Chapter 4262 - Lu Jie’s Ability (Teaser)

Chapter 4262 - Lu Jie’s Ability

“That… should be spirit power, right?”

“Chu Feng actually managed to block Lu Jie’s attack with spirit power?”

“His spirit power is actually so powerful that it could compare to a rank six Utmost Exalted?”

Seeing that Chu Feng actually managed to block Lu Jie’s attack using spirit power, the expressions of everyone present turned to one of enormous shock.

Even though they had anticipated for Chu Feng to be able to fight against Lu Jie, no one thought that Chu Feng would be contending against Lu Jie using his spirit power.

“Didn’t he only comprehend rank one Dragon Transformation Sensation?”

“How could he possess this sort of power?”

“Could it be that there’s an issue with the Dragon Disclosure Stone? Could it have failed to detect Chu Feng’s true strength?”

“Could it be that Chu Feng is, like Lu Jie, someone that had comprehended rank three Dragon Transformation Sensation?”


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