Chapter 4190 - Devouring by A Ferocious Beast

Chapter 4190 - Devoured by A Ferocious Beast

“Snap, crack---”

As shattering the shattering sounds continued, the rock changed more and more. One could even see a faint amount of light from the cracks.

“Miss Yu Ting, prepare yourself. According to the writings, the spirit formation entrance will only appear for a very brief moment.”

“We must seize the moment and enter it at once. Else, it will shut itself,” Chu Feng reminded her.

Yu Ting nodded.

Under their fixed gazes, the rock completely shattered.

However, after the rock shattered, the dazzling golden light actually disappeared.

What appeared before them was vast blackness.

Whilst the spirit formation gate had appeared, it was pitch-black.

It resembled a black vortex. Not only was it strange, it was also emitting a dangerous and even fatal aura.

Once the spirit formation gate appeared, it immediately released an enormous suction power, and began to forcibly suck Chu Feng and Yu Ting into it.

“Not good!”

“We’ve been tricked!”

Right after entering the spirit formation gate, Chu Feng realized that the treasury was likely a trap.

This was very likely not the entrance to the treasure, but rather the entrance to hell.

Chu Feng and Yu Ting had been sucked into the spirit formation gate.

Even if they wanted to escape they would not be able to.

Because of that, Chu Feng extended his hand and forcibly pushed Yu Ting out with all his might.

True to its description, the spirit formation gate really only existed for a split second.

Once Yu Ting was pushed out, the spirit formation gate immediately closed and disappeared.

“Oh no!”

As she looked to the place where the spirit formation gate had disappeared, Yu Ting’s face was covered in nervousness and lingering fear.

At the same time, she also had no idea what to do.

She knew that if it hadn’t been for Chu Feng pushing her out, she would have also fallen into that dangerous place.

At the same time, she felt extreme remorse.

If she had known that such a thing would happen, she wouldn’t have brought Chu Feng there.

If something were to happen to Chu Feng, who else could possibly save Zi Ling?


Chu Feng had been sucked into the darkness; he was also extremely afraid.

However, he soon discovered that even though that place was filled with the aura of danger, there was no substantial threat.

Furthermore, he soon saw light.

He then escaped from the teleportation formation and landed on the ground.

Once Chu Feng landed, the spirit formation immediately disappeared. Even if he wanted to return, he wouldn't be able to.

The place that Chu Feng had landed was a mountain.

There was green vegetation, clear water, singing birds and fragrant flowers. But, there weren't any rare treasures or special herbs. At a glance, it greatly resembled the mountains of the Nine Provinces Continent.

Of course, Chu Feng knew that this place couldn’t possibly be the Nine Provinces Continent.

Chu Feng wanted to soar into the sky and examine things from above.

However, the moment he leapt into the air, although he'd leapt very high, he soon fell back down.


Chu Feng’s face turned deathly pale. He was astonished to discover that he had lost his cultivation.

The reason why he had been able to leap so high earlier was because his physical body was extremely tough, even without his cultivation, it was still the body of an Utmost Exalted.

Unfortunately, he was unable to use his martial power, unable to use any martial skills.

Apart from having a very tough body, he was no different from a cripple.

Chu Feng carefully examined his body. However, he was unable to figure out what had happened. Without martial power, he was unable to make a thorough investigation of his own body.

What depressed Chu Feng even more was the fact that he was also unable to use his world spirit techniques either.

At that moment, apart from having a strong physical body, Chu Feng was simply no different from an ordinary person.


Suddenly, a roar was heard. The roar shook the mountain.

As Chu Feng looked to the direction of the roar, he discovered that a vast amount of trees in the distance were toppling over, and thick smoke was soaring into the sky.

That roar was also growing closer and closer.

Not long afterward, an enormous beast of over ten meters tall and several dozen meters long emerged from the forest.

When the ferocious beast saw Chu Feng, it opened its mouth without a word and moved to bite him.

