Chapter 4167 - Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk

Chapter 4167 - Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk

The blood-colored horsetail whisk was an extremely remarkable item.

Although the Bloodmist Heavenly Exalted’s world spirit techniques were powerful, he was only able to seize the decisive opportunity in various spirit formations by relying on the blood-colored horsetail whisk.

Holding the horsetail whisk in his hand, Chu Feng could sense how powerful of an item it was.

The horsetail whisk had a spiritual nature. However, Chu Feng was unable to communicate with it.

The power the horsetail whisk contained was not only powerful, but also rather mysterious. Chu Feng found himself unable to fathom it.

That said, Chu Feng could be certain of one thing -- even though the horsetail whisk was very powerful, he could not use it yet.

If he wanted to use the horsetail whisk, he would have to make it recognize him as its master first.

However, conventional methods to make an artifact recognize one as its master were ineffective toward the horsetail whisk.

That was the reason why Chu Feng had decided to examine a bit more.

“Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk?”

[1. Celestial Master is the title for a top daoist. Can also be translated as Daoist Master.]

Soon, Chu Feng found out that the horsetail whisk actually had a name.

That said, the name of the horsetail whisk was rather hidden. If one didn’t examine it carefully, one would not be able to find the engraved characters.

The engraved characters were filled with power and charm. In fact, they even contained profound mysteries.

Upon careful inspection, Chu Feng discovered that the characters that made up the name were truly remarkable.

In fact, some of the profound mysteries of the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk were contained within those four characters.

“I got it,” Suddenly, Chu Feng revealed a look of joy. He realized what he needed to do in order to gain control over the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk.

Merely, a certain price must be paid.

As for this price, Chu Feng felt that he would be capable of bearing it.

Chu Feng opened his world spirit gate, and the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk actually entered it.

Upon entering Chu Feng’s world spirit space, the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk began to raise a huge commotion.

It began to stir up the weather. Like a black hole, the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk began to absorb Chu Feng’s spirit power nonstop.

Soon, all of Chu Feng’s spirit power ended up being absorbed by the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk.

Fortunately, like one’s stamina, one’s spirit power could recover.

However, the spirit power that Chu Feng recovered was immediately absorbed by the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk.

Even though the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk did not affect Her Lady Queen whilst inside Chu Feng’s world spirit space, it was frantically absorbing Chu Feng's spirit power.

Furthermore, it was draining Chu Feng’s spirit power completely dry, leaving not a single bit behind for him.

That said, Chu Feng was not worried about this.

Chu Feng already knew why such a phenomenon would occur.

According to the rumors, some powerful artifacts would require its master to offer their blood as a sacrifice in order to use their power.

That was called the Blood Oath.

As for the Celestial Master’s Heavenly Whisk, it was not a weapon for martial cultivators, but rather a treasure for world spiritists.

As such, it needed Chu Feng to offer his spirit power in order to obtain its powers.


Suddenly, the surrounding space began to squirm violently.

Then, the vibrations grew more and more intense. Heaven and earth were all quaking. It seemed like the surroundings were about to collapse.

However, neither Chu Feng or Long Daozhi showed any fear at the sight of this scene. Especially Long Daozhi, who actually stood up in excitement.

The two of them both knew that this was the appearance of the teleportation’s power. They would soon be leaving the Endless Abyss.

Sure enough, as their surroundings grew fuzzy, Chu Feng and Long Daozhi were teleported out of the Endless Abyss.

However, when the two of them returned, they discovered that they were standing at a rather special location.

This was not the entrance to the Endless Abyss.

Instead, they were inside a spirit formation.

They were sealed inside a spirit formation.

The sealing ability of the spirit formation was extremely strong. Both Chu Feng and Long Daozhi were unable to see the outside.

That said, there was another person inside this spirit formation. This person seemed to be waiting for Chu Feng and Long Daozhi.

This person was an old man. He had a very long beard. Both his hair and his beard were yellow.

From a glance, he gave off an air of immortality, and resembled a celestial immortal.

He also had a very amiable look to him.

When he saw Chu Feng and Long Daozhi, a look of surprise flashed through his eyes.

“Subordinate Long Daozhi pays his respects to Lord Tonghe,” Long Daozhi immediately kneeled on the ground.

He was acting with enormous respect, but Chu Feng was capable of understanding Long Daozhi’s behavior.

The reason for that was because the old man who was giving off an air of immortality was wearing a special gown.

Furthermore, on his waist was the title plate of the Dragon Clan.

