Chapter 4266 - Must Be A Monster

Chapter 4266 - Must Be A Monster


Suddenly, Chu Feng soared into the sky and shot straight toward the stele.

Chu Feng was not stopped by the invisible barrier like Lu Jie did.

Smoothly, he managed to reach the stele.

When Chu Feng approached the stele, the eyes of everyone present were focused on him. The crowd became nervous.

Even Lu Jie who had his dantian damaged by Chu Feng endured his pain and crawled back up to look at Chu Feng.

Even though the people present all had no chance to obtain that inheritance, they still wanted to know exactly what that inheritance was.

After Chu Feng landed before the stele, the light on the stele began to dissipate.

That stele appeared very ordinary to begin with. Now that it was no longer emitting light, it looked even more ordinary. In fact, the aura that caused the crowd’s yearning also disappeared together with the light.

The stele before Chu Feng resembled an extremely common stone. There was no inscription or anything on the stele.

Chu Feng carefully examined the stele but was unable to see through it.

Although he was unable to see through the stele, Chu Feng could sense something summoning him as he stood before the stele.

It was the stele. The stele was calling for him.

Because of that, Chu Feng extended his hand toward the stele. He placed his palm on the stele.

“Ji, ji, ji---”

Right after Chu Feng’s hand landed on the stele, strange noises sounded from the stele.

At the same time, a total of thirty black threads entered Chu Feng’s palm and bore their way into Chu Feng’s body.


Chu Feng felt great pain from the black threads entering his body and immediately fell to the ground.

At this moment, the crowd could see black lines appearing on Chu Feng’s skin.

It seemed like there were countless bugs rapidly moving through Chu Feng’s body.

“That’s… Realm’s Ghost Talisman Insects!!!”

Soon, someone cried out in alarm.

“Realm’s Ghost Talisman Insects?”

“Now that you mention it, those are really the Realm’s Ghost Talisman Insects.”

“But why? Why would the stele have that sort of thing inside it?”

Many people were surprised to see the Realm’s Ghost Talisman Insects.

Worry appeared on Grandmaster Tang Chen, Yuan Shu and Yu Ting’s faces.

Even though they knew Chu Feng’s bloodline’s power was very strong and had witnessed him refinding the Realm’s Ghost Talisman Insects, there were clearly more Realm’s Ghost Talisman Insects that entered Chu Feng’s body today. The numbers were simply incomparable to then.

With such a great amount, even they do not know if Chu Feng could handle them.

On top of that, the look of pain Chu Feng displayed was clearly worse than that day.

Because of that, they were unable to help but worry for Chu Feng.

“Serves him right! That truly serves him right!”

“Hahaha. That Chu Feng thought that he would be able to obtain the inheritance.”

“Never did he expect that it’s not the inheritance but a trap instead.”

“What bullshit genius. In the end, this is all he’s capable of.”

“He failed to even notice there being Realm’s Ghost Talisman Insects inside that stele. That’s why it serves him right. Hahaha. He got what he deserved.”

Suddenly, there were people that burst into laughter. Those were Lu Jie’s senior brothers and sisters.

Seeing Chu Feng lying on the ground and rolling about in pain, the incomparably weak Lu Jie who was powerless to protect himself also revealed a smile as he rejoiced in Chu Feng’s misfortune.

Although Lu Jie looked very sorry, Chu Feng’s end was not that good either.

He thought he had obtained the inheritance only to fall into a trap of fatal poisonous insects.

While he, Lu Jie, became an object of ridicule today, Chu Feng also became an object of ridicule now.

That was why Lu Jie was able to smile.

“Senior, exactly what do you want?”

“Chu Feng had clearly defeated Lu Jie. Why must you plot against him still?”

Suddenly, a furious voice sounded toward the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain.

It was clear whoever spoke was speaking to the ancient voice.

To the crowd’s surprise, the person that spoke those words was not Grandmaster Tang Chen. Instead, it was Celestial Fairy Muzhi.

Before today, Celestial Fairy Muzhi simply didn’t know Chu Feng at all.

Logically, Chu Feng’s life and death should have nothing to do with her.

But, after the series of things that happened today, she began to think very highly of Chu Feng. Her admiration was not only toward his talent. It was also toward his personality.

She felt that Chu Feng possessed full potential to become a great character.

If he was allowed to continue to grow, he would be able to surpass the Dao Comprehension Sage Exalted and become an existence that could move about unhindered in the entire Holy Light Galaxy and perhaps even the entire martial cultivation world.

But, a youngster with such a boundless future was plotted against in such a manner. She felt this to be simply too unfair.

Unfortunately, the ancient voice did not respond to Celestial Fairy Muzhi.

At this moment, practically everyone was watching Chu Feng’s struggle.

In other words, they were all waiting for Chu Feng’s death.

Some were taking delight in Chu Feng’s calamity as they watched him suffer miserably. Others were gesticulating at him. There were also people that were feeling pity for him.

No matter what, Chu Feng had won over a portion of the people present here today with his performance.

Even though they possessed no relationship with him, a small portion of the crowd that treasured talents did not wish for a genius like Chu Feng to die in such a manner.

But, they knew that Chu Feng would not be able to survive.

They all knew how powerful the Realm’s Ghost Talisman Insects were.

It was even more so when so many Realm’s Ghost Talisman Insects entered Chu Feng’s body.

“Something’s amiss! The reaction of the Realm’s Ghost Talisman Insects is slightly strange!”

Suddenly, someone cried out in alarm.

Hearing that, the others began to look carefully too.

Once they did that, their expressions all changed.

It was as that person said, the Realm’s Ghost Talisman Insects inside Chu Feng’s body were acting strange.

The Realm’s Ghost Talisman Insects were rushing all around in a completely disordered manner. They seemed to be terrified of something and were fleeing in disarray.

Furthermore, their insect cries had turned strange too.

Most shocking of all, the size of the Realm’s Ghost Talisman Insects were shrinking nonstop. It seemed like their bodies were being refined.

Most importantly, Chu Feng’s expression of pain began to gradually ease.

“Heavens! Could it possibly be that Chu Feng is really able to refine the Realm’s Ghost Talisman Insects?!”

In shock, someone suddenly voiced those incredible words.

At the beginning, the crowd were skeptical. But, as time passed, the Realm’s Ghost Talisman Insects grew smaller and smaller whereas Chu Feng’s complexion grew better and better.

Even if they didn’t want to believe it to be true, they had no choice but to.

As matters stood, everyone needed to accept the truth.

Chu Feng, regardless of what might be the reason, was not afraid of the Realm’s Ghost Talisman Insects.

The Realm’s Ghost Talisman Insects that were absolutely fatal to anyone beneath Martial Exalted level of cultivation was being refined by Chu Feng.

“Monster! That Chu Feng is most definitely a monster!”

That sort of cry sounded nonstop among the crowd that filled the sky and earth.

They were no longer astonished. Instead, they were completely horrified.

Chu Feng’s current performance was no longer a matter of talent.

His performance had shattered the crowd’s knowledge. It had surpassed their imagination. It had toppled over everything they knew. It was something that frightened them.

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