Chapter 4190 - Devouring by A Ferocious Beast (Teaser)

Chapter 4190 - Devoured by A Ferocious Beast

“Snap, crack---”

As shattering the shattering sounds continued, the rock changed more and more. One could even see a faint amount of light from the cracks.

“Miss Yu Ting, prepare yourself. According to the writings, the spirit formation entrance will only appear for a very brief moment.”

“We must seize the moment and enter it at once. Else, it will shut itself,” Chu Feng reminded her.

Yu Ting nodded.

Under their fixed gazes, the rock completely shattered.

However, after the rock shattered, the dazzling golden light actually disappeared.

What appeared before them was vast blackness.

Whilst the spirit formation gate had appeared, it was pitch-black.

It resembled a black vortex. Not only was it strange, it was also emitting a dangerous and even fatal aura.

Once the spirit formation gate appeared, it immediately released an...

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