Chapter 4189 - True Fortification

Chapter 4189 - True Fortification

“Miss Yu Ting, Miss Yu Ting.”

Chu Feng walked over. He wanted to help treat her.

Unfortunately, he was unable to use his spirit power. Thus, he was unable to set up a spirit formation, and unable to even diagnose her condition.

Because of that, he had no choice but to take out a medicinal pellet and feed it to her.

Fortunately, Chu Feng was able to tell with his naked eyes that Yu Ting’s condition was not serious.

However, he still carefully examined his surroundings, and saw no sign of anyone. There were also no spirit formations present. Thus, he was unable to understand why Yu Ting would suddenly fall unconscious.

That said, Chu Feng noticed that there were writings on the walls of the room they were in.

They were no ordinary writing. They were special runes and symbols.

Upon seeing the writings on the wall, a joyous look appeared on Chu Feng’s face. He immediately walked up to them and began carefully reading them.

However the runes and symbols were very complicated. Furthermore, the more he examined them, the more discomfort he felt. His thoughts were in absolute turmoil.

However, Chu Feng felt that if Zhuge Yuankong had really left any clues behind, they would most definitely be hidden in the runes and symbols.

Because of that, Chu Feng steadied his heart and stabilized his mind. Then, he began carefully reading the writings, forcing himself to find clues from them.

As Chu Feng had been focused on the writings, he didn't notice Yu Ting waking up.

After Yu Ting woke up, she kneaded her head and began looking at her surroundings.

When she saw Chu Feng standing before the wall, a look of panic appeared on her face. She wanted to call out to him.

But, she quickly closed her mouth.

A look of surprise appeared on her face.

“He… actually managed to withstand that?”

Soon, a look of admiration appeared in Yu Ting’s eyes.

Suddenly, Chu Feng shouted in glee. “I found it!”

He was simply overjoyed.

Yu Ting immediately got up. She asked, “What did you find?”

“Miss Yu Ting, you’ve awakened?”

It was only after hearing her speak that Chu Feng noticed that Yu Ting had regained consciousness.

“Did you find something?” asked Yu Ting.

“The runes and symbols contain the secret to breaching a spirit formation.”

“Senior Zhuge Yuankong had left behind treasures. Perhaps his treasures contain the method to enter the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect.”

“There are many ways to enter the place where his treasures are contained.”

“Senior Zhuge Yuankong had arranged multiple teleportation formations throughout his life. Every one of them could bring one to the place where he's left his treasures.”

“As for that place, there’s a teleportation formation here.”

“Follow me.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he brought Yu Ting towards the mountain’s back.

Soon, they arrived before a rock.

The rock looked very ordinary. Chu Feng pointed to the rock and said, “According to the directions, the entrance to the treasury is hidden within this rock.”

“But, as I am currently unable to use my spirit power, I will have to trouble Miss Yu Ting,” said Chu Feng.

“That’s fine. I’ll handle it,” As Yu Ting spoke, she began setting up a spirit formation.

It was an unsealing formation.

Enveloped by the unsealing formation, the stone actually began to change.

“Right, just like that. Don’t rush and take your time.”

“Senior Zhuge was very powerful. The entrance to the treasury he left behind is extremely well-hidden. It will only appear should one take one’s time to carefully unseal it,” Chu Feng advised Yu Ting from the side.

“Let us wait a while then.”

Yu Ting’s spirit formation was already complete. The only thing left to do was wait for the entrance to appear. Thus, she didn't have to continue to maintain it.

“Oh, that’s right. Miss Yu Ting, how come you suddenly fell unconscious earlier?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

He felt that Yu Ting hadn't been attacked by anyone.

But, apart from the wall, there were no spirit formation traps inside the room.

Because of that, Chu Feng didn’t understand why Yu Ting had fallen unconscious.

This was especially true when he saw Yu Ting’s current appearance. It didn’t appear as if she'd been harmed by falling unconscious.

Because of that, Chu Feng was very curious as to exactly what had happened.

“Chu Feng, my apologies,” Yu Ting suddenly said to Chu Feng.


“Miss Yu Ting, why are you suddenly apologizing to me?” Chu Feng had a confused look.

“I was actually very disappointed when I first met you.”

“I didn’t understand why Zi Ling was willing to do something so dangerous for someone like you.”

“Moreover, she has been praising you the entire time, saying that your talent might be the best in the entire world.”

“Hearing her descriptions of you, I placed high hopes on you. The entire time, I was thinking that I’d be able to rescue Zi Ling once I found you.”

“But, when I found you, I was truly disappointed.”

“Your strength was much weaker than I had anticipated.”

“I thought that Zi Ling might just like you too much, and had been deceived or baffled by you.”

“After all, your talent, when compared to the people from the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, is simply too lacking.”

“But, earlier… I discovered that I was wrong,” said Yu Ting.

“Earlier?” Chu Feng became even more puzzled.

“Didn’t you ask me why I fell unconscious?”

“That’s because I also saw the wall that you saw earlier.”

“I also discovered the writings on the wall, those runes and symbols.”

“I also thought that they might contain senior Zhuge Yuankong’s secrets.”

“Because of that, I tried deciphering them.”

“But, what it tests isn’t one’s cultivation, nor is it one’s world spirit techniques.”

“Instead, it test one’s determination and willpower.”

“My determination was lacking. My willpower was lacking. Right after I began reading the words I immediately felt an intense and unbearable headache.”

“When I was reading those writings, I truly felt as if I was on the verge of going insane. That was why I screamed like that. I tried my best to escape from that wall.”

“But, I was too late. My spirit had nearly crumbled. Thus, I fell unconscious the moment I turned around,” said Yu Ting.

“So that’s the case,” Chu Feng had finally learnt why Yu Ting had fallen unconscious.

“That wall was truly difficult to solve.”

“Yet, you managed to successfully decipher its mystery.”

“This means that your determination and willpower far surpass that of ordinary people.”

“Back in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, I underwent a willpower test.”

“Although my performance wasn’t the best, it was still decent.”

“But, the way I see it, even Zi Ling, who had the best performance during the willpower test would not be able to match your willpower.”

“She was right, you are very powerful.”

“I finally understand why that relative of yours is unwilling to help you,” said Yu Ting.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng suddenly smiled.

“That’s because trials are what allow one to grow, and dangerous circumstances are what allow one to become stronger. My father’s decision to not protect me might appear to be him being unsupportive of me. But, the truth is, he is thinking for my sake,” said Chu Feng.

“Right. An elder in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect also said something like that.”

“I had thought those words to be nothing more than lies.”

“I had thought that he'd made up that lie to comfort those of us who didn’t receive better cultivation resources.”

“Back then, I was under the assumption that only by obtaining more and better cultivation resources and help would one be able to grow quickly.”

“I'd thought that letting people grow with their own ability was nothing more than a scam.”

“After seeing you, I’ve finally realized that what that elder had said was actually correct.”

“But, the method of growth that you’re undergoing is the most difficult of all. It is also the most dangerous of all,” said Yu Ting.

“Right. If my father was willing to help me, I would definitely not be limited to my current achievements.”

“But, it might also be very difficult for me to reach the apex of this vast martial cultivation world.”

“Because of that, I am grateful towards my father. I thank him for allowing me the liberty to soar on my own,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“So that relative of yours was actually your father.”

Seeing the optimistic look on Chu Feng’s face that was completely devoid of blame, seeing how he was proud of his father, Yu Ting, although not making any further comments, had a whole new view of Chu Feng.

After all, that was his father of all people.

How many people could possibly accept being disregarded by their own parents?

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