Chapter 4260 - Vomiting Blood In Rage

Chapter 4260 - Vomiting Blood In Rage

“Why would that be happening?”

“What is going on?”

The crowd, including Grandmaster Luo Tuo and Ghost-faced Heavenly Master, were all stunned.

They who were immensely pleased with themselves and mocking Chu Feng the entire time were now completely confused and flustered.

At this moment, they suddenly realized that things seemed to be different from what they’ve imagined.

“Thank you young hero Chu Feng. Thank you young hero Chu Feng.”

The people that received the red light were endlessly excited and began to thank Chu Feng. Some even kneeled in midair and began to kowtow toward Chu Feng.

When the people that received their share of Lu Jie’s powers were already endlessly grateful, it was only natural that these people who received a share of Chu Feng’s powers that was tens of times or even a hundred times greater than the shares of the people that received Lu Jie’s powers would be endlessly grateful toward Chu Feng.

This was simply something that they never dared imagine before.

Thus, how could they not be grateful?

“There’s no need to thank me. These are what you all deserved.”

“Next, it’s the turn for those that are most important to me.”

After saying those words, Chu Feng looked to Grandmaster Tang Chen and others.

“Senior Tang Chen, brother Yuan Shu, miss Yu Ting.”

“I, Chu Feng, had stepped into the chess formation for you all’s sake.”

“But, if it wasn’t for you all, I wouldn’t have received such an opportunity too.”

“As such, these are what you all deserve.”

After saying those words to Grandmaster Tang Chen, Yuan Shu and Yu Ting, Chu Feng looked to Celestial Fairy Muzhi and Old Man Compliance.

The other people had all received Chu Feng’s reward but the five of them have yet to receive a share of his reward.

“Since senior Muzhi and senior Compliance believes in me that much, I, Chu Feng, should naturally repay seniors too.”

After he finished saying those words, Chu Feng closed his eyes again.

Then, an even more boundless amount of red light began to emit out from his body.

The red light this time was much greater than before. It covered an area tens of thousands of meters.

Furthermore, it was several times more intense than the light that enveloped Lu Jie earlier.

Then, those red light assimilated into the five remaining balls of light.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh---”

The next moment, red lights were shot out from those balls of light. The red lights flew toward Grandmaster Tang Chen, Yuan Shu, Yu Ting, Celestial Fairy Muzhi and Old Man Compliance.

The light was so intense that even the sky has been dyed blood red.

After the red light landed on the five of them, not only were Yu Ting and Yuan Shu astonished, even Grandmaster Tang Chen and Celestial Fairy Muzhi were wild with joy.

“This power, how could it be this strong?”

Even Grandmaster Tang Chen and Celestial Fairy Muzhi were endlessly excited after sensing the power.

As for the others, they were all stunned from envy.

The red light was the same as before.

After they landed on Grandmaster Tang Chen and others, they revealed their true power.

The intense aura emitted by the red light simply surpassed all the crowd’s imagination.

Although the aura of the red light was inferior to the stele, it was still an extremely powerful inheritance.

To world spiritists, it was something that would provide enormous aid.

“Young friend Chu Feng, you’ve truly given this celestial fairy a gargantuan surprise.”

“This celestial fairy owes you a favor.”

The reason why Celestial Fairy chose Chu Feng was because she wanted to go against Grandmaster Luo Tuo and also have a gamble.

Never did she imagine that she’ll be reciprocated in such a manner.

As a world spiritist, she knew very well that the red light would help her enormously.

If she managed to completely assimilate the red light, her world spirit techniques will not be able to immediately reach a breakthrough but her spirit power will receive a comprehensive upgrade.

That sort of assistance would be a fundamental one. It will greatly aid her future world spirit techniques training.

In the past, she had thought that she will never be able to comprehend rank five Dragon Transformation Sensation in her life.

After all, she was someone that had lived for over ten thousand years and was already an old man.

But now, she believes that she will most definitely be able to comprehend rank five Dragon Transformation Sensation. It was not a possibility but rather certainty.

That was also the reason why she was so grateful toward Chu Feng.

“Why would that be the case? Why would Chu Feng’s red light possess such strong powers?”

