Chapter 4209 - Done In By Someone? (Teaser)

Chapter 4209 - Done In By Someone?

“What’s going on?”

“She didn’t die?”

“She actually managed to escape?”

Long Xiaoxiao and Long Nanxun had confused expressions on their faces.

The two of them had thought that the All-seeing Heavenly Master had died. But, after hearing her voice, it was clear that she hadn’t died.

“She must’ve set up a teleportation formation on her body.”

“Seeing that the situation had turned bad, she activated the teleportation formation and escaped.”

“She must’ve anticipated a potential failure today. That’s why she kept such a trick in hand.”

“That said, for her to be able to escape from the remnant, the teleportation formation she placed on herself is quite remarkable,” explained Chu Feng.

The All-seeing Heavenly Master’s teleportation formation was clearly remarkable. Had it been an ordinary teleportation formation, she wouldn’t possibly have been able to escape from Chu Feng, who controlled the power of the entire remnant...

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