Chapter 4264 - Refusing The Face That Was Given

Chapter 4264 - Refusing The Face That Was Given


Suddenly, the roar of a ferocious beast exploded from behind Lu Jie.

The ferocious beast head behind Lu Jie unleashed another attack at Chu Feng.

This time around, it was no longer shooting out singular fireballs.

Instead, an enormous pillar of flame burst out of its mouth.

The flame pillar shot straight toward Chu Feng.

Everyone could tell Lu Jie’s slaughtering formation became stronger.

He must’ve utilized this period of inactivity to strengthen his slaughtering formation.

Facing the incoming pillar of light, the armored colossus behind Chu Feng raised its shield and moved it before Chu Feng.


Suddenly, light shined brightly and illuminated the surroundings.

The shield actually spread open. A barrier began to spread out from the shield.

From the length of a thousand meters, the shield extended to over ten thousand meters and took the form of a sphere. That sphere not only enveloped the armored colossus, it also enveloped Chu Feng.

Even though the incoming flame pillar was surging violently and with enormous power, it was completely blocked by the shield.

The crowd were actually not surprised by this scene at all.

Merely from looking, the crowd were all able to tell the two grand formations were of two completely different levels.

Chu Feng’s spirit formation was far superior to Lu Jie’s spirit formation.

Ignoring the fact that Lu Jie’s slaughtering formation was incomplete, even if it was complete, it would still not be a match for Chu Feng’s grand formation.

The grand formation Chu Feng set up in secret could fully be described as a celestial being.


The armored colossus behind Chu Feng moved it right hand.

As the right hand swept through the air, the blade in its hand released out a ray of light.

That was… blade energy!!!


The blade energy swept across.

Flames splattered forth and began to wreak havoc through the air. The blade energy managed to slice the flame pillar into two.

Soon, that blade energy arrived before Lu Jie.

But, that overwhelming blade energy did not attack Lu Jie. Instead, it flew past him from above and shot straight toward his slaughtering formation behind him.


A scream sounded. The head of the ferocious beast was sliced into two by the blade energy.

Surging energy ripples burst out of the beast head that was sliced into two. Lu Jie was unable to withstand the energy ripples and was blown away.

It’s over. After the energy ripples that filled the sky dissipated, when the crowd saw Lu jie in disbelief while lying on the ground scar-ridden, they knew that it was over.

Even though the crowd already anticipated this sort of end when they saw the armored colossus grand formation appearing behind Chu Feng, they were still unable to calm themselves when they personally witness Lu Jie’s crushing defeat.

After all, Lu Jie was a genius world spiritist of the younger generation and someone that has never been defeated before.

He was deemed to be the strongest genius world spiritist in the history of the Holy Light Galaxy.

Yet today, both his reputation as a genius and his world spirit techniques were completely defeated by Chu Feng.

The people present will never forget who it was that defeated Lu Jie.

His name was Chu Feng!!!

He was a person of the younger generation hundreds of years younger than Lu Jie!!!

After defeating Lu Jie, Chu Feng did not intend to make things too difficult for Lu Jie.

He could’ve killed Lu Jie on the spot. But, he did not.

Not only did he dematerialize the armored colossus behind him, he also stopped releasing his spirit power to attack Lu Jie.

If he didn’t, Lu Jie would not only be seriously injured. Instead, he would be dead.

“You could’ve escaped unscathed.”

“Yet, you stubbornly insisted on being covered in scars and bruises.”

“Sigh. Why must you seek humiliation?”

Seeing Lu Jie lying on the ground, Chu Feng did not hold back his lip service. With a beaming smile on his face, he mocked Lu Jie before proceeding toward the stele.

“Chu Feng, you’re done for.”

“I will definitely not let you get away with this.”

“Even if I am to spare you, my master will definitely not spare you.”

Chu Feng only took several steps when an extremely weak voice was heard.

Although that voice was extremely weak, it was filled with hatred and grievance.

That voice belonged to none other than Lu Jie.

After hearing those words, Chu Feng’s expression suddenly turned cold.

He stopped and turned around to look at Lu Jie, “I was planning to spare you. But, you’re truly one to refuse the face that was given to you.”


Hearing those words, Chu Feng clenched his hand.

Then, a spirit formation sword extended out from Chu Feng’s hand.

With the sword in hand, Chu Feng leaped into the air and landed beside Lu Jie.