Evidently, he was someone from the Dragon Clan.

That said, since Long Daozhi was able to speak his name, Chu Feng realized that Long Daozhi already knew the old man.

“Junior pays his respects to Milord,” Although Chu Feng had no idea exactly who that Lord Tonghe was and how powerful he might be, he did not neglect his respect after seeing how respectful Long Daozhi behaved. Thus, he also bowed respectfully.

Right at that moment, a voice transmission entered Chu Feng’s ears.

It was Long Daozhi’s voice.

Long Daozhi knew that Chu Feng had no idea who Lord Tonghe was.

Perhaps he was afraid that Chu Feng might misspeak, so Long Daozhi intentionally explained to Chu Feng that Lord Tonghe was an elder within the Dragon Clan.

Among the people from the Dragon Clan that would come into contact with Long Daozhi and the other abandoned Dragon Clansmen, this Lord Tonghe was the person with the highest status.

Although the people from the Dragon Clan had not revealed themselves the entire time, the person who had spoken from within the Dragon Clan’s war chariot earlier was none other than Lord Tonghe.

If Long Daozhi had guessed correctly, Lord Tonghe should be the one presiding over the matters regarding the Endless Abyss.

Although many people had come from the Dragon Clan, Lord Tonghe was still the strongest person amongst them.

“You can rise,” Long Tonghe waved his hand.

Then, he looked at Long Daozhi and asked, “If this old man remembers correctly, your name is Long Daozhi, right?”

However, his tone was one of slight uncertainty.

Even though Long Daozhi knew Lord Tonghe very well, it was evident that Lord Tonghe didn’t know much about Long Daozhi.

Else, he wouldn’t have been so uncertain about his name.

“Yes Milord, this subordinate is called Long Daozhi.”

“I came from the Ancestral Martial Starfield’s Ancestral Martial Dragon City,” answered Long Daozhi.

“In that case, did you two manage to obtain the Dragon Vein Source Stone?” asked that Lord Tonghe.

“We did. Milord, please have a look.”

Long Daozhi became very excited. He took out the Dragon Vein Source Stone as he spoke and handed it to Lord Tonghe.

“It really is the Dragon Vein Source Stone.” A look of surprise flashed through Lord Tonghe’s eyes again when he saw the Dragon Vein Source Stone.

The reason for his surprise should be because he felt that someone like Long Daozhi shouldn’t be able to obtain the Dragon Vein Source Stone.

“Milord, this junior has one thing that I’m confused about. Might it be possible for me to ask Milord about it?” Chu Feng said all of a sudden.

“Oh? What are you confused about? There’s no harm in asking,” said that Lord Tonghe.

“This junior wishes to know if there’s only a single Dragon Vein Source Stone in the Endless Abyss,” said Chu Feng.

“Of course not. There are a total of four Dragon Vein Source Stones,” said Lord Tonghe.

“In that case, have the other three been retrieved by others?” asked Chu Feng.

“Truth be told, you two are the only ones that managed to retrieve a Dragon Vein Source Stone. The others… all didn’t manage to find a Dragon Vein Source Stone.”

“Well then, the two of you stay here and wait for a moment.”

“Soon, the announcement of the Ancestral Martial Dragon City’s return to the Dragon Clan will be made.”

After Lord Tonghe spoke, he disappeared.

After he disappeared, the protective formation also disappeared.

Chu Feng and Long Daozhi discovered that they were actually located very close to the Endless Abyss’s entrance.

Chu Feng noticed some familiar figures at the entrance to the Endless Abyss.

For example, there were people from the Nine Principles Dragon Sect.

Judging from the way things appeared, Chu Feng and Long Daozhi were not the only ones that had been teleported back. The others that had entered the Endless Abyss had also been teleported back.

Most importantly, the protective formation around the Endless Abyss had disappeared.

The Endless Abyss no longer had a dangerous aura either.

Chu Feng felt that the Endless Abyss should no longer contain any treasures. It had returned to being an ordinary place.

Even though the spirit formation around the Endless Abyss had disappeared, Chu Feng was certain that the people from the Dragon Clan had some sort of power that belonged to there.

Else, they couldn’t possibly know who had managed to retrieve the Dragon Vein Source Stone.

Furthermore, they wouldn’t have been able to teleport Chu Feng and Long Daozhi, people that had retrieved a Dragon Vein Source Stone, to the earlier spirit formation using the Endless Abyss’s power so that they could converse with them in private.

That said, Chu Feng felt that the Dragon Clan was doing much more than what was necessary.

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