Chapter 4215 - Chu Feng’s Defeat (Teaser)

Chapter 4215 - Chu Feng’s Defeat


Suddenly, Li Fengxue shouted. Then, he pushed forth both of his palms.


In an instant, golden-bright and dazzling ferocious beasts surged forth from his spirit formation and charged toward Chu Feng.

Every one of those golden-bright and dazzling ferocious beasts were several hundred meters long. As for their numbers, there were simply too many to count.

Standing there, Chu Feng appeared extremely small.

The sight was like a group of elephants attacking an ant.

“Li Fengxue!”

Seeing that, Yuan Shu cried out in his heart.

It was not because the spirit formation that Li Fengxue had set up was excessively strong.

Instead, it was because the agreed time between Chu Feng and Li Fengxue had not yet arrived when Li Fengxue unleashed his attack.

It was simply violating the rules.

After all,...

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