Chapter 4233 - Priceless Treasure

Chapter 4233 - Priceless Treasure

Everyone’s eyes were fixed onto the magnificent seven-colored spirit formation gate.

Even Yuan Shu and Yu Ting were looking at it.

Different from others, the two of them were not filled with anticipation for Lu Jie. Instead, they were looking forward to someone else appearing.

Finally, a foot stepped out of the spirit formation gate.


Suddenly, a boundless amount of gaseous flames appeared from the spirit formation gate.

Before the crowd could see who it was that had walked out from the spirit formation gate, the sealed-off region was completely covered by the gaseous flames.

With that, it became impossible for the crowd to see what was inside.

That said, the gaseous flames only blocked the sight of the people outside. It did not block the sight of the people inside.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng was standing inside that sealed region.

Yuan Shu and Yu Ting had guessed correctly.

The person who had discovered the Hidden Gate was Chu Feng.

Furthermore, Chu Feng had successfully walked out of that Hidden Gate.

This was the special treatment that Chu Feng received.

He had priority to look at the Compliance Mirror.

Furthermore, whilst he was looking at the Compliance Mirror, others were not qualified to look.

That said, Chu Feng was able to see the others outside.

After seeing Yuan Shu and Yu Ting, Chu Feng revealed a faint smile.

But, he did not call out to them. He knew that Yuan Shu and Yu Ting were unable to see him. He also knew what sort of reward he would obtain after successfully exiting the Hidden Gate.

Thus, Chu Feng did not hesitate. After taking a glance at Yuan Shu and Yu Ting, he walked over to the Compliance Mirror.

Activating the Compliance Mirror was very simple. One merely needed to stand before it.

After arriving at the Compliance Mirror, what appeared before Chu Feng was his own reflection.

It did not appear to be special at all.

But soon, the Compliance Mirror began to change. What appeared in the mirror was a medicinal pellet.

That medicinal pellet was very beautiful. It resembled a crystal. If it wasn’t for the intense medicinal aroma, Chu Feng would think it was an ornament or a natural oddity.

After the medicinal pellet appeared, a series of words also appeared.

‘World Spirit Assistance Pellet…’

‘It is capable of assisting a world spirit to quickly refine a cultivation resource.’

‘To use, crush the medicinal pellet to powder and breath in through the nose…’


Seeing the simple introduction, shock appeared on Chu Feng’s face.

He had experienced how powerful the Compliance Mirror was.

Whilst that medicinal pellet did not seem to be an especially powerful treasure, as it was only a medicinal pellet with a special function, it was something that Chu Feng needed badly.

Chu Feng hoped for Her Lady Queen to awaken quickly.

Since that medicinal pellet was capable of assisting world spirits in refining their cultivation resources, it would mean that it could cut down on Her Lady Queen’s closed-door training time.

Doing so would accomplish a cherished desire Chu Feng had.


Right at that moment, the Compliance Mirror’s surface began to ripple like water.

Soon, the medicinal pellet emerged from the Compliance Mirror.

“Is this the reward for breaching the Hidden Gate?”

Joy appeared on Chu Feng’s face when he saw the medicinal pellet.

Chu Feng had not only passed the trial of the Hidden Gate, he had also learned some rules about the Ancient Compliance Castle inside it.

He had learned that even though the Compliance Mirror was able to show to the person standing before it what sort of treasure they needed the most, one would still have to undergo a challenge to obtain that treasure. Only by successfully completing the challenge would one be able to obtain the treasure.

But, Chu Feng did not encounter any challenge, and had obtained the treasure directly.

This could be said to be a special privilege. Naturally, it could also be considered his reward for passing the Hidden Gate.

“Forget about it, I’ll use it on Milady Queen first.”

Chu Feng picked up the medicinal pellet and immediately entered his world spirit space. He arrived before Her Lady Queen.

He was truly impatient to awaken Her Lady Queen.

Just thinking about how he would soon hear Her Lady Queen’s voice again brought Chu Feng endless excitement.

