Chapter 4262 - Lu Jie’s Ability

Chapter 4262 - Lu Jie’s Ability

“That… should be spirit power, right?”

“Chu Feng actually managed to block Lu Jie’s attack with spirit power?”

“His spirit power is actually so powerful that it could compare to a rank six Utmost Exalted?”

Seeing that Chu Feng actually managed to block Lu Jie’s attack using spirit power, the expressions of everyone present turned to one of enormous shock.

Even though they had anticipated for Chu Feng to be able to fight against Lu Jie, no one thought that Chu Feng would be contending against Lu Jie using his spirit power.

“Didn’t he only comprehend rank one Dragon Transformation Sensation?”

“How could he possess this sort of power?”

“Could it be that there’s an issue with the Dragon Disclosure Stone? Could it have failed to detect Chu Feng’s true strength?”

“Could it be that Chu Feng is, like Lu Jie, someone that had comprehended rank three Dragon Transformation Sensation?”

Confused, someone voiced this sort of guess.

“That’s impossible. No one will be able to conceal their Dragon Transformation Sensation on this old man’s Dragon Disclosure Stone.”

Old Man Compliance, someone who rarely speaks, actually spoke to refute that guess.

“That’s right, it wouldn’t be possible. No one is able to conceal their Dragon Transformation Sensation’s level on ordinary Dragon Disclosure Stones. How could anyone possibly be able to conceal their Dragon Transformation Sensation’s level on Old Man Compliance’s Dragon Disclosure Stone?”

“Then what is going on?”

“Could it be that Chu Feng had gained more comprehension of the Dragon Transformation Sensation after entering the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain and reached rank three Dragon Transformation Sensation now?”

Soon, someone voiced another guess.

“Even if he managed to gain another comprehension, it would at most be rank two Dragon Transformation Sensation. It’s impossible to make two successive breakthroughs in comprehension in such a short period of time.”

That guess was immediately rejected by others.

The crowd supported the rejection.

Indeed, that was impossible. Dragon Transformation Sensation was not something that easily comprehended.

As world spiritists, they all knew how difficult it was to comprehend Dragon Transformation Sensation.

Even people as powerful as Grandmaster Tang Chen and Celestial Fairy Muzhi, people who had lived for thousands of years, had only comprehended rank four Dragon Transformation Sensation.

How could Chu Feng, a person of the younger generation within a hundred years of age, be able to gain two successive breakthroughs in comprehension in such a short period of time?

That was simply impossible. No one would make two successive breakthroughs in comprehension in such a short period of time.

No matter how talented Chu Feng might be, it would still be impossible.


Truth is, that person’s guess was half correct.

Chu Feng had indeed gained comprehension in Dragon Transformation Sensation.

But, like the crowd said, he did not make two successive comprehensions.

When Chu Feng was breaching the chess formation, he encountered an opportunity and gained comprehension of rank two Dragon Transformation Sensation.

Rank two Dragon Transformation Sensation allows for world spiritist to possess a battle power on par to rank four Utmost Exalteds.

For ordinary people, rank two Dragon Transformation Sensation would definitely not be able to match against a rank three Dragon Transformation Sensation.

After all, the battle power of a rank three Dragon Transformation Sensation was akin to a rank six Utmost Exalted.

But, Chu Feng was no ordinary person.

For Chu Feng, even though he had only gained comprehension of rank two Dragon Transformation Sensation, it was enough to take on Lu Jie with no fear to be said.

The reason for his confidence was due to the other powers he possessed.

On him was the Nine Dragons Saint Cloak. The Nine Dragons Saint Cloak increased Chu Feng’s spirit power’s battle power by a level.

On top of that, his awakened bloodline also increased his spirit power’s battle power by a level.

With the two, Chu Feng’s spirit power was two levels of battle power stronger than ordinary people.


Having comprehended rank two Dragon Transformation Sensation, Chu Feng’s overall battle power, with all things considered, would be comparable to a rank six Utmost Exalted.

That was the reason why he was able to contend against Lu Jie.

That said, in terms of being shocked, the person that was most shocked would naturally be Lu Jie.