After landing, he raised his leg and stomped his foot down on Lu Jie’s head.

“Chu Feng, what are you planning to do?!”

“Are you trying to die?!”

Voices filled with threat exploded from outside the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain.

The arrogance in the tone of those voices was exactly the same as Lu Jie.

The people that shouted at Chu Feng were Lu Jie’s senior brothers and sisters.

But, Chu Feng reacted as if he cannot hear them. He slowly raised his arm and the sword in his hand was aimed at Lu Jie’s dantian.

“Chu Feng, stop! Stop immediately!”

Seeing that Chu Feng’s murderous desire did not decrease, Lu Jie’s senior brothers and sisters began to panic.

If something was to really happen to Lu Jie today, they will not be able to explain things to their master.

But right now, apart from threatening Chu Feng, there was nothing else they could do.

As such, how could they not be panicking?

“Is that Chu Feng being serious?”

“Has he gone mad?”

“Could it be that he’s really planning to kill Lu Jie?”

“But Lu Jie is the Dao Comprehension Sage Exalted’s beloved disciple.”

“If he dared to kill Lu Jie, the Dao Comprehension Sage Exalted will definitely not spare him.”

It was not only Lu Jie’s senior brothers and sisters that were panicking. Even the bystanders were feeling their scalps go numb.

That was Lu Jie of all people. No matter how much they detested Lu Jie, few would dare to actually do anything to him.

Even someone with a temper as fiery as Grandmaster Luo Tuo would at most curse Lu Jie out and not dare to kill him before all these people.

“Chu Feng, if you dare kill me, my master will not spare you.”

Lu Jie spoke again. To the crowd’s surprise, Lu Jie who was filled with murderous desire and threatening Chu Feng while seriously injured had changed his tone.

He did not cower. He was still threatening Chu Feng.

But, the crowd could hear a trace of shiver in his voice.

It was fear. Lu Jie was afraid.

When Chu Feng stomped his foot on his head, when Chu Feng aimed his sword into his dantian, the fearless Lu Jie began to fear.

“Lu Jie, I’ve only met you today.”

“There should’ve been no grievance or grudges between us.”

“Yet, you were acting against me the entire time.”

“In our earlier sparring, you’ve unleashed your killing intent and planned to kill me from the very start.”

“If I was no match for you, I would’ve been killed by you already.”

“The reason why I didn’t kill you was because I didn’t want to do things to the extreme. It is not because I fear your master.”

“Yet, you insisted on refusing the face that was given to you. With this, you have no grounds to blame me, Chu Feng, for being ruthless.”

“If you apologize to me and admit your mistake, then perhaps I could consider letting you live.”

“But, if you continue to use your master to threaten me, I’m going to be more serious with my intention to kill you.”

“After all, I’ve never feared that master of yours.”

After he finished saying those words, killing intent surged out from Chu Feng. Everyone knew that he was planning to attack and kill Lu Jie.


Before Chu Feng could attack, Lu Jie shouted.

His loud shout not only stopped Chu Feng, it also turned the crowd outside absolutely silent.

The crowd all felt that Lu Jie might end up saying something unimaginable.

And sure enough, after struggling, with great difficulty, Lu Jie… said...

“I… I…”

“I was wrong.”

“Could you spare me.”

The crowd were all shocked to hear those words.

Lu Jie actually really admitted his wrong.

Was this still the condescending Lu Jie who felt everyone to be beneath him?

Although Lu Jie’s words were not too frank and the crowd could feel great reluctance in his voice and see his internal struggle from how he was gnashing his teeth and the expression he had as he said those words, it remains that he had begged Chu Feng for forgiveness.

That was already enough to astonish the crowd.

Lu Jie’s begging for forgiveness had completely shattered his image in the crowd’s heart.

“Heh. It would appear that Lu Jie is also a craven coward afraid of death.”

“His fearless behavior was merely because he was relying on his master.”

“When he encountered a malignant star that doesn’t even fear his master, his true colors were revealed.”

Celestial Fairy Muzhi laughed and shook her head.

She was most definitely not the only person here who understood that.


But, a shocking scene occurred.

The sword in Chu Feng’s hand descended all of a sudden. With a puchi, it pierced into Lu Jie’s body.


The crowd were all astounded by this scene.

Chu Feng actually attacked Lu Jie even after he begged for forgiveness?!!!

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