Chapter 4275 - Terrifying Vortex

Chapter 4275 - Terrifying Vortex

“This junior cannot guarantee that I will definitely be able to open that lock. But, I will give my full effort,” said Chu Feng as he began to attempt to open the lock.

He had been observing the lock the entire time.

That lock was not something that could be opened using world spirit techniques. It does not care if one’s world spirit techniques were powerful or not.

What was required to open the lock was the power of a world spiritist’s bloodline. In other words, it relies on the foundation of a world spiritist.

To other people, perhaps it would be impossible to open this lock their entire life.

No matter how powerful their world spirit techniques reached, no matter how much progress they made, they will not be able to open the lock as their talent as a world spiritist would be lacking.

Because of that, Chu Feng was uncertain if he would be able to open the lock either.

He doesn’t know if his talent and bloodline’s powers had reached the required level.

He could only give it a try.


However, right after Chu Feng began his attempt, the lock actually opened right away.

It was much simpler than Chu Feng anticipated.


Even Old Man Compliance was stunned by this scene.

“It really opened.”

OId Man Compliance examined the lock repeatedly. After confirming that the lock was indeed open, the shock on his face grew even stronger.

Then, he looked to Chu Feng with a complicated smile.

“For the sake of opening this lock, this old man had attempted all sorts of methods and exhausted a great amount of effort. Yet, they were all useless.”

“Never would I imagine that the lock would open that easily for you.”

“Young friend Chu Feng, your talent has simply reached an unimaginable level.”

“It is no wonder that you’re able to easily ascend onto this Ancient Compliance Castle’s Talent Steps’ third step.”

“Fortunately, this old man was lucky. If you were the one to encounter this Ancient Compliance Castle, you will definitely be the one to inherit it. It definitely wouldn’t end up with this old man.”

Old Man Compliance praised Chu Feng nonstop. He was praising Chu Feng with sincerity from the bottom of his heart.

Not only that, one could even hear envy in his voice.

As a world spiritist, how could one not be envious of such a powerfully talented individual?

Even though effort was indispensable for training in either martial cultivation or world spirit techniques, the difference in talent was not something that effort could make up for.


Suddenly, Chu Feng’s expression changed enormously.

A painful look covered his face.

“Young friend Chu Feng, you’re… poisoned?”

Old Man Compliance became extremely worried seeing Chu Feng like this. He immediately began to diagnose Chu Feng’s condition.

He quickly determined that there was poison in Chu Feng’s body.

Indeed, Chu Feng was poisoned. This poison was inflicted onto Chu Feng by the mysterious existence in the Nine Dragons Upper Realm’s Nine Dragon Abnormal Sign Mound.

Chu Feng was unable to stop the break out of this poison. Furthermore, every break out was worse than the previous.

This time was even more dangerous than last.

The moment that poison broke out, Chu Feng knew that an unbearable torture will befall him.

Suddenly, a refreshing aura entered through his nose.

Once that refreshing aura entered his body, Chu Feng felt relaxed and alerted. Even the poison that was erupting in his body began to calm down slightly.

Chu Feng opened his eyes and discovered that it was Old Man Compliance.

Old Man Compliance was holding a bottle in his hand. That bottle appeared very ordinary. Yet, the light blue gas emitted from the bottom was so very magical.

That refreshing aura was precisely that light blue gas.

“Young friend Chu Feng, breath in this gas.”

Old Man Compliance brought the bottle over to Chu Feng.

Chu Feng did not hesitate and began to breathe hard. In no time, he breathed in all the light blue gas from the bottle.

To Chu Feng’s great surprise, the poison within him actually calmed down after he breathed in all the light blue gas.

Although the light blue gas did not rid the poison that was about to flare up, it managed to suppress it.

Furthermore, this was the most serious time that poison flared up.

“Senior, what is this?” asked Chu Feng.

“It’s merely a simple antidote,” said Old Man Compliance.

“A simple antidote?”

Chu Feng opened his eyes wide. When he looked to Old Man Compliance again, he suddenly realized that Old Man Compliance was even more remarkable than what he had heard.

To be able to suppress the poison within him, it would not be excessive to call that light blue gas a miracle cure.

Yet, old man compliance said it was only a simple antidote.

From this, it could be seen that the medicinal gas was truly not especially valuable for Old Man Compliance.

“This old man is only able to suppress the poison within you. It will be hazardous to attempt to remove it completely.”

“Young friend Chu Feng, tell me where you received this poison from.”

“I’ll see if I can help you with removing it,” said Old Man Compliance.

