Chapter 4203 - Finally Appearing

Chapter 4203 - Finally Appearing

“A mere housing is able to possess such terrifying powers?”

Chu Feng felt that he had still underestimated the existence before him.

When he had failed to determine if the being before him was alive or not, the only possibilities that came to Chu Feng’s mind was that it was alive, dead or asleep.

He had not anticipated it to be only a housing without its soul.

Judging from that, it was no different from being dead.

But, when its housing was already this powerful, exactly how powerful was the creature when it had been alive?

It was no wonder that the Divine Deer said that the actual Dark Black Monstrous God was capable of easily wiping out an entire starfield.

Chu Feng felt that with how powerful its body was, its soul would be even more powerful. Should the two combine, its power would be simply unimaginable.

“What exactly is the level of the strongest existences in this vast cultivation world?” Chu Feng couldn’t help but gasp in admiration when faced with such a powerful existence.

Through his journey from the Lower Realm to the Upper Realms, his growth had been very fast.

If he were to return to the Lower Realms now, he would be akin to a god there.

Even in Ordinary Realms, he would be extremely powerful.

But, when he stood before the Dark Black Monstrous God, he felt extremely small, so much so that he felt like he was a speck of dust.

That was not only a disparity in size. It was also a disparity in strength.

This made Chu Feng realize that the journey he needed to take was still extremely long.

The current him was simply too weak, much too weak.

“Boy, your strength is still lacking. When you become stronger, you should think of a way to seal this thing. If it is to revive, who knows if it would be a blessing or a disaster.”

“If it’s a disaster, then, tsk tsk, not only will you die, all the people you care for will also die. The way I see it, the entire Holy Light Galaxy might even be destroyed,” said the Divine Deer.

After she finished saying those words, the sacred light that had enveloped Chu Feng began to dissipate.

Chu Feng knew that the Divine Deer was leaving.

“Senior, please wait.”

“Exactly who are you? What is your purpose for being in my body?”

“Senior? Senior?”

Chu Feng asked successive questions. Compared to the monster before him, he was even more curious about the Divine Deer.

Unfortunately, he did not receive a response.

“Senior, in that case, you must remember to help me when I am in distress again.”

“If I die, what would you do if you end up falling into the hands of villains?”

“Not everyone is as kind-hearted as me.”

Helpless, Chu Feng left behind those words.

Even though he still didn’t receive a response, he felt that the Divine Deer must’ve heard him.

“Senior Zhuge Yuankong, if you knew the power you’ve borrowed had come from such a terrifying existence, would you still borrow its power to set up this grand formation?”

Chu Feng began sizing up the formation core again. He couldn’t help but sigh.

The treasures that Zhuge Yuankong had left behind had been constructed by a monumental formation.

Just the entrances to the treasures covered an area so vast that it traversed several starfields and countless worlds.

According to Chu Feng’s speculation, all the entrances would be able to quickly bring one to the sealed world.

But, those entrances were all extremely far away from one another.

Even if one were to use Ancient Era’s Teleportation formations, it would take a lot of time to teleport someone such a great distance.

Yet, with the grand formation, one could teleport such a vast distance in a short period of time.

From this, one could see how powerful of a spirit formation it was.

But, the truth was, it was not Zhuge Yuankong’s spirit formation that was powerful. Rather, it was the Dark Black Monstrous God that was powerful.

The only reason why Zhuge Yuankong had been able to set up such a powerful spirit formation was because he had borrowed the power of the Dark Black Monstrous God.

Even though it was only an empty housing, the Dark Black Monstrous God’s housing contained an unimaginable amount of power.

Of course, it could not be denied that Zhuge Yuankong’s world spirit techniques were also extremely powerful. If he didn’t possess exceptional world spirit techniques, he wouldn’t possibly be able to utilize the power of the Dark Black Monstrous God so well, and been able to set up the grand formation.


Suddenly, Chu Feng descended from above.

Even though he had reached the formation core, he had been floating outside the formation core as he was examining the Dark Black Monstrous God.

Chu Feng knew that the treasures that Zhuge Yuankong had left behind must be located deep inside the formation core.

Sure enough, after entering the formation core, Chu Feng discovered that there was a barrier deep inside.

That spirit formation barrier was located behind the Dark Black Monstrous God. It was not very large. In fact, it could be said to be very small for a spirit formation barrier. Its size was only the size of a room.

Whilst the barrier looked very simple, Chu Feng was actually unable to see through it with his Heaven’s Eyes.

Chu Feng felt that if he was correct, then barrier should be where the treasures were hidden.

Chu Feng had still underestimated Zhuge Yuankong.

He had thought that he would be able to obtain his treasures by entering the formation core.

After all, entering the formation core was already an extremely difficult task. If he hadn’t had the help from the Divine Deer, he wouldn’t be able to enter that place at all.

But, entering the formation core was actually only the first step.

If he wanted to obtain the treasures, he would have to breach the spirit formation barrier.

As for the spirit formation barrier, although it looked very simple, it was very difficult to breach.

Furthermore, Chu Feng had discovered that he only had a single chance.

If he succeeded, he would naturally be able to proceed. But, if he failed, he would not have another opportunity.

Faced with the spirit formation barrier, Chu Feng did not dare to be careless. He began to carefully examine it with his Heaven’s Eyes.

Suddenly, Chu Feng revealed a joyous expression.

The reason for that was because the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk that had been unresponsive the entire time had finally started responding.

The Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk was linked to Chu Feng’s consciousness. Although it was incapable of speech, it was able to provide guidance to Chu Feng like a world spiritist compass.

Chu Feng took out the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk from his world spirit space.


When Chu Feng infused the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk with his spirit power and released his spirit power through it, his spirit power turned blood-red.

Through that, his spirit power was strengthened enormously.

Utilizing the power of the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk, Chu Feng began to set up a spirit formation. This spirit formation surpassed Chu Feng’s own power.

“This is truly a treasure. I’ve not disgraced myself before others in vain because of you,” Chu Feng gasped in admiration.

Chu Feng was someone who cared a lot about his reputation. Thus, he remembered deeply how he had disgraced himself before Long Xiaoxiao and Long Shengbu when he was unable to use his spirit power and world spirit techniques whilst fusing with the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk.

But, judging from the current situation, it had been worth it.

Even though he had disgraced himself, he had managed to obtain such an amazing treasure.


With the aid of the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk, Chu Feng soon breached the difficult spirit formation barrier.

However, the spirit formation barrier did not disperse immediately. Instead, an image of a person appeared.

It was a white-haired old man. Even though he was already very old, he still looked very handsome.

Never had Chu Feng seen such a handsome old man before.

The old man did not wear a world spiritist cloak. Instead, he wore a long gown.

The long gown was snow-white and emitted a faint glimmer. Already handsome, the gown made him appear even more sacred.

He simply looked like an immortal that had descended upon the mortal world.

There was no need for introductions; Chu Feng knew that that person must be the world spiritist that had surpassed the Dao Comprehension Sage Exalted several thousand years ago as the Holy Light Galaxy’s strongest world spiritist: Zhuge Yuankong!

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