“Furthermore, why was he able to control it himself and distribute it to others accordingly?”

Many people felt confused.

While they were feeling jealous and envious, they were more confused than anything.

Wasn’t it Lu Jie that breached the spirit formation?

Wasn’t the power that surrounded Lu Jie stronger?

Why would Chu Feng’s power be this much more concentrated than Lu Jie?”

At the time when the crowd was confused, the ancient voice sounded again.

“The two spirit formation gates, the white one is easier to pass. Choosing it will ensure one’s own survival.”

“The degree of danger for the red spirit formation gate was several times that of the white spirit formation gate.”

“If one wanted to rescue you all, one must enter the red spirit formation gate and pass through the blood-colored chess formation.”

“That person of the younger generation by the name of Chu Feng was the person that rescued you all. As such, it is only natural for him to receive a greater amount of reward. Once he was given his reward, he was also entitled to allocate them accordingly.”

“This is the reward that he obtained from breaching the chess formation and rescuing you all.”

The ancient voice was resounding and powerful. It was heard clearly by everyone.

After hearing those words, the crowd were all stupefied. Their expressions were so ugly that it seemed like they were fed feces.

Turned out, Chu Feng was the person that breached the chess formation!

Turned out, Chu Feng was the person that saved them!

Yet, they insulted Chu Feng like so earlier. Were they not biting the hand that fed them?!

At this moment, shame and guilt filled their hearts. This was especially true for those that cursed Chu Feng out.

But, that was not the important aspect. Being guilty and ashamed was only a small matter.

The main reason why the crowd felt so remorseful was the fact that they chose Lu Jie and abandoned their chance to receive a share of Chu Feng’s red light.

They had made the wrong decision and ended up letting such a great opportunity slip by them.

That red light was so very powerful. If they were able to fuse with it, it could alter their fate.

The feeling of missing out on such a great opportunity was beyond difficult to endure. THey were in so much grief that they didn’t want to live anymore.

“I am truly foolish, truly foolish.”

In enormous remorse, some people actually raised their arms and began to ruthlessly slap themselves.

From the strength that they were slapping themselves with, one could tell that they were truly filled with regret, so much that they were intending to slap themselves dead.

Else, they wouldn’t have to slap their faces so much that they became drench in blood and beyond recognition.

Most importantly, there were many people acting like this.

But, neither Chu Feng, Grandmaster Tang Chen or even Old Man Compliance showed any sympathy for those people.

Those were the consequences of their own actions.

They’ve got what they rightly deserved.

“Lu Jie, you damned bastard! How could you be this despicable?!”

“Why would you admit that you were the one that saved us when you weren’t?!”

Suddenly, a furious shout was heard. It was Grandmaster Luo Tuo.

Grandmaster Luo Tuo was in more regret than anyone else.

It was one thing for Grandmaster Tang Chen to receive a massive share of Chu Feng’s reward. After all, his relationship with Chu Feng was already very good and he had shielded Chu Feng the entire time. It was only natural for him to receive that massive share.

But, Celestial Fairy Muzhi also received such a massive share of Chu Feng’s reward all because she believed in him. This made Grandmaster Luo Tuo and others feel enormous envy.

“Lu Jie, you are truly abominable to the extreme.”

“Shameless. Simply too shameless.”

“How could you falsely claim someone else’s credit as your own?”

“Lu Jie, you’ve truly brought sufferings and harm upon us!!!”

In fiery rage and extreme regret, more and more people lost their ability to reason, no longer cared about who Lu JIe was and began to verbally attack him.

At this moment, insults and curses covered the sky. They were all aimed at Lu Jie.

But, Lu Jie was not unaffected by those insults like Chu Feng was.

“You… you all…”

He was immensely pleased with himself earlier. Yet now, his complexion had turned deathly pale.

He actually felt worse than anyone else.

He had thought that he was the victor and was immensely proud of himself because of that.

It was only now that he discovered that he was actually the loser.

How could he, someone so proud and conceited, possibly be able to bear such a thing?

Under extreme depression, Lu Jie’s complexion turned increasingly ugly. Then, his mouth opened and a mouthful of blood sprayed out.

The grand Lu Jie actually vomited blood in anger!!!

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