Chapter 4242 - What Makes You Think You’re Qualified? (Teaser)

Chapter 4242 - What Makes You Think You’re Qualified?

Inside the Ancient Compliance Castle. Chu Feng continued to stand atop the Talent Steps’ third step. No matter how the flames raged, the look of pain on his face did not increase. Instead, his expression was easing.

The already-minimal look of pain was actually disappearing from Chu Feng’s face.

Chu Feng was actually growing accustomed to the power of the Talent Steps.

This astonished the people of the younger generation present so much, that they didn’t know how to react.

To them, Chu Feng’s appearance was like a giant mountain reminding them of how small they were.

“Kid, you can step down. You’ve already conquered the Talent Steps,” Old Man Compliance said to Chu Feng.

He tossed a title plate to Chu Feng as he said those words.

Many people revealed looks of curiosity when they saw the title plate.

That title...

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