Chapter 4131 - The Opportunity To Make A Breakthrough (Teaser)

Chapter 4131 - The Opportunity To Make A Breakthrough

“Brother Chu Feng, this is an enormous opportunity for you that only appears once in a blue moon.”

“Thus we cannot leave. We cannot have you miss out on this opportunity,” said Fumo Shaoyu.

“Brother Shaoyu, I know that you’re thinking for my sake.”

“However, there is no such thing as a free meal in this world.”

“Whether it be that Zuoqiu Hanxun’s previous conduct or that Zuoqiu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief’s reputation, they all served to illustrate that they are not good people.”

“As such, their behavior today is extremely abnormal.”

“I feel that they are not treating us well because they treasure talents. It is very likely that they plan to take advantage of us,” said Chu Feng.

The reason why Chu Feng wanted to leave at the start was because he felt that something was amiss.

His intuition had detected the smell of danger.

However, Fumo Shaoyu had insisted on obtaining justice. Furthermore, the Zuoqiu...

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