very anxious for Chu Feng to quickly return.

“Senior, this junior has returned on time.”

“Now, shouldn’t you tell me what you want me to do?” asked Chu Feng with his fist clasped.

“Brat, are you really planning to work for this Exalted? Or is it because you are forced by the poison this Exalted placed in your body and had no choice but to seek me out to remove it?”

That mysterious existence laughed eccentrically.

“Both hold true.”

“After all, my possession is still with senior,” said Chu Feng.

Ignoring the fact that Chu Feng’s priceless Qilin Egg was still in that mysterious existence’s hands as a security, Chu Feng was also extremely curious about that so-called Nine Dragons Sage.

Chu Feng felt that this place must possess some sort of extraordinary secret.

Or perhaps this place possesses some extraordinary power.

Else, why would this unfathomably powerful mysterious existence be here? Why would that Nine Dragons Sage leave an abnormal sign here?

Furthermore, there was that World Spiritist Immortal King. Even has been to this place.

The Nine Dragons Saint Cloak Chu Feng possesses that artifact that was able to increase his world spiritist battle power by an entire level, was also created by the World Spiritist Immortal King using the Nine Dragons Aura.

All the clues served to prove that there was great power hidden in the depths of the Nine Dragons Upper Realm.

That power was the so-called Nine Dragons Aura.

“Brat, you’re truly a courageous one.”

“You actually want to retrieve something that has fallen into this Exalted’s hands?”

That mysterious voice sounded again. There was a trace of ridicule in its voice.

Then, the crimson eyes grew closer and closer to Chu Feng.

As the eyes approached, the oppressive sensation also grew even stronger. Chu Feng felt himself becoming increasingly smaller.

Those eyes were so incomparably large. They were enough to make Chu Feng feel like he was an ant.

Soon, the mysterious existence revealed itself completely.

Chu Feng was able to clearly see its appearance.

It was a colossus measuring over hundreds of thousands of meters long.

Its size was akin to the Ancient Compliance Castle.

But, the Ancient Compliance Castle was a man-made object and not alive.

This mysterious existence, on the other hand, was living.

This mysterious existence’s form was that of a dragon, a black dragon.

Black dragon scales and crimson-colored eyes. It appeared extremely fierce and terrifying.

But, it was not complete. It seemed more like a soul.

Even though it was vivid and life-like, it still resembled a soul without an actual body.

While that might be the case, its might remains powerful.

Before it, Chu Feng felt both his size and strength to be insignificant. He felt like he was a speck of dust.

This disparity brought unease upon Chu Feng.

“Divine Beast... Dragon?!”

Even though Chu Feng was quite knowledgeable and experienced, an enormous wave still rose in his heart. He was simply unable to calm himself.

Chu Feng had encountered many dragon-like creatures in his journey.

But, none of them were true dragons. They were merely creatures that possess a bit of the dragon’s bloodline at the very most.

True dragons were the strongest creature in this world. Because of that, they were deemed as mythological creatures and Divine Beasts.

The dragon that appeared before Chu Feng brought Chu Feng so much oppression that he felt like he was before a god.

Chu Feng guessed that this creature was very likely a true dragon.

“Brat, allow this Exalted to tell you something.”

“This Exalted will not return that egg to you. That Egg is too invaluable. It’s the egg of the legendary Heaven-devouring Qilin.”

“You are simply unable to safeguard a treasure like that.”

The black dragon said to Chu Feng.

Chu Feng felt his heart tremble with fear after hearing those words.

But, the following words thet dragon said caused Chu Feng’s blood to run cold.

“Furthermore. You shouldn’t have returned. You were the person chosen by the Nine Dragons Sage.”

“The Nine Dragons Sage did not choose you because he wanted you to obtain the power of this place.”

“He was actually helping this Exalted choose a body capable of housing this Exalted’s soul.”

“But, cultivation is not crucial. What’s crucial is one’s talent. Only after devouring a soul with sufficient talent and fusing with it would their body be able to endure this Exalted’s soul.”

“Thus, you shouldn’t have returned. Nevertheless, this Exalted must still thank you.”

“Because of you, this Exalted will be able to see light again!!!”


After the black dragon finished saying those words, a violent wind swept forth.

That wind was so very fierce. Chu Feng’s clothes were fluttering violently and his hair was swirling in the wind.

Chu Feng felt that merely the wind would be enough to annihilate him.

But, Chu Feng was fixed in place and unable to move at all.

Then, Chu Feng discovered the enormous black dragon before him began to transform.

A portion of its body extended out. It was an extremely small black ball of light. Like an insect, it was extending out from the body of the black dragon.

Most terrifying of all, that strange black light was flying toward Chu Feng.

Chu Feng realized that things were bad the moment he saw the black light.

The reason for that was because that black light was the black dragon’s soul. It wass planning to occupy Chu Feng’s body.


Suddenly, a flash of light descended from the sky.


Then, a scream resounded through.

Everything happened too quickly. By the time Chu Feng realized what happened, he discovered… the black dragon’s soul that it extended out has been severed from its body.

What screamed earlier was that enormous god-like black dragon!


The black dragon roared furiously.


Right at this moment, the soil above Chu Feng started to swirl in the air. The earth split open and a colossus entered the depths of this underground world.

The body of that colossus was not at all smaller than the black dragon before Chu Feng.

The only difference was that the colossus was not living.

It was… the Ancient Compliance Castle!

“To plant a poison in his body; to use such a despicable manner to force his return.”

“This old man knew that you’re not someone good.”

Old Man Compliance’s voice sounded from the Ancient Compliance Castle.

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