Chapter 4263 - Stunning Everyone!

Chapter 4263 - Stunning Everyone!

“Lu Jie, you… you actually managed to set up such a powerful slaughtering formation while in a showdown against me?”

“Are you even human?!” said Chu Feng after seeing the slaughtering formation.

Complacence and confidence had disappeared from Chu Feng’s eyes.

Shock filled Chu Feng’s eyes. Fear could also be noticed in his eyes.

The condescending and fearless Chu Feng who had remained calm the entire time was actually… scared!!!

Judging from his reaction, not even Chu Feng anticipated for Lu Jie to be capable of this feat.

That was why he was so shocked seeing this.

Seeing Chu Feng’s reaction, the crowd realized that Chu Feng would not be able to do anything against Lu Jie’s following attack.

“Lu Jie, it’s time to stop! This is merely a showdown, there’s no need to insist on killing your opponent!!”

Grandmaster Tang Chen’s voice resonated through the skies and charged into the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain.

Seeing that Chu Feng would not be able to take on Lu Jie and he was unable to save Chu Feng, Grandmaster Tang Chen had no choice but to speak to mediate the situation.

But, how could Lu Jie bother to care about Grandmaster Tang Chen?

His determination to kill Chu Feng was already decided upon.

Unless it’s his master the Dao Comprehension Sage Exalted that’s urging him against it, he would not spare Chu Feng even if the celestial emperor himself came to dissuade him!

“Chu Feng, prepare to die!!!”

Lu Jie finally spoke those words.

He was not shouting furiously this time around. Instead, his tone was very flat.

But, killing intent filled that flat voice of his.

Once he said those words, the giant beast behind him opened up its mouth.

In an instant, blazing flames burst forth.

The next moment, countless giant fireballs shot out from the giant ferocious beast like a torrent of rain.

The fireballs first flew toward the sky and then all came crashing down upon Chu Feng.


Even Grandmaster Tang Chen and others cried out oh no upon seeing this scene.

From Chu Feng’s behavior, they believed that he had gone all-out from the very start.

They believe that there was simply no way for Chu Feng to avoid Lu Jie’s attack.

After all, if Chu Feng avoids the incoming fireballs, Lu Jie’s spirit power that was in a stalemate with his own will reach him.

Such an enormous amount of spirit power would be sufficient to annihilate Chu Feng completely.

Unable to dodge, Chu Feng could only take on the fireballs that filled the sky with his body.

But, the might of the fireballs were no weaker than the spirit power unleashed by Lu Jie. If Chu Feng was struck by them, he would most definitely be killed too.

“The outcome of the battle has been decided.”

“Although it’s unknown how Chu Feng possesses a spirit power on par with rank six Utmost Exalted, Lu Jie’s skills are, in the end, a tier above.”

“Sigh. Truly a pity. Although he’s an exceptional genius, he’s still no match.”

Many people began to sigh like so.

Practically no one felt that Chu Feng would be able to turn the situation around still.

The crowd’s reaction was understandable. After all, even Chu Feng himself had a face filled with fear.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang---”

Blaze exploded in the sky as rumbles sprung up everywhere.

The descending fireballs erupted into massive volcanoes and split open above Chu feng.

The Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain was engulfed by flames.

Even the vicinity of the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain was dyed red by the flames!

“Heavens! What’s that?!”

After the fireballs all descended upon Chu Feng, the crowd’s expression turned marvelous again.

They were shocked to discover that the fireballs, although exploded, did not reach Chu Feng.

Instead, they’ve all exploded above Chu Feng.

Furthermore, the fiery ripples caused by the explosion of the fireballs did not reach Chu Feng either. They were all blocked by an invisible barrier and unable to injure Chu Feng in the slightest.

“What’s that?”

“Could it be that the power of the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain is interfering again?”

Seeing Lu Jie’s attack that will determine victory being completely blocked, the crowd all felt it was the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain interfering again.

“It would appear that the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain does not allow for the two of them to kill each other.”

Seeing Lu Jie’s attack being blocked, Grandmaster Tang Chen and Yuan Shu heaved a sigh of relief.

Although the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain’s interference meant Chu Feng had lost the showdown, he at least survived the showdown.

That was enormous fortune within misfortune.

“Unfair! This is simply unfair!”

“You were clearly the one who told us to fight, why are you shielding him repeatedly?!”

