Chapter 4202 - Dark Black Monstrous God

Chapter 4202 - Dark Black Monstrous God

With the help of the Divine Deer, Chu Feng began to quickly penetrate deeper into the dark black world.

The speed of the Divine Deer was simply the fastest of anything that Chu Feng had ever witnessed in his life.

However, even though the Divine Deer’s speed was extremely fast, Chu Feng could still clearly see his surroundings.

Likely, this was also something that the Divine Deer was aiding Chu Feng with.

Because of that, Chu Feng was able to see exactly what sort of monsters were hidden in the depths of that place.

It was as Chu Feng had anticipated; there were spirit formation beasts that he could not fight the further in they went.

There were not only rank seven and rank eight Utmost Exalteds, there were even peak Utmost Exalted here.

Fortunately, the speed of the Divine Deer was simply too fast. Even when those spirit formation beasts discovered Chu Feng, they were unable to catch up to him to attack him. Just like that, they were left in the dust.

After traveling at an unbelievable speed for some time, Chu Feng finally reached the depths of the dark world.

Chu Feng saw the formation core.

It was a formation core that bridged the sky and the earth. It was simply unimaginably large.

After Chu Feng entered the formation core, the spirit formation beasts no longer continued to pursue him.

But, Chu Feng stood stunned.

An expression of shock and fear was fully visible on his face.

Inside the formation core were countless spirit formations.

Whilst those spirit formations were also the work of a Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist, it was at a level much stronger than Chu Feng's.

Those were most likely the works of Zhuge Yuankong.

Whilst those spirit formations were very powerful, they were not enough to cause Chu Feng to be so astonished.

The reason why Chu Feng was so astonished was because of an existence in the center of the formation core.

There stood an object.

It was alive. Its body was so enormous that it measured ten million meters!

Chu Feng had begun his cultivation from a Lower Realm. He had experienced Ordinary Realms and Upper Realms before entering the Starfields and Galaxies.

Throughout his journey, he had encountered quite a lot of powerful monsters and ferocious beasts.

Without exception, those beings were all colossuses.

But, he had never encountered a being as big as the one before him.

Before it, even the giant colossuses that Chu Feng had encountered in the past were reduced to the size of ants in comparison.

Standing before it, Chu Feng could not even be considered an ant. He was as small as a speck of dust, as small as one could possibly be.

The being before him had a humanoid physique. However, Chu Feng could not make out any details.

Its body was covered by a layer of substance that seemed like black rocks. Even when using his Heaven’s Eyes, Chu Feng was unable to see its main body. He could only see a rough outline.

Without a doubt, the spirit formation beasts had all been created by it.

The feeling of danger that had caused Chu Feng to tremble in fear had also originated from the colossal creature.

Earlier, as the distance was quite far, Chu Feng was still able to tolerate the feeling. However, standing right before it, Chu Feng could clearly sense its power.

Chu Feng felt that merely its breath could alter the weather.

A casual spit from it would completely obliterate him and destroy an entire region.

But, that colossal creature was not breathing. It was so peaceful and quiet that it seemed like it was dead.

Chu Feng felt that it was most likely asleep.

If it were dead, it couldn’t possibly still possess such terrifying power.

After all, that was a power that surpassed Chu Feng’s imagination.

Suddenly, the Divine Deer cried out in alarm. “It’s actually this thing!”

Astonishment could also be heard in the Divine Deer’s voice.

“Senior, you know this thing?” Chu Feng asked hurriedly.

He was both shocked and fearful. At the same time, he was also very curious to know exactly what the terrifying existence before him was.

“If my guess is correct, it’s a creature from the Immemorial Era, the Dark Black Monstrous God!” said the Divine Deer.

“Dark Black Monstrous God?”

“Immemorial Era?”

Chu Feng had some knowledge of the Ancient Era.

He knew that the Immemorial Era was a time even before the Ancient Era.

Even the existences from the Ancient Era knew very little about that era.

From that, one could imagine how terrifying of an existence it must be to be able to survive since the Immemorial Era.

However, since the Divine Deer knew about it, it made Chu Feng realize that that the Divine Deer was even more immeasurable than he had initially thought.

“Senior, what is this Dark Black Monstrous God?” asked Chu Feng. He was simply too curious.

He wanted to learn more about the creature.

Throughout his entire life, apart from the nine enormous lightning beasts within his dantian, Chu Feng had never seen such an enormous existence.

No matter how powerful and enormous the lightning beasts were, they were still within Chu Feng’s dantian. Only Chu Feng could see them.

The Dark Black Monstrous God however, was standing right before him.

He was not the only person that could see it. If others were able to arrive there, they too would be able to see and sense how powerful and terrifying a creature it was.

“The Dark Black Monstrous God possessed spatial power. It was capable of wiping out starfields with ease,” said the Divine Deer.

“Wiping out starfields?” The astonishment in Chu Feng’s eyes grew even more intense.

He was no longer calm. His emotions were flaring up.

A single world was already an enormously vast place. Countless lives resided in a single world.

As for a starfield, it was even more unimaginably large.

Even the smallest starfield would have hundreds of thousands of different worlds.

As for the larger starfields, the amount of worlds they possessed numbered in the millions or tens of millions.

Yet, that colossal being was actually able to easily wipe out a starfield?

Exactly how powerful was that?

Chu Feng didn’t dare imagine it. Just thinking about it caused him to shiver.

“That said, I’ve never seen the actual Dark Black Monstrous God before. I’ve only seen its portraits.”

“The Dark Black Monstrous God is a real legend.”

“Even the portraits had been handed down by later generations. It is impossible to determine their authenticity.”

“Although there were rumors of people encountering it, those were merely rumors. No one knows exactly who saw the Dark Black Monstrous God.”

“But, this thing before us greatly resembles the portrait of the Dark Black Monstrous God.”

“Most importantly, the aura it emits is truly frightening. That power conforms to a being from the Immemorial Era,” The Divine Deer continued.

Chu Feng agreed with the Divine Deer’s words. The colossal being was indeed emitting an aura even more ancient than the Ancient Era.

“In that case, senior, is it still alive?” asked Chu Feng.

There was no need to doubt that the Divine Deer was very powerful.

But, when even it said that that colossal being was terrifying, then even if it wasn’t the legendary Dark Black Monstrous God, it would still be something extremely terrifying.

Besides, it was very possibly the legendary Dark Black Monstrous God.

But, according to Chu Feng’s examination, the colossal being was not showing any signs of life.

Yet, it possessed terrifying power.

Because of that, Chu Feng was unable to ascertain whether or not it was dead or alive.

However, he felt that the possibility of it being dead was very small. If it were dead, it should be impossible for it to still contain such an enormous amount of power.

Chu Feng felt that it was very possibly in a state of deep dormancy.

“It’s most likely a housing,” said the Divine Deer.

“Housing?” Chu Feng was surprised.

“Right. The soul is not there. It’s nothing more than a housing,” said the Divine Deer.

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