Chapter 4267 - Without A Master (Teaser)

Chapter 4267 - Without A Master

As the crowd watched in disbelief, the Realm’s Ghost Talisman Insects that covered Chu Feng’s body soon disappeared completely.

Not long after, Chu Feng regained consciousness.

At this moment, the surroundings turned strangely quiet.

The hundreds of millions of people were all silent at this moment.

Truth was, they were terrified by Chu Feng.

They were looking at Chu Feng like a monster as he crawled back up from the ground.

Chu Feng who had a look of pain all across his face earlier now had a rosy complexion.

Even the injuries he sustained from the red chessboard seemed to be completely healed.

It was as if the Realm’s Ghost Talisman Insects not only did not bring him any harm, they instead nourished him.

Seeing this, even Lu Jie had a lifeless look in his eyes.

How could there be a person in this world that didn’t fear the Realm’s Ghost Talisman Insects when their cultivation hasn’t reached Martial...

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