“The hell!”

Chu Feng immediately turned around to flee.

Unfortunately, although his physical body was strong, he was unable to use his martial power.

Although his speed was much faster than ordinary people and his strength far greater, how could he possibly escape from the ferocious beast behind him that possessed cultivation?

Chu Feng did not manage to run far before the ferocious beast caught up to him. With its mouth wide open, it bit down on Chu Feng.


However, after the enormous teeth bit into Chu Feng, Chu Feng was completely unharmed. Instead, it was the ferocious beast’s teeth that broke.


The ferocious beast started screaming like a dying pig.

Those were its precious teeth. It was most definitely in great pain.

“Ignorant fool. You should’ve looked at who this young master is.”

“Even if my cultivation is temporarily gone, my body is still that of an Utmost Exalted.”

“You really thought about eating me with your bits of ability?”

“You’re truly asking for trouble.”

Chu Feng looked to the ferocious beast and ridiculed it complacently.

Surprisingly, the ferocious beast actually reacted like it understood Chu Feng.

It once again opened its mouth and pounced toward him.

This time around, it had learned from its mistake. It no longer used its teeth to bite Chu Feng. Instead, it devoured him whole.

Once Chu Feng was devoured by the ferocious beast, he began frantically attacking the ferocious beast’s stomach.

Unfortunately, Chu Feng’s current strength was too weak. Even though it surpassed ordinary people, it was unable to cause any harm to the ferocious beast.

With that, Chu Feng decided to retrieve a weapon from his Cosmos Sack.

He intended to use the weapon to split open the ferocious beast’s stomach.

Unfortunately, he discovered that his Cosmos Sack had actually been sealed.

This caused Chu Feng to feel very helpless.

Chu Feng knew that the ferocious beast wouldn't be able to digest him due to how tough his body was.

But, he was unable to escape from the ferocious beast’s stomach.

If this were to continue, wouldn’t it mean that he would be defecated by the ferocious beast?

That would be too humiliating.

“Got it. This is the place.”

“It’s too troublesome to let it live. Let’s just kill it.”

“Right, kill it.”

Suddenly, Chu Feng heard the voices of cultivators.

Then, he heard the clash of weapons colliding. The ferocious beast began fleeing madly whilst roaring nonstop.

Although Chu Feng was unable to see the situation outside, he knew from the sounds that martial cultivators had come to attack the ferocious beast.

“Save me! Save me!”

“I’m inside this ferocious beast’s stomach!”

Chu Feng cried out for help.

Unfortunately, the ferocious beast’s skin and flesh were extremely tough. They seemed to be able to isolate his voice.

Even though he was able to hear the voices of the people outside, those people were unable to hear him.

No matter how much Chu Feng shouted for help, they were unable to hear him. This caused Chu Feng to become extremely anxious.

The only thing that gave him delight was the fact that he could hear those people’s conversation.

It turned out they were planning to kill the ferocious beast because its flesh was delicious. They had planned to prepare a feast. That was the reason why they were hunting ferocious beasts.

Their intention was to bring back the ferocious beast to use it for meat in dishes.

Thus, after hunting the ferocious beast, they did not leave it there. Instead, they began carrying it with them.

This caused Chu Feng to heave a sigh of relief.

Even though they were unable to hear his pleas for help, he was certain that they would chop the ferocious beast up since they were planning to use it for culinary purposes.

Once the ferocious beast’s body was chopped up, Chu Feng would naturally be rescued from it.

As he expected, Chu Feng was soon delivered to a kitchen-like place.

“How could you all be this careless? How could you damage the teeth of the ferocious beast?”

“Do you all not know that those teeth are very precious and can be used to refine weapons?” said the person who was to chop up the ferocious beast.

“We… this wasn’t done by us.”

“Right. It broke its own teeth.”

A group of other people were present. They were none other than the people that had hunted the ferocious beast.

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