Chapter 4214 - Chu Feng Entering The Battle

Chapter 4214 - Chu Feng Entering The Battle

“Senior, since you’re very fond of watching the sparring of world spirit techniques between people of the younger generation, how about I swap some pointers with your disciple here?”

“We can use this Incomplete Map of the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain as a stake.”

“If senior’s disciple wins, my incomplete map shall be senior’s.”

“If this junior wins, senior would have to give his incomplete map to this junior.”

“Senior, what do you think about it?” asked Chu Feng.

“That’s no issue. Who would’ve expected that this old man would’ve made a mistake in judgement?”

“Youngster, you are truly deserving of praise for your courage.”

“Since that’s the case, this old man will satisfy you. I’ll give you a chance to spar with my disciple.”

After saying those words, Revered Master Beast Tamer looked to his disciple Li Fengxue, “Fengxue, stop when the outcome is determined. Do not injure this junior.”

“Master can rest assured. This disciple understands. It’s merely a spar, I will stop once the outcome is determined, and will definitely not injure him.”

Although that was what Li Fengxue said, a smile had risen on his face. He then looked to Chu Feng and said, “You and I will set up spirit formations. One person is to defend, and the other attack.”

“The time to set up a spirit formation will be half a cup of tea.”

“If you can breach my spirit formation and I fail to breach yours, it will be my loss.”

“If I breach your spirit formation and you fail to breach mine, it will be my victory.”

“As for a tie, I believe I don’t have to explain what that would mean.”

“Of course, a tie would be impossible,” Li Fengxue’s words were filled with confidence.

“That’s rather boring. How about we both set up a slaughtering formation in half a cup of tea’s time and then attack each other with them. What do you think about that?” asked Chu Feng.

“What? Attack each other?”

Including Li Fengxue, everyone present was surprised by Chu Feng’s proposal.

Chu Feng’s proposal was an extremely… ruthless sort of showdown. One could very easily injure one’s opponent in such a confrontation.

Generally, no one would be willing to use such a method to spar.

It was instead at times of life-and-death confrontations that such a method would be used.

“Brother Chu Feng, it is only a spar. There’s no need to use such a method,” Seeing that the situation was bad, Yuan Shu immediately spoke out against it.

He had already sparred against Li Fengxue. Thus, he knew very well that Li Fengxue was not easy to deal with.

He was extremely treacherous and vicious.

If they were to truly spar with such conditions, Chu Feng would, unless he possessed absolute certainty of victory, definitely be injured by Li Fengxue.

Even though Yuan Shu knew that Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques were very powerful, it remained that Li Fengxue was a world spiritist that had grasped rank one Dragon Transformation Sensation.

Rank one Dragon Transformation Sensation was on par with a rank two Utmost Exalted.

“Brother Yuan Shu, this is a showdown between myself and this little brother here. You shouldn’t interfere.”

Li Fengxue took a glance at Yuan Shu. Then, he turned to Chu Feng. “Little brother, I never would’ve thought that you’re also a frank and straightforward fellow.”

“I think that your proposal is very good. Let us compete according to your proposed method.”

Treachery and ruthlessness flashed through Li Fengxue’s eyes as he said those words.

“Brother Chu Feng, you must reconsider,” Yuan Shu was still worried for Chu Feng, and spoke to dissuade him again.

“Yuan Shu, it’s their match. Thus, you should let them decide on their own,” Grandmaster Tang Chen said all of a sudden.

“Brother Yuan Shu, you don’t have to worry. It’s only a spar,” said Chu Feng.

With that, Yuan Shu found it unsuitable to say anymore.

“Little brother, since we’ve agreed upon the rules, are you ready to begin?” Li Fengxue asked Chu Feng with a beaming smile. Even though he was smiling, his smile was filled with malicious intent.

“I’m ready,” Chu Feng nodded with a smile of his own.

His smile was filled with confidence.

“Let us begin then.” He then immediately began setting up his spirit formation.

Chu Feng naturally did the same.

The spirit formation that Li Fengxue was setting up at that moment was very different from the one he had used to spar against Yuan Shu.

Perhaps because he wanted to make Yuan Shu careless, the spirit formation he had set up was very simple in appearance. It had not resembled a spirit formation that he had placed meticulous effort into.

But, the spirit formation he was setting up at that moment was extremely mighty and imposing.

As he was setting up his spirit formation, even his surroundings began trembling violently. One could sense how powerful that spirit formation was.

Seeing the spirit formation, Li Fengxue’s master, Revered Master Beast Tamer, nodded repeatedly. Furthermore, he would occasionally sneak glances at Grandmaster Tang Chen.

Complacence filled his gaze.

He seemed to be saying with his eyes, ‘What do you think, Tang Chen? This old man’s disciple far surpasses your disciple, no?’

As such, Li Fengxue was deliberately putting on a show. He was deliberately showing off before Grandmaster Tang Chen so that Grandmaster Tang Chen would compare him to his disciple Yuan Shu and realize how useless his disciple was.

By contrast, he would also reveal how outstanding of a disciple Revered Master Beast Tamer had nurtured.

But, neither Grandmaster Tang Chen nor Yuan Shu bothered to pay any attention to the despicable master and disciple.

Their eyes were all fixed on Chu Feng’s spirit formation.

The spirit formation that Chu Feng was setting up appeared to be rather ordinary. But, it was also slightly mysterious. They were unable to determine exactly how powerful his spirit formation was.

“Master, I’m actually unable to see through brother Chu Feng’s spirit formation.” Yuan Shu said to Grandmaster Tang Chen using voice transmission.

Surprise filled his voice.

When he'd first met Chu Feng, his world spirit techniques had clearly been inferior to his own.

Between the time that he'd first met Chu Feng and the present, only a short period of time had passed. Yet, he was already incapable of seeing through his spirit formations.

This made him realize that Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques could very possibly have surpassed his own.

“Master, could it be that brother Chu Feng has grasped rank one Dragon Transformation Sensation too?” Yuan Shu asked.

Unless one underwent a special sort of test, or the person revealed it on their own, it was impossible for others to determine what level of Dragon Transformation Sensation one had comprehended. They could only make speculations through the might of one’s spirit formations.

Yuan Shu felt that even though Chu Feng’s spirit formation had not revealed its powers, the fact that even he was unable to see through it meant that Chu Feng had most likely grasped rank one Dragon Transformation Sensation.

“This speed of progress is simply too fast.”

“It’s no wonder that that child decided to issue a challenge on his own.”

“That old codger Ox-nose has truly picked up a treasure.”

Grandmaster Tang Chen did not answer Yuan Shu. He was unable to contain his emotions, and let out a sigh.

Like Yuan Shu, he was actually also unable to fully see through Chu Feng’s spirit formation. That was also precisely the reason why he felt Chu Feng to be amazing.

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