Lu Jie had thought that he was only defeated by Chu Feng earlier because his Dragon Transformation Sensation was suppressed to rank one.

As for his later defeat, he believed it was because he chose the wrong spirit formation gate.

If he had chosen the red spirit formation gate too, he was certain that he would be able to breach the chess formation ahead of Chu Feng.

Never did Lu Jie believe himself to be inferior to Chu Feng.

As such, he felt that once he stopped suppressing his strength, once he goes all out against Chu Feng, he would be able to easily kill Chu Feng.

This was a meaningless showdown to him.

Yet, Chu Feng actually managed to block his attack. That was something that he never expected.

He found things to be incredible and even began to doubt his expectations.

“Lu Jie, earlier, you were thinking that you’ll obtain a certain victory because you possess rank three Dragon Transformation Sensation.”

“What about now; do you still believe that you’ll have a certain victory against me?”

Chu Feng spoke mockingly again.

Chu Feng’s mocking voice brought Lu Jie back from his stunned state.

So what if Chu Feng blocked his attack? He must defeat Chu Feng today.


Suddenly, Lu Jie shouted loudly.

He no longer bothered to exchange dialogue with Chu Feng. Instead, he directly strengthened his attack.

The spirit power unleashing out from his body began to rush toward Chu Feng in an unending stream.

He was trying to collapse Chu Feng’s spirit power using brute force and then kill Chu Feng.

Facing Lu Jie’s strengthened attack, Chu Feng did not dare to be careless either. He also unleashed his boundless spirit power to take on Lu Jie’s attack.

The two spirit powers were pure and not fancy in the slightest. Like two invisible dragons, they swept through the sky and collided in a midair duel.

They were confronting using the most primitive method.

They were competing which one among them was stronger.

Witnessing the confrontation of the two powerful streams of spirit power, the crowd present all gasped with admiration.

That was the confrontation between two people of the younger generation.

For two people of the younger generation to possess such powerful spirit powers, even the people of the older generation present felt themselves to be inferior. As for the other people of the younger generation, it was even more so.

This simple confrontation of world spirit powers relied mostly on one’s spirit power.

The person with the stronger spirit power would be able to bring forth even more world spirit power.

But, with the intensity that they’ve been exhausting their spirit powers, their spirit power will inevitably be completely exhausted.

Right now, the confrontation was a match between the strength and capacity of Chu Feng and Lu Jie’s spirit power.

The person who managed to endure for longer would be the victor of this confrontation.

This was a battle of attrition.


Suddenly, the area behind Lu Jie started to undergo a transformation.

Rumbles began to sound from the ground behind Lu Jie. The earth was beginning to turn over.


At the time when the crowd were confused, the earth behind Lu Jie erupted like a volcano.

Accompanying the eruption, a huge monster rose behind Lu Jie.

That was a ferocious beast. That ferocious beast was incomplete. Only its head was present; there was no body to be seen.

Although it was only a head, that head was a hundred meters tall.

Furthermore, that ferocious beast looked extremely vicious. It resembled a terrifying demonic substance.

That was a spirit formation. It was an extremely powerful slaughtering formation.

“Lu Jie, he… he actually…”

“He actually managed to set up such a powerful slaughtering formation at the same time he’s unleashing such powerful world spirit power?”

“Amazing. He’s actually able to accomplish this sort of feat?”

“No matter what, Lu Jie is still Lu Jie. He’s still our Holy Light Galaxy’s strongest world spiritist of the younger generation.”

Many people gasped in amazement after seeing that slaughtering formation. They didn’t even dare believe their eyes.

Although the crowd felt great resentment for Lu Jie, it does not affect their acknowledgement of Lu Jie’s abilities.

In such an intense confrontation against Chu Feng, ordinary people would not dare to distract themselves.

If they do not put full focus on the confrontation, they will be defeated by their foe.

Yet, Lu Jie had actually secretly removed a portion of his world spirit power from the intense confrontation and spent the time, effort and concentration to set up such a powerful slaughtering formation without Chu Feng noticing at all.

That ability was something that not even geniuses would be capable of!

Yet, Lu Jie accomplished that!!!

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