“Why?! Why wouldn’t you let us determine the outcome of this battle by ourselves?!”

“Why?! Why are you interfering in our showdown?!!!”

Suddenly, Lu Jie shouted furiously.

Everyone present could sense his anger.

His words were not meant for Chu Feng. Instead, it was aimed at the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain.

Like the crowd, he felt that it was the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain’s power that prevented him from killing Chu Feng.

But, the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain’s power had already protected Chu Feng twice.

Because of this, Lu Jie felt that things were extremely unfair.

“Why are you shouting nonsense?”

“Look carefully first. Don’t think you’re the only person who could multitask and set up spirit formations.”

Right at this moment, Chu Feng spoke.


After CHu Feng spoke, the area above his head began to change.

An enormous spirit formation shield appeared above Chu Feng’s head.

That shield reached a thousand meters long. Not only was it incomparably magnificent, it was also emitting a feeling of being impregnable.

Needless to doubt, it was that shield that blocked Lu Jie’s attack.

Turned out, it was not the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain that was interfering. Rather, Chu Feng had also split his focus during their confrontation to set up a spirit formation.

Chu Feng had used his own spirit formation to block Lu Jie’s attack.

Furthermore, both the might and size of Chu Feng’s spirit formation far surpassed Lu Jie’s spirit formation.

Most importantly, beneath the shield was an enormous hand.

That enormous hand was grabbing onto the shield.


The earth shook and cracked apart as an enormous arm pushed the shield out from beneath the ground and into the sky.

Not long after, a three thousand meters tall giant monster crawled out of the ground and stood behind Chu Feng.

That was an enormous armored soldier.

It had a humanoid appearance but one cannot see its facial features. Light was circulating through its body, giving it an impressive appearance.

In its left hand held the thousand meters long shield. That was the same shield that blocked Lu Jie’s attack earlier.

In its right hand was a giant blade over two thousand meters long.

Standing behind Chu Feng, that armored colossus resembled a protector god.

“That… that’s a spirit formation Chu Feng set up?”

“Did he really set up that spirit formation while fighting Lu Jie?”

“He’s actually able to set up such a powerful spirit formation?!”

Seeing the armored colossus standing behind Chu Feng, many people simply do not dare believe their eyes.

They were so stunned that their chins had dropped to the ground.

Even the experienced and knowledgable experts of the older generation were stupefied.

As for the people of the younger generation, they were completely stunned. Even Yuan Shu had a stunned look.

They were all terrified by the sight before them.

Such a powerful spirit formation was something that was impossible for many people to set up no matter how much time they were given.

But Chu Feng managed to set up such a powerful spirit formation while contending against Lu Jie’s spirit power.

Oh how powerful his control over his spirit power must be?

What level of proficiency over one’s spirit power must one have to be able to accomplish this sort of thing?

“Lu Jie, I was merely praising you earlier.”

“But, never did I say that I, Chu Feng, cannot multitask to set up a spirit formation like you did.”

“Did you really think that victory was already in your grasp?”

Fear had disappeared from Chu Feng’s eyes and a mocking smile appeared on his face.

His current smile was so very vile and low.

“That brat, he’s truly a scoundrel.”

“But, this Celestial Fairy am fond of his scoundrel behavior.”

Seeing Chu Feng acting like this, Celestial Fairy Muzhi couldn’t help herself from praising him.

As matters stood, everyone could tell that Chu Feng’s display of fear earlier was purely a pretense.

He knew from the beginning that Lu Jie’s spirit formation would not be able to cause him any harm.

While that giant ferocious beast head behind Lu Jie was very powerful in its own right, it was clearly an incomplete spirit formation.

But, the armored colossus behind Chu Feng was a fully complete spirit formation.

While their ability to multitask and set up spirit formations while in a fierce confrontation was an astonishing feat, but from the level of completeness of their spirit formations, it was clear that Chu Feng was superior to Lu Jie.

“Amazing. Truly too amazing.”

“Is this the ability of a genius able to ascend the Talent Steps’ third step?”

“Lu Jie’s defeat was not undeserved!!!”

At this moment, the bystanders that do not possess any relationship with Chu Feng were unable to help themselves from praising him.

Even though they possess no relationship to Chu Feng, even though some among them felt hatred for Chu Feng, Chu Feng had won the crowd with his strength!

Regardless of whether it be people that were fond of him or people that detested him, they all must admit that he was amazing.

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