Chapter 4136 - Stunning Everyone (Teaser)

Chapter 4136 - Stunning Everyone

Even though they were thoroughly shocked by Chu Feng, the Zuoqiu Heavenly Clansmen were not worried about Zuoqiu Tiancheng.

The reason for that was because they knew that Zuoqiu Tiancheng had also unlocked the restrictions of their bloodline at the Utmost Exalted realm.

So what if Chu Feng’s talent and battle power surpassed Zuoqiu Tiancheng’s?

At the very least, he would still not be a match at that moment.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng’s original cultivation was weaker than Zuoqiu Tiancheng’s.

When this thought crossed their minds, the Zuoqiu Heavenly Clansmen suddenly felt at ease.

So what if Chu Feng had exceptional talent? In the end, he’d still die there.

In the end, he’d still be killed by their young master Tiancheng.

Suddenly, Chu Feng mocked Zuoqiu Tiancheng, “What’s...

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