Chapter 4209 - Done In By Someone?

Chapter 4209 - Done In By Someone?

“What’s going on?”

“She didn’t die?”

“She actually managed to escape?”

Long Xiaoxiao and Long Nanxun had confused expressions on their faces.

The two of them had thought that the All-seeing Heavenly Master had died. But, after hearing her voice, it was clear that she hadn’t died.

“She must’ve set up a teleportation formation on her body.”

“Seeing that the situation had turned bad, she activated the teleportation formation and escaped.”

“She must’ve anticipated a potential failure today. That’s why she kept such a trick in hand.”

“That said, for her to be able to escape from the remnant, the teleportation formation she placed on herself is quite remarkable,” explained Chu Feng.

The All-seeing Heavenly Master’s teleportation formation was clearly remarkable. Had it been an ordinary teleportation formation, she wouldn’t possibly have been able to escape from Chu Feng, who controlled the power of the entire remnant.

But, when the All-seeing Heavenly Master escaped, Chu Feng had been unable to prevent it at all.

From this, one could tell how powerful her teleportation formation was.

“Even if a monk can run away, the temple cannot.”

“One day, I will make her pay for what she did.”

“I will have her realize that she stood on the wrong side,” Long Xiaoxiao said with clenched teeth.

But, Long Xiaoxiao also knew that her mother had already lost her standing in the Dragon Clan.

As for her, she was still very small and weak.

Without definitive proof, even if she told her father what the All-seeing Heavenly Master and her older sister had done, her father would not bother to care. He might even say that she was making false accusations.

After all, the only people that could prove that the All-seeing Heavenly Master had tried to kill them were her people.

Even if they vouched for her, her father would not believe them.

Because of that, Long Xiaoxiao needed to endure. Only after she gained power would her father uphold justice for her.

“Oh, that’s right. Little benefactor, what’s going on with you?”

“How are you so amazing, how were you able to grasp such a powerful spirit formation?”

“Furthermore, why would you appear here? Could it be that you already knew that we were coming here and came here ahead of us to protect me?”

“But, I clearly never told you anything.”

Bouncing vivaciously, Long Xiaoxiao arrived before Chu Feng and asked a whole bunch of questions in succession.

The questions that she asked were actually also what the others were curious about.

“Princess Xiaoxiao, it’s actually purely a coincidence that I appeared here.”

“After we parted that day, I entered another remnant because of a friend’s request. That was also a remnant left behind by senior Zhuge Yuankong.”

“I gained control over the main formation of that remnant, and also discovered that another remnant was mutually connected to it.”

“As the treasures in that remnant had disappeared, I thought that they had very possibly been shifted to this remnant. Because of that, I activated a teleportation formation from that remnant to reach this one.”

“I never expected to encounter you all here.”

“Perhaps this is fate.”

“It was predestined that we meet again.”

Chu Feng sighed emotionally as he said those words.

But, Chu Feng did not tell the truth. After all, the grand formation that had been left behind by the Ox-nosed Old Daoist was simply too powerful. The housing of that Dark Black Monstrous God was also a priceless treasure.

Chu Feng did not wish to reveal too much, especially not to a colossus like the Dragon Clan.

Whilst Long Xiaoxiao could be said to have saved his life before, Chu Feng still did not have absolute trust in her.

Besides, whilst Long Xiaoxiao looked innocent, she was actually extremely scheming. As such, Chu Feng was on guard against her.

“The two remnants are connected? In that case, where’s the other remnant? What’s it like?”

“I want to go and check it out.”

As Long Xiaoxiao spoke, she walked toward the spirit formation gate. But, as she continued to walk toward it, she suddenly hesitated.

Even though Chu Feng had made the suction power disappear from the spirit formation gate, the dangerous aura did not weaken in the slightest.

Because of that, Long Xiaoxiao was still afraid of it.

“Princess Xiaoxiao, you must not enter it.”

“You’ve not grasped the power of the spirit formation. If you are to enter it, you will be crushed by that spirit formation’s power before reaching your destination.”

Chu Feng had said those words to scare Long Xiaoxiao. After all, he couldn’t have her enter the remnant where the main formation was.

It just so happened that Long Xiaoxiao had ended up being scared by Chu Feng. Not only did she not enter the spirit formation gate, she instead hurriedly moved away from it.

“Zhuge Yuankong is truly powerful. In all my life, it’s the first time I’ve felt such a dangerous aura. That is most likely not an ordinary spirit formation, no?” Long Xiaoxiao turned to ask Chu Feng.

