Chapter 4170 - Challenging The People From The Dragon Clan (Teaser)

Chapter 4170 - Challenging The People From The Dragon Clan

After being seriously injured, Long Daozhi lost his ability to fly and fell from the sky.

Just by telling the truth, he had received such treatment.

Long Daozhi was rather pitiful.

However, no one showed any pity for him.

Instead, they felt that he had asked for it. In fact, many people began to ridicule him.

Whilst the bystanders showed no concern for Long Daozhi, Chu Feng and the people from Ancestral Martial Dragon City could not watch with folded arms.

They immediately soared into the sky and caught Long Daozhi before descending to the ground.

Chu Feng and Grandmaster Liangqiu immediately began to set up a spirit formation to seal off Long Daozhi’s wound and treat his injuries.

Long Daozhi’s injuries were not light at all. Although Lord Tonghe was merely teaching him a lesson,...

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