Hearing that, Chu Feng did not conceal anything and informed Old Man Compliance of everything that happened.

If it was someone else, they will, to some extent, feel fear after hearing that story. After all, an existence like that hidden beneath the earth would cause anyone’s hair to stand on end.

But, Old Man Compliance showed no fear. In fact, there wasn’t even a trace of shock in his eyes.

He remained very calm. It seemed as if he was hearing something very ordinary.

“So it’s a place called the Nine Dragons Abnormal Sign Mound in the Ancestral Martial Starfield’s Nine Dragons Upper Realm?” asked Old Man Compliance.

“That’s correct,” said Chu Feng.

“Very well.”

Old Man Compliance nodded his head. Then, he took out a scroll.


Upon opening the scroll, endless stars could be seen in the scroll.

Those stars appeared so vivid and life-like. It seemed as if the scroll really does contain the vast starry sky.

Old Man Compliance inspected the scroll before pointing circling one a field of stars in the scroll with his finger.


Then, the starfield that was circled began to shine brightly. Furthermore, names appeared on every star in that starfield.

Nine Dragons Upper Realm, Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm and various other familiar names appeared. They were all inscribed onto the various stars.

At this moment, Chu Feng realized that the field of stars that Old Man Compliance circled was the Ancestral Martial Starfield.

At this moment, Old Man Compliance pointed his finger to the Nine Dragons Upper Realm.


Once he pointed at the star, the entire scroll began to transform. The vast amount of stars disappeared and was replaced by an extensive world map.

That was the map of the Nine Dragons Upper Realm.

Soon, Old Man Compliance found the position of the Nine Dragons Abnormal Sign Mound.

He took out a black pearl from his Cosmos Sack and pinched it between two fingers of his right hand.

With his left hand, he began to form special hand seals all the while incanting with his mouth.

Then, he pointed at the position of the Nine Dragons Abnormal Sign Mound with his right hand. The black pearl he held with two fingers turned into a black gas that entered into the direction of the Nine Dragons Abnormal Sign Mound.


Ear-piercing rumbles sounded from outside.

The rumbles were extremely resounding. It sounded as if all the mountains and rivers of the world were being destroyed. Hearing the rumbling, Chu Feng felt extremely uneasy.

Thus, he immediately looked outside.

“That is?!”

Originally, Chu Feng cannot see the situation outside inside the Ancient Compliance Castle.

But, perhaps because Old Man Compliance had removed some sort of special restrictions, Chu Feng’s Heaven’s Eyes was able to allow him to clearly see the situation outside.

At this moment, the people outside all had looks of shock on their faces. They were looking ahead of the Ancient Compliance Castle.

The reason for that was because an enormous vortex appeared before the Ancient Compliance Castle.

That vortex was pitch-black. Its size was so enormous that it resembled a giant object that ran through both heaven and earth.

Even the Ancient Compliance Castle, a colossus in its own right, appeared extremely small before the vortex.

As for martial cultivators, they were simply akin to dust before that vortex.

Once this enormous vortex appeared, the surroundings immediately started to transform. As the vortex rotated, powerful wind swept all around.

Dust and rocks were being blown all around. The violent wind sent the entire region into complete chaos. It seemed as if doomsday was arriving.

Most importantly, the vortex was pitch-black in color. It seemed like a gate leading to hell.

One felt fear just from seeing it.

“What’s that?”

Not to mention the others, even Grandmaster Tang Chen and Celestial Fairy Muzhi had frightened looks on their faces.

“That seemed like a spirit formation gate,” said Ox-nosed Old Daoist.

Compared to them, Ox-nosed Old Daoist was rather calm.

“Spirit formation gate? How could there be such an enormous spirit formation gate?” asked Celestial Fairy Muzhi and Grandmaster Tang Chen in shock.

Even for them, it was their first time witnessing such an enormous spirit formation gate.

But, it does indeed resemble a spirit formation gate.

“Senior, that… was it caused by you?”

Chu Feng turned to Old Man Compliance.

Compared to others, Old Man Compliance was still completely calm.

Connecting the series of actions he did before, Chu Feng felt that the enormous vortex that connected heaven and earth could very possibly be caused by Old Man Compliance.

“Whoever started it shall end it. The poison in your body should be removed by that guy.”

“Young friend Chu Feng, you’ve helped this old man enormously. As such, I must return you the favor.”

As Old Man Compliance spoke, the Ancient Compliance Castle began to move toward the pitch-black vortex that connected heaven and earth.

At this moment, Chu Feng was certain that the terrifying vortex was indeed caused by Old Man Compliance.

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