Chapter 4198 - This Is Utmost Exalted! (Teaser)

Chapter 4198 - This Is Utmost Exalted!

“Done for, we're done for.”

This was what everyone was thinking.

However, right at that moment, Chu Feng shot forth a palm strike.

Boundless martial power swept forth.

The martial power rapidly expanded; it squirmed as it expanded in size.

Soon, an enormous martial power palm appeared, reaching several tens of thousands of meters across.

Even space itself shattered before the martial power palm.

When they saw the martial power palm, those Exalted-level spirit formation beasts began to shriek in fear. They immediately turned around and began fleeing.

It turned out that those spirit formation beasts were capable of feeling fear.

Unfortunately, they were too late. Chu Feng’s giant martial power palm smashed forth explosively.

Where the giant martial power palm passed, all living beings were destroyed....

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