Thus, without any hesitation, Chu Feng crushed the medicinal pellet into dust and brought the dust over to Her Lady Queen’s nose.

As Her Lady Queen breathed, the powdered medicinal pellet floated up and was about to be sucked into her nose.

But, right when the power was about to reach Her Lady Queen’s nose, a body of light appeared and covered Her Lady Queen.

It was a sort of restriction. It also resembled some sort of protection.

Just like that, the powdered medicinal pellet was blocked.

“Is it a no-go?”

Chu Feng frowned. He retrieved the crushed medicinal pellet.

After doing so, the body of light that had covered Her Lady Queen began to fade away.

“I can’t use this medicinal pellet…” Chu Feng was very disappointed.

Chu Feng knew that it wasn’t the medicinal pellet that was ineffective, but rather Her Lady Queen’s body that had a sort of power stopping everything foreign.

With the situation being like that, Chu Feng no longer dared to try anymore. He also did not dare attempt to awaken Her Lady Queen.

He was afraid that he'd affect her closed-door training.

Because of that, Chu Feng turned his eyes to Yu Sha, who was also in closed-door training.

“Why is this girl training for so long this time around?”

“Let’s hope this medicinal pellet will be able to help you.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he arrived before Yu Sha and placed the powdered medicinal pellet beneath her nose.

Different from Her Lady Queen, the powdered medicinal pellet was inhaled by Yu Sha’s without any mishaps.

To Chu Feng’s surprise, after the powdered medicinal pellet entered Yu Sha’s nose, she immediately opened her eyes.

“Yu Sha, are you alright?”

Chu Feng was shocked to see Yu Sha’s sudden awakening. Deep worry appeared in his eyes.

Chu Feng felt that even if the powdered medicinal pellet was able to help Yu Sha rapidly absorb the cultivation resource, there should still be a certain amount of time needed for her to do so.

Yu Sha’s rapid awakening caused Chu Feng to think that the powdered medicinal pellet might’ve forcibly awakened her and affected her closed-door training.

Chu Feng knew very well that if either Yu Sha or Her Lady Queen were forcibly awakened from their closed-door training, things would be very dangerous for them. In lighter cases, they’d suffer injuries, and in more serious cases, they could lose control over their minds and die.

A surprised look was also present in Yu Sha’s beautiful eyes.

She turned to Chu Feng and asked, “Did you do that?”


“I just received a medicinal pellet. That medicinal pellet was able to allow world spirits in closed-door training to rapidly refine their cultivation resources and cut down on the time needed for training.”

“Since you were in closed-door training for some time and still hadn’t awoken, I decided to use it to help you.”

“Never would I expect…”

“Yu Sha, I am truly sorry. It’s all my fault.”

“How’s your body doing? Did you suffer any damage?” Chu Feng asked with a look of guilt.

“Damage? Why would I suffer damage?”

“Moreover, you’ve clearly helped me. Why are you apologizing to me?”

Yu Sha’s brows narrowed slightly as she looked at Chu Feng with a confused expression.

Chu Feng immediately reacted to her words and realized something that shocked him.

“Could it be that the medicinal pellet did not affect your training, and instead really increased the speed at which you were refining your cultivation resource?” Chu Feng asked with a serious voice.

“Right. Normally, it would take longer for me to finish my closed-door training.”

“But earlier, a sudden burst of power entered my body through my nose and filled up my entire body.”

“That power helped me assimilate all of the remaining power I needed to refine into my body in an instant.”

“That was why I was able to wake up.”

“Not only that, but that power had also increased the efficiency of those cultivation resources. Because of that, I was able to benefit even more from them,” said Yu Sha.


Hearing those words, Chu Feng couldn’t help but gasp with admiration.

He had only thought the medicinal pellet to be a treasure that the Compliance Mirror had given to him that could help him.

Never did he imagine that it would be so effective. Not only did it rapidly increase the speed at which a world spirit could refine cultivation resources, it even increased the effect of the cultivation resource.

A medicinal pellet like that was totally capable of being deemed a priceless treasure.

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