Chapter 4127 - Lightning Guide

Chapter 4127 - Lightning Guide

“Elder Hanxun, seeing how happy you are, you must’ve found the Heavenly Vein Spring Water,” said the Zuoqiu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief.

“Lord Clan Chief, the heavens are truly helping our clan.”

“Not only did I find the Heavenly Vein Spring Water on my journey to the Thunderclap Forest, I also found something even more extraordinary.”

Zuoqiu Hanxun was beaming with happiness. An unconcealable joy was present on his wrinkle-filled face.

“Oh? In that case it would mean that Elder Hanxun had an unexpected harvest?” The Zuoqiu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief grew interested.

“Yes, I’ve obtained an unexpected harvest.”

“Lord Clan Chief, please have a look.”

As Zuoqiu Hanxun spoke, he took out the lightning pearl.

“This was found in the Thunderclap Forest?”

The eyes of the Zuoqiu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief and Zuoqiu Daoyi started to shine the moment they saw the lightning pearl.

As Heavenly Bloodline possessors, they were both able to tell how powerful that lightning pearl was.

“That’s right. I never expected such a treasure to be in the Thunderclap Forest either.”

“This was truly an unexpected harvest. However, with it there shouldn’t be a problem with activating the Ancient Heavenly Lightning Formation.”

“The only thing we’re missing now would be the Lightning Guide,” said Zuoqiu Hanxun.

“We still haven’t found the Lightning Guide?”

The Zuoqiu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief looked to Zuoqiu Daoyi,

“Father, some of the elders that went to find the Lightning Guide still haven’t returned yet.”

“As for the ones that have returned, the Lightning Guides they brought back are not up to par. They’re very lacking,” said Zuoqiu Daoyi.

“Since we’ve made all the preparations we cannot delay.”

“As matters stand we have no choice but to go with the alternative plan,” said the Zuoqiu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief.

“Lord Father, that’s not good, no? If this matter is known it will definitely terrify our clansmen,” said Zuoqiu Daoyi.

“For the sake of greatness, sacrifices are needed.”

“I’m also doing this for the sake of our Zuoqiu Heavenly Clan’s future.”

“I believe that our clansmen will be able to understand,” said the Zuoqiu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief.

“But father…”

Zuoqiu Daoyi was still somewhat in opposition.

He knew how cruel that alternative plan was.

“Young master Daoyi, time doesn’t wait for people. For the sake of activating the Ancient Heavenly Lightning Formation, we’ve exhausted an enormous amount of financial resources in order to purchase all these treasures.”

“Some of those treasures are limited by time. If we do not use them within their time limit we’ll be wasting them.”

“Besides, you’ve also seen it yourself. That Ancient Heavenly Lightning Formation is on the verge of collapse.”

“Even if we are able to activate it, it might not last for long.”

“Since we’ve come prepared, we must carry our plans to the fullest.”

“If any mishap is to occur, then we’ll end up wasting all of our efforts,” said Zuoqiu Hanxun.

“Mn.” Hearing those words, Zuoqiu Daoyi nodded.

Even though he found it difficult to accept, he had no choice but to accept it. After all, it was his father’s decision.

“Elder Hanxun, you’ll be in charge of deciding the Lightning Guide,” said the Zuoqiu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief.

“This…” Hearing those words, Zuoqiu Hanxun’s expression grew slightly ugly.

However, he did not hesitate for too long. Soon, he clasped his fist and answered, “Yes, Milord.”

It was a difficult assignment. No one would want to become the villain.

However, he didn’t dare disobey his Lord Clan Chief’s order.

“Daoyi, where’s Tiancheng?” the Zuoqiu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief asked suddenly.

“Father, I will go and retrieve brother right now,” said Zuoqiu Daoyi.

“Forget it. Let’s go together,” said the Zuoqiu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief.

After saying those words, the Zuoqiu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief set off.

Zuoqiu Daoyi immediately followed after him.


Chu Feng and Fumo Shaoyu continued to follow the tracking talisman.

They thought that they would be proceeding towards the Ancient Heavenly Lightning Formation.

However, to their surprise they ended up stopping at another place.

It was a tall forested mountain. There were a large amount of waterfalls on the mountain. It was a picturesque place.

At the tallest peak of this mountain was a palace.

Chu Feng and Fumo Shaoyu had not only found Fumo Xin’er there, they also caught sight of the Zuoqiu Heavenly Clan’s genius Zuoqiu Tiancheng.

Perhaps because he was trying to interact with Fumo Xin’er in private, they were the only two people inside the palace.

That Zuoqiu Tiancheng had a loose and carefree appearance. One could tell from a glance that he was a playboy.

He was currently encircling Fumo Xin’er.

Even though he had tied Fumo Xin’er’s arms and fixed her to her seat using a special rope, he did not do anything too excessive towards her.

Instead, he personally cooked up a table of delicious food for her.

It could be seen that Zuoqiu Tiancheng was different from ordinary playboys.

Ordinary playboys would use their power and influence to pressure others. Generally, they would directly use force to get girls that they wanted.

If the girls refused to comply, they would even use violence.

However, it seemed that Zuoqiu Tiancheng was someone who cared about feelings more than the others; he wanted to use his actions to move Fumo Xin’er.

“Wife, please try this soup. I guarantee that you’ll like it.”

“If it’s not to your liking you can beat me to death,” Zuoqiu Tiancheng had an eager and attentive smile on his face as he carefully carried a bowl of soup towards Fumo Xin’er.


Fumo Xin’er not only cursed at him, but she even raised her leg to kick him.

Zuoqiu Tiancheng was completely unprepared for the kick. Not only was he forced back several steps by the kick, but the bowl of soup he held in his hand also spilled onto the ground.

In fact, the soup had even splashed onto him.

“Wife, you truly have quite a temper. However, I like that.”

Not only did he not get angry, the smile on his face actually grew even more intense.

He turned around and retrieved a plate of food from the table. He then carried it over to Fumo Xin’er so she could sample it.


Suddenly, a beam of martial power descended from the sky and landed on the table.

The martial power completely destroyed all the food on the table.

The sudden scene completely surprised Zuoqiu Tiancheng.

He raised his head, and discovered that two people were standing in the sky.

Those two people were none other than Chu Feng and Fumo Shaoyu.

“Where did you two eyeless bastards come from? You dare destroy the food that I’ve prepared for my wife? I’ll take your lives!”

Zuoqiu Tiancheng’s expression immediately changed the moment he saw Chu Feng and Fumo Shaoyu.

Not only was his face covered in anger, they could almost feel his soaring killing intent.

He soared into the sky and rushed towards Chu Feng and Fumo Shaoyu.

He was not bluffing. He really intended to kill Chu Feng and Fumo Shaoyu.

“Brother Chu Feng, don’t do anything. I’ll teach this trash a good lesson.”

“I will personally take revenge for my lil' sis.”

As Fumo Shaoyu spoke, he also rushed towards the incoming Zuoqiu Tiancheng.

Zuoqiu Tiancheng’s cultivation was that of a rank two Utmost Exalted.

But, Fumo Shaoyu’s cultivation was that of a rank three Utmost Exalted.

As such, Zuoqiu Tiancheng would not be a match for him.

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