Chapter 4138 - Immortal Taboo Vs. Exalted Taboo (Teaser)

Chapter 4138 - Immortal Taboo Vs. Exalted Taboo


Zuoqiu Daoyi raised his head and looked at Chu Feng.

Shock filled his face.

Even though he had witnessed Chu Feng’s strength from outside the formation, he had still felt it to be very unbelievable when he experienced it for himself.

“What are you doing? Self-harm?” Chu Feng asked with a beaming smile.

“You are truly arrogant.”

“Did you really think that I was only a rank three Utmost Exalted?”

As Zuoqiu Daoyi spoke, his Lightning Mark appeared on his forehead.

Whilst it was only a Heaven-level Lightning Mark, it had still managed to increase his cultivation.

Once Zuoqiu Daoyi’s cultivation increased to rank four Utmost Exalted, he abruptly waved his arm and slashed it straight at Chu Feng’s neck.

He intended to hack Chu Feng’s neck in two with his arm.


However, after his arm shot out a metallic collision sound was heard.

When the crowd saw the result of his attack their expressions changed again.

“This guy.”

Even the girl from the Dragon Clan...

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