Chapter 4179 - No Choice But To Concede (Teaser)

Chapter 4179 - No Choice But To Concede

Seeing the reaction from Long Shengbu, Long Nanxun became even more pleased with himself.

However, Long Xiaoxiao did not give the two genius world spiritists a good evaluation. In fact, she didn’t even bother to look at them.

As for Chu Feng, he was unfamiliar with the structure of the Holy Light Galaxy.

The All-heaven Heavenly Master, Dao Comprehension Sage Exalted and that Lu Jie were all people that he had heard about.

But, Chu Feng had never heard of those two genius world spiritists or their masters.

“Whilst they are indeed quite famous, I wonder if their fame is well-deserved or not,” Long Xiaoxiao mocked.

Whilst the two genius world spiritists looked down on Chu Feng, Long Xiaoxiao also looked down on them.

“Two brothers, teach this kid a lesson.”

“Let Xiaoxiao know who really has true abilities,” Long Nanxun said as he pointed at Chu Feng.

Long Nanxun disliked Chu Feng to begin with. He was itching for someone to teach him...

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