“Indeed, it is not an ordinary spirit formation. But, even I do not know exactly what sort of power was used to establish this spirit formation. Senior Zhuge Yuankong’s abilities are simply too profound. Although I’ve managed to grasp the power of the spirit formation, what I’ve grasped is merely a portion of its full power,” said Chu Feng.

“Zhuge Yuankong was our Holy Light Galaxy’s strongest world spiritist.”

“This old man is not at all surprised by him possessing such ability. After all, he was the strongest.”

“Speaking of it, it is truly a pity. If he hadn’t been done in by his friend, he wouldn’t possibly have been defeated by that Dao Comprehension Sage Exalted. If he hadn’t been defeated, he wouldn’t have ended up committing suicide.” Long Shengbu sighed all of a sudden.

Long Shengbu had said this without much thought. However, his comment had struck Chu Feng’s heart.

Done in by his friend?!

Those simple words had made Chu Feng realize that what had happened back then was not as simple as it appeared.

Unable to contain his curiosity, Chu Feng asked, “Senior Long, wasn’t Senior Zhuge Yuankong not a match for the Dao Comprehension Sage Exalted, and killed himself after being defeated?”

“Why would you say he was 'done in' by his friend? Could it be that there’s some sort of secret to all this?”

“What I know are merely rumors. I cannot be certain of their validity.”

“But, there was a saying that that was the case,” said Long Shengbu.

“Senior Long, as a world spiritist, this junior holds great reverence for senior Zhuge Yuankong.”

“Whilst he has been dead for many years, this junior is still very curious about him.”

“Might senior Long be willing to tell this junior exactly what happened back then?” Chu Feng asked again.

“Since young friend Chu Feng is curious, this old man will tell you what I know.”

“However, they are only rumors and guesses. You must not take them to be absolute truth.”

“Do you know Sima Xiangtu?” asked Long Shengbu.

“This junior does not,” Chu Feng shook his head.

“Zhuge Yuankong had a close friend. That friend was also a grandmaster world spiritist. His name is Sima Xiangtu.”

“The two of them were close friends that became acquainted with one another when they were still people of the younger generation. Furthermore, they had both obtained an Ancient Era’s inheritance. Because of that, they both possessed exceptional world spirit techniques.”

“Originally, their world spirit techniques had been equally matched. They had both been deemed as the strongest world spiritists in the Holy Light Galaxy.”

“But, Zhuge Yuankong had reached rank five Dragon Transformation Sensation a step ahead of Sima Xiangtu. With that, he became the publicly accepted strongest world spiritist of the Holy Light Galaxy.”

“That said, Sima Xiangtu did not mind at all. After all, their relationship had been superb the entire time.”

“But, after that, Sima Xiangtu’s world spirit techniques stagnated. He had remained at rank four Dragon Transformation Sensation, and was surpassed by even the Dao Comprehension Sage Exalted.”

“Originally, the battle between the Dao Comprehension Sage Exalted and Zhuge Yuankong had nothing to do with Sima Xiangtu.”

“But, it remained that Zhuge Yuankong and Sima Xiangtu had an excellent relationship.”

“Because of that, everyone thought that after Zhuge Yuankong was defeated by the Dao Comprehension Sage Exalted and he had committed suicide, Sima Xiangtu, Zhuge Yuankong’s close friend, would try to avenge him.”

“But, not only did Sima Xiangtu not try to avenge Zhuge Yuankong, he instead took all of his treasures.”

“Furthermore, Sima Xiangtu disappeared from that day on. No one saw him again.”

“Later on, there were people that said that Sima Xiangyu had deliberately brewed a bowl of soup that could help world spiritists for Zhuge Yuankong right before his match with the Dao Comprehension Sage Exalted.”

“On top of that, during the battle, Zhuge Yuankong had originally held absolute superiority. The Dao Comprehension Sage Exalted had been unable to even fight back.”

“However, Zhuge Yuankong had gradually started getting weaker. It was only then that the Dao Comprehension Sage Exalted had managed to turn the tide of the battle.”

“Because of that, some people started saying that it was Sima Xiangtu that had envied Zhuge Yuankong, and had poisoned the soup he had brewed for him. Because of that, Zhuge Yuankong’s powers had weakened for no reason, and he had ended up being defeated by the Dao Comprehension Sage Exalted.”

“Of course, that is merely a guess without any proof,” said Long Shengbu.

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