Chapter 4186 - True Relationship

Chapter 4186 - True Relationship

“This matter cannot be blamed on you.”

“It is your sectmaster that is too unreasonable,” comforted Chu Feng.

These were Chu Feng’s true feelings.

He was truly unable to understand exactly what sort of person the sectmaster must be to be so stubborn as to refuse to allow their disciples to leave the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect.

Besides, the fact that Zi Ling had been able to become the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect’s Sectmaster’s personal disciple meant that the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect’s Sectmaster was very fond of her.

Yet, even a disciple beloved by the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect’s Sectmaster was not allowed to go against their desires.

If she did, she would suffer the most severe punishment.

The Hidden Dragon Martial Sect’s Sectmaster was simply too dreadful.

“Chu Feng, I’ve actually heard that there are ways to enter the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect,” Yu Ting said to Chu Feng all of a sudden.

“What are they?” Chu Feng immediately asked.

“I’m not certain as to what the method is.”

“But, I’ve heard that someone by the name of Zhuge Yuankong knows of the method,” said Yu Ting.


Chu Feng asked with excitement.

“Truly,” Yu Ting nodded.

“Let’s go. We’ll go and find that Zhuge Yuankong,” said Chu Feng.

“But, that Zhuge Yuankong is no longer alive,” added Yu Ting.

“What?!” Those words came like a bolt from the blue.

Chu Feng felt as if the hope he had seen disappeared immediately.

Even if Zhuge Yuankong knew the method, how were they supposed to obtain it from someone that was dead?

Must they make the dead talk?

“In that case, does this senior Zhuge Yuankong have any relatives or friends?” Chu Feng asked.

He still wanted to try searching for ways to enter the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect.

After all, it concerned Zi Ling’s safety.

“He doesn’t have any relatives, and also had no friends.”

“But, I know of a place he used to reside. Very few people know of that place.”

“Perhaps we can find some clues there,” said Yu Ting.

Hearing that, Chu Feng felt Yu Ting’s method to be unreliable.

If they were to search for a method to enter the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect using eat a clue, hope would be too remote.

But Chu Feng had no other alternative.

Helpless, he had no choice but to agree to Yu Ting’s proposal.

Upon making his decision, Chu Feng did not wish to linger. He wanted to set off immediately.

Thus, he returned and found Long Daozhi, Fumo Shaoyu and the others in order to bid farewell to them.

“Brother Shaoyu, are you all leaving?”

To his surprise, before he could even bid them farewell, Fumo Shaoyu actually came to say goodbye to him.

Fumo Shaoyu and Fumo Xin’er were planning to leave.

“No banquet goes on forever.”

“Besides, I still don’t understand this vast martial cultivation world. There are too many things that I want to explore.”

“But, Brother Chu Feng, I will return to visit you. Perhaps it will not be long before I return.”

“Brother Chu Feng, you must wait for my return. Remember, you’re mine,” Fumo Shaoyu said to Chu Feng with a beaming smile.

Faced with Fumo Shaoyu acting like that, Chu Feng smiled.

When he had first met Fumo Shaoyu, he had thought that he might have some mental issues.

But after interacting with him, he discovered that it was just his personality.

“Brother Shaoyu, Miss Xin’er, in that case, I’m sure we’ll meet again someday,” Chu Feng clasped his fist at Fumo Shaoyu and Fumo Xin’er.

“Let us meet again someday.”

After a brief farewell, Fumo Shaoyu left with Fumo Xin’er.

As usual, the siblings were very intimate.

Even when they were traveling they would quarrel with one another. Their close relationship was the envy of all the bystanders.

What Chu Feng didn’t know was that after Fumo Shaoyu and Fumo Xin’er traveled far away, their surrounding space suddenly changed, and the two of them concealed themselves.

Then, their relationship changed immediately.

This was especially true for Fumo Xin’er.

Earlier, she had been addressing Fumo Shaoyu as 'big brother'.

However, at that moment she stood behind Fumo Shaoyu with a look of reverence on her face. Not to mention speaking, even her breathing was carefully done.

“Xin’er, there’s no need to be this constrained. Weren’t things pretty good the way you were earlier?” Fumo Shaoyu asked with a smile.

“Xin’er doesn’t dare act disrespectful towards young master,” Fumo Xin’er said with her head lowered.

“Is acting intimate an act of disrespect?” asked Fumo Shaoyu.

Suddenly, another voice sounded. “Young master, there must be a social difference between a master and a servant.”

Then, the space beside them began to squirm. Fumo Xin’er and Fumo Shaoyu’s grandmother then appeared beside them.

However, it was clear that she was not actually Fumo Xin’er and Fumo Shaoyu’s grandmother.

She was the person that Fumo Xin’er had addressed as Lady Gusu.

“I feel that being lively is a good thing. At least it’s much better than the restrained feeling now.”

“This feeling is way too distant.”

“It’s simply too dull.”

Fumo Shaoyu sighed. Then, he looked to Fumo Xin’er. “Xin’er, what do you think of Chu Feng?”

“Chu Feng?”

“Although his current cultivation is relatively weak, his talent is exceptional. If he is allowed to mature smoothly, he will play a huge role in the Holy Light Galaxy,” said Fumo Xin’er.

“That’s not all, no?”

“With his talent, he wouldn’t be limited to only the Holy Light Galaxy. Sooner or later, his name, the name of Chu Feng, will spread throughout the entire martial cultivation realm,” Fumo Shaoyu said with a smile.

Compared to Fumo Xin’er, he seemed to be even more confident in Chu Feng.

“Oh, that’s right. Xin’er, I had you follow Chu Feng and pretend to like him. Have you ended up really falling for him?” Suddenly, Fumo Shaoyu looked to Fumo Xin’er with a beaming smile.

“Young master, Xin’er wouldn’t dare.”

Fumo Xin’er became so scared that she immediately knelt in midair.

“I’m merely asking at random. Look how nervous you’ve become,” Fumo Shaoyu sighed and helped Fumo Xin’er back up.

“It’s impossible to joke around with you.”

“I deliberately had you disguise yourself as my little sister and pretend to act intimate with me because I wanted you to let go of the extreme respect you have for me so that you can act natural with me.”

“Never would I have imagined that you’d be this stubborn,” Fumo Shaoyu shook his head helplessly.

“Young master, you shouldn’t make things difficult for Xin’er anymore. It was already extremely difficult for her to pretend to be your little sister.”

“You should allow her to act how she wants. Else, it will be very tiring for her,” said Lady Gusu.

“Fine. I’m not going to make things difficult for both her and you,” Fumo Shaoyu burst into laughter.

After parting from Chu Feng, both Fumo Xin’er and Lady Gusu’s personalities had changed.

Their relationship had also changed.

Only Fumo Shaoyu continued to act the same.

It would seem that the way he behaved when he interacted with Chu Feng was how he was normally.

Of course, he had concealed an enormous secret from Chu Feng.

Suddenly, Fumo Shaoyu asked, “Oh, that’s right. Senior Gusu, did you manage to find any information about what I wanted you to look into?”

“Young master, I’ve already found it. It’s just that that place is somewhat dangerous.”

“That is… the Holy Light Clan’s territory,” said Lady Gusu.

Hearing those words, Fumo Shaoyu burst into sudden laugh.

“A mere Holy Light Clan, what’s there to fear about them?”

“Come, let’s go. We’ll be heading to the Holy Light Clan.”

After saying those words, Fumo Shaoyu increased his speed.

At that moment, space started distorting. The three of them began traveling at an unimaginable speed.

Such speed belonged to a power that Chu Feng had never seen before.

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