Chapter 4261 - Chu Feng’s Trump Card

Chapter 4261 - Chu Feng’s Trump Card

Earlier, Lu Jie was the crowd’s hero.

But, in a blink of an eye, he became the target of scorn, a despicable coward.

This was a transformation very difficult for Lu Jie to accept.

But, more than anything, Lu Jie was unable to accept the fact that he was defeated. He was once again defeated by Chu Feng.

Moreover, compared to last time, his defeat this time was even more miserable, even more humiliating.

During his first defeat, no one dared to ridicule him.

But now, he was being insulted by everyone.

Yet, he just so happened to be incapable of refuting all the insults.

Lu Jie has been known as a prodigy, a genius, his entire life. When has he ever received this sort of humiliation?

Yet today, he was receiving this sort of humiliation.

That was the reason why Lu Jie vomited blood.

Being praised all his life, he was simply unable to bear this sort of humiliation!!!

“Lu Jie, your psychological endurance is lacking.”

“At the very least, they’re speaking the truth when they cursed you out.”

“When they were cursing me out earlier, they were wrongly accusing me.”

“I was feeling much more wronged than you.”

“But look at me, no matter how wronged I might be, I wasn’t affected by those words.”

“Yet you… they’re only speaking the truth. How could you be incapable of enduring the truth?”

Chu Feng’s voice sounded.

Lu Jie raised his head and saw Chu Feng looking at him with a beaming smile on his face.

His reaction was simply one of a victor ridiculing a loser.

Most importantly, Chu Feng’s words were simply too much of a psychological blow.

Was that even human words?

It was his own matter that his psychological endurance was strong.

But, how could he not allow others to have a lacking psychological endurance?

Yet, many people felt very refreshed after hearing Chu Feng’s words.

Especially Yuan Shu and Grandmaster Tang Chen. In fact, even Yu Ting was smiling after hearing Chu Feng’s words.

It was true, Chu Feng had endured enormous grievance earlier.

And now… he was finally able to return everything back to Lu Jie.

“You bastard!”

Lu Jie looked to Chu Feng with raging fury in his eyes. His killing intent was already overflowing.

“What’s this? Are you not allowing people to speak the truth?”

“While your talent is decent, it wouldn’t do to be a flower in the greenhouse.”

“Lu Jie, it wouldn’t do for you to continue like this. You need to allow people to curse you out some more and receive some more humiliation.”

“Else, you might end up being infuriated to death by someone before anyone could beat you to death. If that happens, you’ll become a gargantuan joke,” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile.

Even though Lu Jie had unleashed his killing intent, Chu Feng showed no sign of stopping.

Instead, he began to aggravate Lu Jie even more.

“Shut the hell up!”

Suddenly, Lu Jie shouted loudly. Then, he shot forth a punch. Boundless spirit power gathered and formed a giant fist. The fist swept through the air and moved to oppress Chu Feng.

Although that was a casual attack from Lu Jie, its power was no small matter.

Seeing the incoming attack, Chu Feng immediately shifted and dodged the fist.

But, after launching that simple attack, Lu Jie was momentarily stunned before becoming immediately overjoyed.

The reason why he was unable to attack Chu Feng earlier was because the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain did not allow for it.

It was the power of the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain that neutralized his previous attack.

But this time, his attack seemed to be effective.

The Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain did not stop him.

This meant that once their rewards were distributed to the people outside, Lu Jie was able to attack Chu Feng.

It seemed like their showdown could begin now.

“Chu Feng, I gave you the chance to leave but you refused it.”

“Right now, even if you wanted to leave, you would not be able to.”

“Today, I, Lu Jie, will have you die here!!!”

Suddenly, Lu Jie laughed sinisterly.

His expression also turned very sinister. Even though he was laughing, that expression was so very terrifying.

“Chu Feng, run away!!!”

Seeing that the situation was bad, Grandmaster Tang Chen and Yuan Shu shouted for Chu Feng to flee.

They wanted Chu Feng to escape from the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain.

They’ve all realized that the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain will no longer prevent Chu Feng and Lu Jie from fighting.

Lu Jie’s attacks will no longer be blocked by the power of the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain.

But, no matter how powerful Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques might be, it couldn’t possibly be a match for Lu Jie.

