Chapter 4237 - Who Did This? (Teaser)

Chapter 4237 - Who Did This?

“Arrogant girl, you’re asking to be punished.”

“Neither of you need to do anything. I’ll take care of her.”

Among Yue Yang’s three world spirits was a female world spirit.

That female world spirit was also quite good-looking. But, when compared to Yu Sha, her appearance was much inferior.

It wasn’t that she wasn’t attractive. It was simply that Yu Sha was too beautiful.

All creatures were like this. No one would want to be compared to another.

Women had a strong competitive nature to begin with. World spirits were no exception.

That female world spirit was someone with exceptionally strong talent. Not to mention in the martial cultivation realm, she was a proud woman even in the Asura Spirit World.

Earlier, Yu Sha had caused the crowd to exclaim in admiration at her appearance.

Yet, she had not received such treatment from them. As another world spirit from the Asura...

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