Chapter 4182 - Lady Gusu

Chapter 4182 - Lady Gusu

Night time. The majority of people were resting.

Although martial cultivators no longer needed sleep and subsistence to survive after they reached a certain level of cultivation, resting would still restore their stamina, and was beneficial to cultivators.

Because of that, the great majority of cultivators would choose to rest at night. This was especially true for people with relatively weaker talent.

At that moment, there were two people in the Dragon Clan’s camp that were not asleep.

Those two people possessed very strong talent.

They were the Dragon Clan’s Law Enforcement Elder Long Ruiyun and genius cultivator, Long Nanxun.

The two of them had their own respective sleeping chambers within their palaces to rest in.

Yet, they were currently resting inside the same sleeping chamber.

Furthermore, they were the only two people present.

“Young master Nanxun, why are you so passionate about Princess Xiaoxiao?”

“Please don’t forget the Dragon Clan’s current state of affairs,” said Long Ruiyun.

“I know. But, Xiaoxiao has helped me a lot.”

“I can’t just disregard her after her mother lost power.”

“Instead, I should be helping her at a time like this. Only at a time like this would I be able to win her heart,” said Long Nanxun.

“The struggles within the Dragon Clan are extremely cruel. At times, you need to learn to let go.”

“Truth is, if it wasn’t for Long Shengbu being willing to continue to protect Long Xiaoxiao, how could she have the nerve to act so mighty before us?”

As Long Ruiyun said those words, she let out a cold snort.

Evidently, she held a grudge because of the way that Long Xiaoxiao had ordered them around today.

“Grandma Ruiyun, please rest assured. I, Long Nanxun, am no fool.”

“Even though my affection for Xiaoxiao is real, I know propriety too.”

“If I have to choose between Xiaoxiao and my family’s future prospects, I will choose my family’s safety and my own future without any hesitation.”

“Besides, the state of affairs right now is still in doubt. Perhaps things will take a turn for the better.”

“At that time, many people would have already distanced themselves from Long Xiaoxiao. As far as I’m concerned, this is the most optimal opportunity.”

“After all, only I am still by her side. Only I am still willing to work for her.”

“If things do turn for the better in the future, even if she doesn’t return my love, she’ll definitely remember my loyalty to her.”

“She’ll definitely put me in an important position under her,” said Long Nanxun.

“Mn. What you say is reasonable too.”

“But regardless, you need to make sure to look out for yourself,” said Long Ruiyun.

Suddenly, a voice was heard, “What a great ‘look out for yourself!’”

It was a woman’s voice. Furthermore, the voice was extremely mocking.

When the voice was heard, both Long Ruiyun and Long Nanxun had a huge change of expression.

Ignoring the fact that they’d set up a spirit formation and that it should be impossible for others to enter, their earlier conversation had been extremely disrespectful.

If their conversation were known, especially if it ended up reaching Long Xiaoxiao’s ears, they would end up suffering enormously.

But, no matter how they examined their surroundings, they were unable to find the person that had spoken to them.

This made them even more scared.

They were clearly the only two people in the palace, so why would another person’s voice arise?

“Who are you? Stop trying to be mysterious and get out here!” Long Ruiyun shouted angrily after being unable to find the culprit.

“You’ve forgotten about me so soon?”

The voice sounded again. However, when the voice sounded again, a beautiful woman also appeared.

Upon seeing the woman, shock filled Long Nanxun and Long Ruiyun’s faces. Their expressions grew complicated.

At the same time, they felt disbelief.

The reason for that was because the person that had appeared before them was someone they had never expected.

The person was Fumo Xin’er.

“It’s you? How? How did you get in here?” Long Ruiyun asked with a stern voice.

She even looked around as she said those words.

She was trying to find Fumo Xin’er’s accomplice.

After all, she felt that it would be impossible for her to enter the palace on her own.


“Old bitch, do you still remember what I told you today?”

“A loose tongue can cause a lot of trouble.”

As Fumo Xin’er spoke, her eyes narrowed, and a cold glint flashed through her eyes.

Long Ruiyun did not think much of Fumo Xin’er’s words.

She said nothing, and directly attacked her. She had unleashed her boundless oppressive might. Like a formless ferocious beast, her oppressive might swept forth to devour Fumo Xin’er.


But, after she released her oppressive might, Long Ruiyun was stunned.

A startled look appeared in her eyes. Then, it was replaced with fear.

At the beginning, she had been skeptical. However, at that moment she was certain.

Her oppressive might had been blocked by Fumo Xin’er.

Furthermore, she had not been helped by anyone this time around. Fumo Xin’er was the one who had blocked her oppressive might.


But Long Ruiyun did not cease her attacks because of that.

Instead, she moved her hand towards her hair and pulled out the golden hairpin on her head.

The golden hairpin turned then into a golden ray of light the moment it left her hair, and shot straight for Fumo Xin’er.

The golden hairpin was very powerful.

As it shot forth, it even let out a dragon’s roar.

It turned out that the hairpin was actually an Incomplete Exalted Armament.

Furthermore, Long Ruiyun had used a very powerful martial skill to attack with her hairpin.


Even though the hairpin was terrifying, Fumo Xin’er merely extended her hand and grabbed at the hairpin. Just like that, she snatched the hairpin out of the air.

“Insignificant trick.”

Fumo Xin’er clenched her first.

With a ‘snap,’ the golden hairpin was crushed to pieces.


Both Long Nanxun and Long Ruiyun were completely terrified by this scene.

The golden hairpin was an Incomplete Exalted Armament. It was extremely tough.


In the next instant, Fumo Xin’er’s clothes fluttered and she released her oppressive might.

Once she released her oppressive might, the surrounding space began to collapse.

Both Long Nanxun and Long Ruiyun felt fatal danger.

That oppressive might was many times more terrifying than Long Shengbu’s oppressive might.

“You, exactly who are you?” asked Long Ruiyun. Fear filled her voice.

She and Long Nanxun had finally realized that the girl that they had thought to be rather weak was actually such a terrifying existence.

Not to mention the two of them, even if Long Shengbu were there, he would definitely not be a match for the girl either.

“Sure enough, you’re frogs at the bottom of a well.”

Seeing the panic and shock on Long Ruiyun and Long Nanxun’s faces, the corners of Fumo Xin’er’s mouth rose into a sneer.

But the killing intent in her eyes did not decrease in the slightest.

“Prepare to die.”

Suddenly, Fumo Xin’er raised her arm and grabbed towards Long Ruiyun.

She was planning to tear Long Ruiyun’s mouth to pieces with her very hands.


But, when her hand was about to reach Long Ruiyun, another hand suddenly appeared and grabbed her wrist, stopping her attack.

Looking over, Fumo Xin’er’s expression changed enormously.

Panic appeared on her face.

The person that had grabbed her wrist was Fumo Xin’er’s grandma.

“Lady Gusu!”

But, after seeing her grandma, Fumo Xin’er did not address her as grandma. Instead, she addressed her as Lady Gusu.

Furthermore, her voice no longer had the intimacy from before. Instead, it was filled with reverence and fear.

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