Lu Jie was currently completely humiliated and in raging fury. His sinister and crazed laughter served as the best reflection of his mental state.

If Chu Feng doesn’t flee now, he will likely suffer enormously.

Lu Jie will retaliate all the humiliation he received from the crowd onto Chu Feng.

Lu Jie will really end up killing Chu Feng!!!

But, to the crowd’s surprise, no matter how Grandmaster Tang Chen, Yuan Shu and others shouted for Chu Feng to flee, Chu Feng acted as if he cannot hear their voices.

Not only was he still standing there, he was even looking at Lu Jie with contempt-filled eyes.

What was Chu Feng doing? Why wasn’t he fleeing?

At the time when the crowd were feeling completely confused, Chu Feng spoke, “Lu Jie, I’d advise you to give up. Struggling is meaningless.”

“Since only a single person in this Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain will be able to reach that stele, that person is evidently not going to be you.”

“Instead, it will be me… Chu Feng.”

Chu Feng’s words not only stunned Grandmaster Tang Chen and Yuan Shu, it also shocked all the other people present.

How could Chu Feng be this daring?

How could he dare to speak like that to Lu Jie?

The crowd all knew that he possessed exceptional talent.

That was fully embodied by how he defeated Lu Jie and breached the chess formation.

But, the situation now was different.

Right now, it would be an actual showdown between Chu Feng and Lu Jie. This would mean that they will be fighting with their current strength.

The crowd had all witnessed Chu Feng and Lu Jie’s world spirit techniques’ level on the Dragon Disclosure Stone.

Lu Jie had already comprehended rank three Dragon Transformation Sensation. He possesses battle power on par with rank six Utmost Exalted.

Chu Feng, on the other hand, had only comprehended one Dragon Transformation Sensation. His world spirit techniques’ battle power would only be on par with a rank two Utmost Exalted.

There existed an enormous disparity of four entire levels of cultivations worth of battle power between the true strength of the two men. How was they supposed to have a showdown?

“Could it be that Chu Feng is not only a grandmaster world spiritist, he’s also an expert martial cultivator?”

“Could it be that his cultivation is rank six Utmost Exalted? Was that why he’s not afraid of Lu Jie?”

Suddenly, someone voiced this sort of guess.

“That’s very possible. That child’s talent is simply too heaven-defying. His world spirit techniques could be said to be perfection incarnated.”

“Generally, for geniuses like that, their talent for martial cultivation will not be weak either.”

“It’s not impossible for that Chu Feng to possess a cultivation of rank six Utmost Exalted.”

Surprisingly, the crowd actually approved of that guess.

Seeing Chu Feng who showed no fear of Lu Jie and was even provoking him, the crowd were all thinking as to exactly what sort of trump card Chu Feng had to allow him to act this daring.

Pondering back and forth, the crowd came to conclude Chu Feng’s cultivation being very powerful as the most reasonable explanation as they already knew Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques’ level.

“What makes you think you’re qualified to be placed on par with me?!!!”

“You’re simply someone who will soon die!!!”

Suddenly, Lu Jie let out another furious shout.

His shout was filled with his displeasure and hostility toward Chu Feng.

Most importantly, after he let out that shout, he attacked Chu Feng.

Lu Jie’s earlier attack was merely a thoughtless attack.

But now, it was different. He was going all out with this attack.

His boundless spirit power turned into a dazzling beam of light.

The beam roared and caused the space itself to tremble.

Most strifling, the aura emitted by Lu Jie’s spirit power was on par with a rank six Utmost Exalted!!!

Furthermore, Lu Jie’s beam of light was surging with power. While it seemed like a simple attack, it was something that very few people could accomplish.

That beam of light was truly an all-out attack!

Lu Jie was showing no mercy. He was determined to take Chu Feng’s life with that one attack.


Seeing the incoming attack, Chu Feng let out a cold snort.

Then, he formed hand seals with his left hand and pushed his right hand toward Lu Jie’s direction.


Suddenly, boundless spirit power rushed out from Chu Feng’s body like a volcanic eruption.

Both the might and size of his spirit power was not weaker than Lu Jie’s incoming attack.

In a blink of an eye, the two men’s spirit powers collided.

Energy ripples wreaked havoc and shook the surroundings.

But, the power of the two attacks did not decrease at all.

The two attacks were actually in a stalemate!!!

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